Weird questions have a way to stimulate our thought process and evoke and conversation.

These types of questions dig into issues rarely explored by our societies, trying to start an honest conversation and what we can do when faced with awkward life-case scenarios.

Weird Questions

What will you do if you found out one of your parents is unfaithful?

What will you do if one of your parent’s friends is hitting on you?

What is the worst you have seen in a dream?

How many times do you think about $ex in a day?

What was the most interesting time in history to be alive?

What will it take for you to punch your father?

How much money should you be offered to slap your mom?

What is the worst you have seen in a TV commercial?

Which region of the world is the least important to humanity?

Have you ever paid for $ex?

What is the most you have paid for $ex?

What color is pure water?

How do birds pee?

What color is a bald man’s hair on the driving license?

Is time wasted if you are enjoying wasting it?

Why does a billy goat smell a nanny’s bums?

What if our world comes to an end today?

If you were to merge two countries, which countries will they be?

If an unidentified object fell on a city square and people saw it, will it still be an unidentified object?

Why would someone give their two cents when all that is demanded is a penny for their thoughts?

Have you ever had a dream about your past life?

What can you use to destroy all the planets in the Milky Way?

What color is your money?

Were your ancestors hunters or gatherers?

What is the weirdest gift you have ever received?

Are mermaids real or fictional?

Did unicorns ever exist?

Who came first; the chicken or the egg?

If you are to start a civilization on a new planet far away, what is the first rule you will put in place?

Have you ever had someone explain the joke to you?

Will you prefer a lifetime supply of coffee or water?

What is the first thing you bought when you got your own money?

Have you ever laugh-farted?

Has someone ever walked into your fart?

What is the one thing you will never buy with your own money?

Why is it called the rush hour when in the real sense, it is the slowest time in the traffic?

At what age do children stop playing with their toys?

Does a bigger brain mean a more intelligent species?

If you won $10,000 today and $9,999 is needed to save your dad’s life. Will you send the money?

What is the craziest waitlist you have ever heard of?

Why is it the first birthday when it is the second?

Do deaf people go to courts for hearing?

How do people think of something unthinkable?

Why are we afraid of making mistakes when we can learn from them?

If life becomes unfair to everyone, does this make it fair?

Why is it an apartment yet all houses are together in one place?

What does an ATM become if time is money? A time machine?

Will you want to mind read or time travel?

Lucifer is in charge of punishing sinners and bad people. Why is he the bad guy?

Why do they call it research even when it is their first time doing it?

Good things come to those who wait. Does this make procrastination a good thing?

Do human beings really have a soul? Or is this a human creation to give hope in life after death?

When God said worship no other God but me in the ten commandments, does it mean He is not the only God out there?

What do you feel guilty doing but you still do it anyway?

Which organ in your body do you think is useless?

If you wait for a waiter in a restaurant, does it make you the waiter?

What will you give up between wiping your bum and brushing your teeth?

What conspiracy theory do you feel is true?

What is the number one confusion in the world today?

What is the main reason you are likely to not go to heaven?

If you are expelled from school, what will be the reason for it?

Why is it unsolved mystery when it is already a mystery given that it is unsolved?

When you say you are speechless, isn’t it a lie given that you have already spoken?

Why do we nail a coffin lid? Is there a chance the dead will escape as a zombie?

Do we walk our dogs or they walk us?

If a mom tells dad jokes, does it become mom jokes?

During the war, the white flag means surrender. Does a black flag mean you should attack? 

If you wake up with a tattooed face, what will you do?

What is the first thing you will do if you changed gender for a day?

What is the one thing only women can do?

What is the one thing that only men can do?

How would you like to die when your time comes?

Would you rather have no air conditioning or internet for a month?

What is the most pointless phobia you have ever come across?

Did Adam and Eve have a belly button?

In what ways would the world be different without makeup?

What is the most useless business idea that you have seen succeed?

Do babies remember their dreams?

What if the world comes to an end today?