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We at the Smartbackyard are all about making relationships and parenting fun and interactive at all times.

We provide timeless advice, evergreen tips, ideas and tricks that bridge the gap between you, your children and everyone you love – whether it’s a partner, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even a dear friend.

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We cover interactive topics on parenting and relationships focusing on conversations, questions, trivia, riddles, experiences and gifts.

If you are looking for funny riddles, charming jokes to share with a girl, or daily doses of pun-filled amusement for children, do explore these sections to brighten your spirits with laughter.

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.

– Lord Byron

When did we start?

The Smartbackyard was launched in the third quarter of 2019 as your go-to resource for inspiration, fun, laughter, and happiness.

Our mission is to put a smile on everyone’s face. Read along and share goodness and happiness with friends and family because they matter the most.

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