60 Best Tinder Openers

Tinder openers
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What is the make of a good Tinder opener?

Well, like every other aspect of our daily lives, online dating platforms have become competitive.

Finding a match is just one step in a long journey for you to realize your goals on any dating app.

If you are looking to get a reply to your first text and start a conversation with your match, good openers are what you need.

In this article, we have come up with the best Tinder openers that you can use to increase your chances for a favorable reply and your first date.

Tinder openers template

Tinder Openers

1. WTF! I almost swiped left.

2. How about we cut the chase and go straight to our first date?

3. I knew you would swipe right.

4. I am starting to believe in love at first swipe!

5. Before we start, what do you want us to be?

6. Guess how many left swipes before I found your profile.

7. Are we still on for tonight?

8. Use an emoji story opener.

9. Use a funny gif.

10. You did the right thing to swipe right.

11. Hey Liz, truth or dare?

12. Bot check: say avocado!

13. That red dress is just perfect for you.

14. I have found a real reason to delete this app. I have found you.

15. We matched! Does this mean we are dating now??

16. I am updating my Facebook relationship status shortly.

17. Do you know what makes your profile stand out?

18. I don’t want to sound creepy but I will be out of town tomorrow. Here is my phone number just in case you want to talk.

19. Use emojis.

20. You are a 10 but —

21. It’s a match! So how does it play out?

22. Do you know is interesting about the photo on your profile?

23. I always go for an 8. But I see myself settling for a 10 for the first time.

24. I see you just went through the pictures on my profile. I have more in my gallery.

25. How does this work? I am not so sure about how online dating goes. Are we a couple now??

26. Someone will make all my friends jealous.

27. Hey! (if they don’t respond) Is this our first fight as Tinder Couples?

28. I will not resist going out with you tonight if you want to.

29. I guess I am lucky. Your profile is the first I have seen. And, I will swipe no more.

30. Hey, do you know what is more interesting about your hair?

31. Tell me two truths and a lie about you and let me guess the lie.

32. Netflix and Chill, are you in?

33. You won’t believe the person you remind me of.

34. Do you know the story behind the Titanic? I am bringing this up because it is a great icebreaker.

35. Hey, would you rather spend your Sunday afternoon chilled at a rooftop bar, hiking, on a sandy beach, Netflix and Chill, or a road trip?

36. Pick your poison — smash or pass?

37. Hey, tell me two lies and a truth and let me guess the truth.

38. Use the most appropriate funny memes.

39. I am going to the shopping mall in 30 minutes. Do you need anything?

40. A man in a cool suit is a man for me.

41. A girl with (most noticeable feature in a girl) is a girl for a millionaire/billionaire like me.

42. A man with a Lamborghini is a man for me.

43. We are having a party at (the most expensive hotel or club in that area) with my friends. Do you want to join us?

44. Pick an interesting fact on their profile and use it as a hook to start a conversation.

45. I am going to the coast for a fun-filled weekend. Do you want to go with me?

46. Hey, wanna smash? What do you mean? S — spend quality time together M — make memories together A — anal S — smile and laugh together H — hold hands.

47. Are you (something controversial in your community)?

48. So you do agree you are good-looking?

49. I would take 23 hours in a day to make you happy and one more hour to make you happier.

50. Do you know the most interesting fact about people from (their area)?

51. I am looking for a travel companion. I guess I am in the right inbox.

52. Throw in a funny knock-knock joke.

53. We both have good taste. We matched and that says it all.

54. I wish you knew how average you make other girls look.

55. This must be a signal from God. I have finally found a good thing. He who finds a —

56. Want to hear a secret?

57. You have (something or someone on her profile description) vibe.

58. You are so (their lookalike) to me.

59. Never have you ever—?

60. I have a feeling this Tinder profile is fake!

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