150 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend According to Experts

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Every successful relationship is founded on good communication. And, having the right set of questions to ask your boyfriend is a good place to get started.

If you are looking forward to maintaining a healthy relationship with your boyfriend, you must know the right things to say and when to say them.

This will help you know where the relationship is headed and your position in it.

In this article, we have come up with a list of sweet things to say, questions to ask your boyfriend, and love puns to tease him over a text message.

Cute questions to ask your boyfriend

1. Who is Mr. [Insert his Name]?

2. How do you define love?

3. Do you consider yourself romantic?

4. Who is a romantic lady in your understanding?

5. What do you look for in a lady you are interested in?

6. What are we?

7. Have we reached soulmate status yet?

8. Do you feel I love you enough?

9. What can we do to better our relationship right now?

10. Are we heading in the right direction?

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11. Do you think we have a future together?

12. What plans do you have for us?

13. Which part of a lady’s body turns you on?

14. Do you sometimes check out on me when I walk away?

15. What is the one thing that attracted you to me the first time?

16. Do you remember the date, time, and place when we first met?

17. What did you think of me when we first met?

18. What is the most important thing when it comes to a relationship?

19. What is your view on a long-distance relationship?

20. How do you like me with makeup on?

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21. When do I mostly look more beautiful?

22. Am I enough of a girlfriend to you?

23. Who do you think loves more between us?

24. Who is most likely to break up first?

25. What are your aspirations and goals in life?

26. What name do you prefer I call you?

27. How do you define a perfect relationship?

28. Whose relationship do you feel is perfect for us to learn a thing or two?

29. Who is your celebrity crush right now?

30. How likely would you consider running away with me to a different country?

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31. Are we happy together?

32. What do you have on your relationship bucket list?

33. What is your personality type in the 16 personality types?

34. How likely will you introduce me to your parents as your girlfriend?

35. On a scale of 1 – 10, how comfortable are you seeing my parents and siblings?

36. What is the one thing that you feel I suck at?

37. Where is your ideal place to live?

38. What is your dream vacation destination?

39. What lessons did you learn in your past relationships?

40. Do you think it is a good idea to keep tabs with exes?

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41. Would you love to have kids in the future?

42. Can you picture your perfect family?

43. What would you prefer between texting and phone calls?

44. What is your relationship deal-breaker?

45. Which year was the best year of your life?

46. What did you want to be when growing up?

47. If you were to go back to school, what will you study?

48. What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

49. What weaknesses do we have in our relationship so far?

50. What strengths fuel our relationship?

Relationship questions to ask your boyfriend

51. What is your ideal date like?

52. What is your take on marriage?

53. What is your favorite love song?

54. What is the most romantic place you have ever visited?

55. What is your favorite date night movie?

56. What is the best gift for someone you love under $100?

57. How can you tell if someone is really in love with you?

58. How do you deal with heartbreak?

59. What is your deal-breaker when it comes to relationships?

60. What is your Simpson’s joke?

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61. What is your view on the current political state of the country?

62. Can I have a look at the funniest photos of your childhood?

63. On a scale of 1 – 10, what is my score on being sexy?

64. What do you think l should do to look sexier?

65. What is your favorite meal?

66. How good are you at card games?

67. What is your day like on a free weekend?

68. What happens if we messed up right now?

69. What do you think are the most important things in any relationship?

70. What outdoor backyard games do you prefer to play?

71. How good are you at board games?

72. Where would you like to live if money wasn’t a problem at all?

73. How good are you at PC games?

74. Do you work out?

75. When is the right time for us to move in together?

76. Should we be playing question games once in a while?

77. What is your thought on us jogging or working out together once a week?

78. How would you rate these good questions to ask your boyfriend?

79. What do you like the most about me?

80. What do you like the most about us?

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81. Who is the most toxic person you have ever met?

