Questions Girls are Afraid to Ask Guys

questions girls are afraid to ask guys
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Men and women are made different and it is because of these differences that we have the diversity in humanity we see today.

When it comes to men-women interactions, there are questions girls are afraid to ask guys and there is nothing wrong with this.

This stems from the fact that men and women are slightly different in how they process information and interact with everyone.

As a result, men are more open with the type of questions they ask women while women can only ask if the conditions are right.

In this article, we cover a list of the best questions girls are afraid to ask guys. Feel free to go through them and share your thoughts in the comment below.

Questions Girls are Afraid to Ask Guys

1. Do you allow your girl to have male friends?

2. Does a woman’s body count matter?

3. Why do men think of periods every time a girl is in a bad mood?

4. Do you have a girlfriend?

5. Can a man be loyal to one girl for the rest of his life?

6. Do you talk to your ex?

7. What do you think about my stretch marks?

8. What type of women do you like?

9. Does marriage cross your mind when you think about me?

10. What do you consider promiscuous behavior?

11. Will you date a woman making more money than you do?

12. What do you think of a girl making a move on you?

13. Can a woman propose to a man?

14. Do you care if a girl is a virgin or not?

15. What makes a girl “wife material”?

16. Do serious relationships mean less freedom for men?

17. How comfortable are you with a girl suggesting kinky s*x styles?

18. Are you taking me on dates hoping to sleep with me?

19. How many women are on your dating radar at the moment?

20. How many girls have you slept with so far?

21. Am I cheap if I gave in on the first date?

22. What is the one thing you don’t like about me?

23. Do you think I am fat?

24. How generous are you with your girlfriend?

25. What do you think about my sense of fashion?

26. How do you define a “slutty” girl?

27. What type of women don’t you like?

28. Can you forgive cheating?

29. What is your top s*xual fantasy?

30. Do you give orals?

31. Have you ghosted someone before?

32. What are your thoughts on PDAs?

33. Do you like it when a woman leads during s*x?

34. What turns you off?

35. At what times do my texts bother you?

36. Have you ever tried comparing me to your ex?

37. Do you like your woman with makeup or not?

38. Are you looking to get married at some point?

39. Do you care if a girl is shaven or not?

40. What makes a good #BJ?

41. At what point should women pay for dates?

42. Have you ever lost interest in a girl before?

43. What do you do to a girl you are not interested in anymore?

44. What is the one thing you cannot take from a girl?

45. Does it put you off when a girl farts during $ex?

46. Is it okay for your girlfriend to be petty once in a while?

47. What topics do men talk about when they meet?

48. What do your friends say about me?

49. Have you ever lost interest in a girl you are dating?

50. Do you find it annoying when a girl takes too long to get ready during s*x?

51. What do you do when you don’t want a girl anymore?

52. How do you know she is the one?

53. Do all men sample girls?

54. Do you believe in love?

55. Are you okay with s*x during periods?

56. Why do guys sometimes not answer texts immediately after reading them?

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