What are the best questions to ask on a dating app?

Not all questions are the same.

This is more evident when it comes to the online dating scene.

Some questions carry more weight and have the highest chance of getting you a date than others.

Knowing the right dating app questions will save you time and improve your chances of getting someone in the already crowded online dating sphere.

Dating App Questions

What is your impression of me based on my profile?

What made you swipe left on my profile?

Which type of men do you find attractive?

How do you define beauty?

What do you consider romantic from someone you like?

How do you know you’ve found the right one?

What are your thoughts on dating in this app?

What is your ideal first date like?

What makes a good man?

What are the qualities of a good woman?

What goals are you looking forward to meeting on this app?

How do you spend your free time over the weekend?

What do you think of a road trip chat for a second date?

Are you religious or spiritual?

What is the foundation of a good friendship?

Can a man and a woman be just friends?

Where would you like to travel to?

What is your favorite spot to hang out in this city?

Is there something I need to know about you?

What are you working on at the moment?

What do you love about men in general?

What makes a woman beautiful?

Do you have relationship deal breakers of any sort?

How much influence does money have on relationships and dating these days?

Do finances play a major role in someone you choose to date?

What is your take on long-distance relationships?

Where would you like to travel to but have not found time or money to actualize it?

Do you believe in love?

Where do feelings and love go once you break up with someone?

What are your thoughts on open relationships?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

What is the best that comes out of love?

What makes a man attractive?

Would you rather choose money or love?

What is the most interesting job you have ever worked in?

Where would you like to go for your next vacation?

How do you relax and unwind over the weekend?

Do you have hidden talents and passion?

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Online shopping or physical in-store shopping?

What is your favorite festival?

In what areas do you feel like you need help?

Do you consider yourself traditional or progressive?

Are you more of a planner or a spontaneous person?

Do you focus more on the bigger picture or finer details in life?

Tell me a fact that will blow my mind.

Tell me a secret no one knows.

What is the most expensive thing on your bucket list?

What is the most exciting item on your bucket list?

Is there something like necessary lies?

What is the best that has ever come from a dating app?

What is your general experience dating online?

What is the worst you have seen on dating apps?

Any hidden talents?

What is your favorite restaurant in town?

What is your typical weekend like?

What movie genre are you more aligned to?

What do you do on Friday evenings?

Which part of your body are you most proud of?

What are you looking for in a relationship?

Complete this: She is a 10 but —

Complete this: He is a 10 but —

Do you like kisses or hugs?

What is your most interesting drunk story?

What makes your day better?