Binary yes or no questions are some of the best and most interesting questions game to play between friends.

Unlike other questions game like never have I ever or truth or dare, this game is more of an introspection type of game that seeks to establish your preferences, narrowed down to a choice between two things.

Best Yes or No Questions

Do you like dancing?

Do you travel often?

Do you like road trips?

Have you ever gone bowling?

Do you play video games?

Do you have a favorite fashion designer?

Have you ever gone to prison?

Have you ever been in a serious fight?

Have you ever had a prank backfire?

Are you scared of the dark?

Have you ever been to a cave?

Have you ever seen a lion or an elephant?

Are you patient with everything in life?

Do you get lonely when alone?

Have you ever lied to the priest during a confession?

Do you believe in life after death?

Have you ever driven a muscle sports car?

Have you ever faked an org#sm?

Have you ever spilled drinks or food on someone?

Have you ever crushed into a party uninvited?

Do you prefer cats over dogs?

Do you like watching movies?

Do you like listening to good music?

Do you work out regularly?

Are you smart?

Do you consider yourself a go-getter?

Have you ever been robbed?

Have you ever been mugged?

Have you ever ridden a horse?

Do you play board games?

Have you ever participated in a chess competition?

Have you ever stolen from a friend?

Have you ever cheated in a relationship?

Has someone ever proposed to you?

Have you ever dated your best friend’s ex?

Do you like evening strolls?

Do you enjoy reading books?

Have you ever thought of starting a YouTube channel?

Do you enjoy swimming?

Have you ever tried yoga?

Do you ever meditate?

Have you ever played sports at a competitive level?

Do you enjoy going to music concerts?

Have you ever gone hunting?

Have you ever done fishing?

Are you a good person?

Are people good in general?

Can you ask for love?

Can you demand respect?

Did you earn the position you are in at the moment?

Have you ever been chased by a dog before?

Are you friends with your parents?

Do you talk to your ex?

Is it okay if exes continue talking to each other?

Have you ever tried karate?

Should people trust you?

Do you lie sometimes?

Have you ever thought of having body piercings?

Do you regret some of your actions in life?

Have you ever eaten an insect?

Have you been to another country?

Have you ever had a pet in your life?

Do you like pets?

Do you find snoring annoying?

Do you think the news lie sometimes?

Do you trust your government?

Do you love your job?

Are you a risk taker?

Have you ever started a business?

Have you ever applied for a government tender?

Have you ever registered a business?

Do you think you are paying a fair amount of taxes?

Do you have guilty pleasures?

Are you good in bed?

Do you get enough attention out there?

Have you ever had a verbal fight with someone?

Have you ever failed your exams?

Have you ever been fired from your job?

Do you procrastinate sometimes?

Have you ever thought of becoming a DJ?

Have you ever thought of becoming a musician?

Do you prefer calls over texts?

Do you read all your emails?

Do you ignore phone calls sometimes?

Do you respond to text messages fast?

Have you ever fallen for a trend?

Do you gossip sometimes?

In the Game of Thrones, did you like Khaleesi?

Would you like to travel to Paris someday?

Would you like to live in Dubai?

Do you like the James Bond series?

Are you up to date with celebrity gossip?

Have you ever done a TikTok dance?

Do you think TikTok is better than Instagram?

Have you ever fallen for someone you shouldn’t?

Have you ever regrated sleeping with someone?

Have you ever gotten lost in a city?

Have you ever sent the wrong text to your parents?

Have you ever experienced something out of this world?

Do you think aliens are real?

Do you sing in the shower?

Do you talk to yourself sometimes?

Do you like partying?

Do you like clubbing?

Is it that important to be yourself?

Is mental health not being given enough coverage?

Do people change after some time?

Do you get along with your siblings?

Do you talk to your parents every day?

Do you like your boss at work?

Do you play a musical instrument?

Do you have a crush on someone at the moment?

Have you ever lied to someone you are dating?

Have you ever dated for the wrong reasons?

Have you ever felt terrified of something?

Do you believe in fate and destiny?

Is it true that good guys always lose?

Do we have control over who we become?

Does the matrix exist?

Does science have answers to everything?

Do you dream?

Have you ever experienced something you had in your dream?

Have you ever loved someone who never you back?

Have you ever felt exploited?

Have you ever felt used?

Did you go to university?

Did you love math back in high school?

Have you ever played in the rain?

Do you have a trusted friend?

Do you gamble?