82. What makes you sleepless?

83. What bad habit do you have that you feel you should stop?

84. What do people often mistake you for?

85. What values do you hold dear to your heart?

86. What makes you different from the people around you?

87. What makes me stand out above other ladies you’ve ever met?

88. Which song can you sing more perfectly?

89. Have you ever had a pet?

90. What are you most ashamed of about your past?

91. How much do you like spicy food?

92. Have you ever attended a party hoping to meet someone you have a crush on there?

93. Have you ever gone to a club hoping to get someone to spend a night with?

94. What excuses have you had for someone wanting to spend a night with you?

95. Have you ever made out with your best friend’s girlfriend?

96. What is the one secret you’ll never let anyone know?

97. Do you think I am funny sometimes?

98. How comfortable are you for us to exchange phones for three days?

99. On a scale of 1 – 10, how do you rate these good questions to ask your boyfriend?

100. How likely would you suggest these good questions to ask your boyfriend to a friend?

Questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him

101. Do you have a wife?

102. Have you ever moved in with a partner before?

103. What can’t money buy?

104. Do you remember when I first came to your house? How did it make you feel?

105. Can money buy happiness?

106. What scares you these days?

107. What is your biggest recent accomplishment?

108. What makes men, men?

109. How many times have you been in love?

110. How rampant is cheating these days?

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111. What addiction are you struggling with right now?

112. Have you ever struggled with addiction before?

113. Can a relationship thrive again after cheating?

114. What will I be surprised to know about you?

115. Are we soulmates?

116. Are there times when you feel like quitting the relationship?

117. Do you prefer I wear make-up or not?

118. Why do you love me?

119. In which ways am I a better person than when we meet?

120. Which hairstyle makes me look good?

121. Do you feel my love for you?

122. How would you feel if I proposed to you?

123. What is your take on a lady using tampons?

124. What have you come to learn about us in the time we have been together?

125. Do I make you proud?

126. Is our relationship heading in the right direction so far?

127. Are we growing together as a couple?

128. Am I committed enough as your lady?

129. How comfortable are you posting me on your social media page?

130. What is the angriest you have ever been with me?

131. Do I bring joy to your life?

132. How did you get me to fall in love with you?

133. Was I your type when we first met?

134. Did you imagine when we met that we will be where we are today?

135. Do you feel I appreciate your love for me enough?

136. At what point did you realize I was the one for you?

137. Was it love at first sight for you?

138. In what ways can we improve on our love?

139. What is the one thing that makes our relationship work?

140. What do I normally do that makes you love me more?

141. How much do you love me?

142. Do you remember our first anniversary? Would you like something similar for this year?

143. Is the foundation of our love strong enough?

144. What makes our love different from those of friends around us?

145. How many children would like with me?

146. How would you rate my mothering skills?

147. In what ways do I surprise you every time?

148. What makes this relationship different for you?

149. Which of our vacations do you feel we should repeat again someday?

150. How would you feel if I picked your name as my third name?

Personal questions to ask your boyfriend

151. Shall we try something new this weekend?

152. Do you have a guilty pleasure that I still don’t know about?

153. Do you have a secret that I need to know?

154. Have you ever gotten someone pregnant before?

155. Do you mind we talk about your first love and how the story went?

156. Do you keep tabs on your former girlfriends?

157. What is the biggest lie you have ever told me?

158. What are some of the sweet lies I fell for on our first date?

159. Do you remember our very first fight? What was running in your mind at the time?

160. What is your take on long-distance relationships?

161. Will you get offended right now if you come to learn about something nasty about my past?

162. What is the earliest we can get married?

163. What does your mother think about me?

164. Do you remember our very first vacation together? How about we go back there someday?

165. Can we meet for a drink after work?

166. Should I cook for you this evening?

167. Can we start a hobby together?

168. Can we gain a skill together?

169. Do you remember when we almost got caught making love?

170. Shall we watch a movie later in the day?

171. I am wet, would you lick me dry if I asked you?

172. Any bedroom fantasies you’d wish we try?

173. Do you like it when I kiss you there?

174. Do you like it when we talk dirty?

175. How about I give you a massage later in the day?

176. What drink should iI bring for you later in the evening?

177. Would you like me to wear your favorite dress?

178. Do you miss me already?

179. Do you like it when I walk naked inside the house?

180. Should I press your shirts for you later today?

181. What are you most scared of happening to us?

182. Do I love you too much?

183. Have you loved another girl before more than you love me?

184. Do you remember when we first met? What did you think of me at the time?

185. Do you remember when we first kiss?

186. What is stressing you out lately?

There you have a list of juicy questions to ask your boyfriend over text at any time.

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