Have you ever wondered if the people closest to you really know you?

How much do you know about them — be it your partner, a close friend, or a family member?

Time flies and people change.

So many things happen in our lives and the experiences from them shape us. Chances are the person you knew a few years back is not the same.

And to help you reconnect and gain a better understanding of each other, we have compiled these amazing how well do you know me questions for you to ask and know.

How well do you know me template

How well do you know me questions

1. What is my middle name?

2. Which word do I like saying?

3. Who is the one person I love the most?

4. Who broke my heart the most?

5. Am I in love with someone?

6. Who am I dating?

7. What is my favorite drink?

8. How do I spend my free time?

9. What am I obsessed with?

10. Which sport do I like?

11. Which team do I support?

12. What type of men or women do I like dating?

13. What is the worst thing about me?

14. What is my weakness?

15. What is the one thing I feel like I am the best in the world yet I am not?

16. What are my dreams about life?

17. Which word do I keep saying the wrong way every time?

18. How do you know when I am hurting?

19. Which type of people don’t I like?

20. How do you tell I am in love?

21. What will truly make me happy?

22. What are my insecurities?

23. Who am I fond of lately?

24. What is the one thing about me nobody knows but you?

25. What do I do when pissed off?

26. What is the worst you have seen in me?

27. What do I love doing in my free time?

28. What crime am I likely to go to jail for?

29. What is the last thing I can be accused of?  

30. What trend have I ever fallen for?

31. Which part of my body do I love?

32. What is my daily routine like?

33. Do I have an addiction?

34. In what ways do people underestimate me?

35. What is my favorite chilling spot?

36. What do I do when heartbroken?

37. What do I do when I am in love?

38. How do you know I am in trouble?

39. What is the last crime I can be accused of?

40. What is the one thing you wish people knew about me?

41. Which food don’t I like?

42. What is the one thing I am not supposed to be doing?

43. Am I a movie or music person?

44. Do I like spicy or sweet food?

45. What are my phobias?

46. What are my best childhood memories?

47. Where did I grow up in?

48. Do I have the potential to cheat on someone I love?

49. Can I kill someone? Why would I kill someone?

50. What is my favorite music?

51. How many brothers do I have?

52. How many sisters do I have?

53. What is my mother’s name?

54. What is my father’s name?

55. Can you name all my siblings?

56. Who do I spend most of my time with?

57. At what age did I stop living with my parents?

58. What is the one thing I inherited from my mother?

59. Have I ever lived with someone else other than my parents?

60. Which country do I hate?

61. Which countries have I ever visited?

62. How many boyfriends have I had?

63. How many girlfriends have I had?

64. Who is my favorite among the people I have dated?

65. Who do I hate the most among the people I have dated?

66. Who among my exes am I still in love with?

67. Who among my exes made me cry the most?

68. Who among my exes should I go back to?

69. What is illegal but I still do anyway?

70. What is the one thing I keep talking about?

71. Which sport should I be playing?

72. Which trophies have I ever won?

73. What is my passion right now?  

74. What should I be doing with my life that I am not?

75. Have I ever won something and received a medal?

76. Which professional club should I join next?

77. What food do I hate?

78. Am I in love with someone currently?

79. If I had a baby, what name will I call it?

80. Who is the exact opposite of me?

81. Who cant you still believe I dated?

82. What is my favorite song right now?

83. Who is my favorite music artist?

84. Who is my favorite celebrity?

85. What is my favorite car brand?

86. What is my favorite piece of advice?

87. What is my favorite music genre?

88. What is my favorite travel destination?

89. Who is my favorite movie actor?

90. Do I have a nickname? What is my nickname?

91. What is my longest relationship?

92. Who is my best buddy?

93. What is my favorite drink?

94. What is the worst decision I have ever made?

95. What is the best decision I have ever made for myself?

96. Who is my favorite among my family members?

97. What did I study back in college?

98. Have I ever been arrested?

99. At what age did I have sex for the first time?

100. Can you guess my body count?