100+ Good Questions to Ask

100+ Good Questions to Ask

Good Questions to Ask

This article features a unique list of good questions to ask anyone.

The questions cover a variety of important topics that concern our daily lives and can be used to gain a better understanding of our very selves and the environment around us.

While going through these good questions to ask, I will encourage you to be creative as much as you’d like.

You can add a few follow up questions when and where they are needed to gain a better understanding of the responses and have fun.

Good questions to ask

1. What is your favorite social media app?

2. What have you been wishing to do but haven’t yet?

3. Who has the biggest influence in your life?

4. How do you deal with stress?

5. Are you living a healthy lifestyle?

6. Are you living your dream life?

7. What did you want to be growing up?

8. Are you on the right path in regards to your dreams?

9. What are your long term goals in life?

10. Are you happy with your life?

11. Where do you get your happiness from?

12. What defines you?

13. How healthy are your finances?

14. Are you working for money or building your career?

15. Who are your friends?

16. How stable is your income?

17. Do you have a side hustle?

18. How healthy is your love life?

19. What do you like doing in your free time?

20. What skills do you wish to acquire in the short run?

21. Which book had the biggest impact on your life?

22. How religious are you?

23. What do you do to get the much needed internal balance?

24. How useful are your connections?

25. Do your environment support what you want in life?

26. When last did you express your love to someone else?

27. When last did you take a charitable action?

28. How often do you tick most of your goals?

29. What are you currently worried bout?

30. In what ways are you making the world a better place?

31. Is fate something you believe in?

32. How much role does Karma play in our day to day lives?

33. How much is enough money for you?

34. Are loans a good thing?

35. Is happiness the ultimate goal of every human life?

36. Is being useful the ultimate goal for human life?

37. Does feeling valued result in happiness?

38. How do you deal with heartbreak?

39. How do you deal with loss in life?

40. How do you manage your emotions?

41. How do you manage your anger?

42. What is your ideal life?

43. How often do you go out of your way to be nice to someone else?

44. What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?

45. What would you choose between money and love?

46. What significance does money play in a relationship?

47. What is your best childhood memories?

48. What is your greatest High School memory?

49. What is your favorite sports team?

50. What is your favorite toy as a child?

51. How often do you procrastinate?

52. How do you stay motivated?

53. How often do you read books?

54. In what ways do you give yourself a treat after a job well done?

55. What is your favorite music?

56. What is your favorite movie?

57. What is your favorite chilling spot?

58. How often do you work out?

59. What is your dream vacation destination?

60. What are your plans for owning properties?

61. How do you diversify your investments?

62. What is your choice between real estate vs stock market investments?

63. How comprehensive is your insurance cover?

64. What is your favorite movie genre?

65. What are your ambitions?

66. Whose life do you wish was yours?

67. What would you do if you win $10 million today?

68. How much do you like your life right now?

69. What is the most awkward thing in your fridge right now?

70. If asked to do a life reset, would you?

71. What common things in life don’t you buy into?

72. What do you feel is a waste of time in life?

73. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned about life so far?

74. If you were to advise a younger you, what would you say?

75. How much do you care about product reviews?

76. How you ever kept someone’s secret for more than ten years?

77. Are you a spender or a saver?

78. How often do you save to invest vs save to consume later?

79. What are your strengths in life?

80. What are your worst habits?

81. What can’t you live without?

82. Do you have friends you consider toxic?

83. What are your plans for increasing your net worth?

84. How much do you like your current job?

85. Where would you live between Paris vs Venice?

86. How much do you appreciate art?

87. What do you lie most about?

88. What was your first impression of your best friend?

89. How would you spend $10,000 right now?

90. How much do you like school?

91. How much do you like learning?

92. What don’t you like but find yourself doing them anyway?

93. What is your favorite season in life?

94. When were you the happiest?

95. What are your secrets to life?

96. “What is a life well lived” to you?

97. What is “a good life” to you?

98. How do you define success?

99. Where would you like to live in the world?

100. How much do you admire a nomad lifestyle?

There you have the unique list of good questions to ask. Have fun!

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