A smile on the face of someone you care the most about is priceless.

But more than often, we may not have all the humor and sweet tongue to soften their hearts, especially in times of distress, boredom or normal conversations.

These funny questions to ask are curated to help you with just that.

They are short, on-point and are ideal for a casual talk as a conversation starter.

If you are looking for a complete list of funny questions to ask, this article is for you.

Funny questions to ask

1. How long is your longest crush on someone?

2. What is your take on ladies proposing to men?

3. What if you changed your sex for a month?

4. What is the first thing you will do if you changed your gender for a day?

5. What is the most embarrassing you bought online?

6. Have you ever eaten in a restaurant only to discover your credit card is low on balance?

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7. Have you ever sent a nude?

8. What are some of the things you do when no one is looking?

9. What are your most embarrassing moments with a doctor?

10. Most are your most uncomfortable moments in the hospital?

11. What do you swear to never try again?

12. What are some costly financial blunders you’ve made?

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13. What are some of your “aha!” moments in life?

14. What is an obvious scam you fell victim to?

15. Have you ever found yourself in a pyramid scheme?

16. What are some common crimes that have been legitimized by law?

17. Have you ever had a bad outburst?

18. Which music do you dance to in the shower?

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19. Have you ever accused an innocent person unknowingly?

20. What is your worst prank ever?

21. Have you ever had a dream and it came to pass in real life?

22. What are some of your guilty pleasures?

23. Have you ever had a premonition?

24. When is the last time you had a daydream that came to pass?

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25. Do you dance in the shower?

26. What are some of the things you do when you want your friends to pay for you?

27. What is the funniest sleepover excuse you have heard?

28. What is an example of a common white lie?

29. What are some of the things that happen only in your family?

30. Have you ever found yourself jealous of someone else’s life?

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31. Did you believe you will be where you are right now a few years ago?

32. What is the one thing about yourself you will feel embarrassed to let anyone know?

33. What can’t you share with anyone?

34. Are financial markets government-supported schemes bound to fail?

35. What are the worst financial decisions you have ever made?

36. Which word do you pronounce badly every time?

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37. Which accent do you find funny?

38. What are some financial mistakes you have seen people make?

39. What is your secret talent?

40. What is your embarrassing food story?

41. What would you never do again?

42. What are some of your funny fantasy thoughts?

43. Are there instances when you think you acted stupidly?

44. What is the craziest thing you have ever done in public?

45. What is the craziest lifestyle move you have ever made?

46. What do you when you sent a wrong text by accident?

47. What decision have you ever made that bankrupted you financially?

48. Do you sometimes fall into an impulsive spending spree?

49. Have you ever gone to someone in hope of getting hooked up?

50. Should couples share credit cards?

51. Do you have a secret dating account?

52. What can we find under your bed?

53. Have you ever sent a bad text to the wrong person?

54. What are some of the funniest autocorrect text examples you have seen people send to each other?

55. What is the most inappropriate autocorrect text you have sent to someone?

56. What do you wish you knew early?

57. Is money the root of all evil?

58. What will you choose between love and fame?

59. Can a relationship be healthy without money?

60. Can you have a joint bank account with your spouse?

61. What role do finances play in relationships?

62. What would you copy from your best friend?

63. What fun fact about yourself no one knows?

64. What is the funniest thing you witnessed recently?

65. What are the silliest questions you’d like to ask the Pope?

66. What is the funniest marriage you’d love to see in the world?

67. What is the funniest thing to have happened on your first date?

68. Are cryptocurrencies a scheme bound to fail?

69. Have you ever told the deadliest joke that no one understood?

70. What is the funniest thing you believed as a child?

71. What are some of the childish things you still do to this day?

72. What do you feel is a waste of time? Going to a museum to see plain light!

73. What is the funniest pickup lines you have heard?

74. What is the funniest career you have come across?

75. What is the worst job you have ever taken?

76. Forex trading; a scam or legit?

77. What are some of the craziest reasons people save money?

78. In what ways has gullibility made you lose your investments?

79. What is the funniest advertising and marketing video you have ever come across?

80. How much did you like vegetables growing up?

81. At what age should people kick their kids out of their houses to face the world?

82. What is the funniest reality show to have ever existed?

83. What s the craziest place you have ever kissed in?

84. What is the craziest place you have made love in?

85. Where were you told babies come from?

86. Which movie would you like to model your love life after?

87. What is your perfect imperfect?

88. What was your very first car like?

89. What is the furthest you have been from home?

90. How close are you to your dream life?

91. What is the least sexy name you have ever heard?

92. What part of a movie scared you the most as a kid?

93. Toilet paper, over or under?

94. What is the most insane question someone has ever asked you?

95. If you wrongly put into a mental hospital, how will you convince people that you are sane?

96. What if you were teleported into the past at the time when witches were heavily persecuted. How will you prove that you are from the future without being labeled a witch that traveled in time?

97. What is the fun way to answer common questions like, “how do you do? what are you up to lately?”?

98. Which cartoon character resembles a real-life person?

99. What is the funniest business idea that came to life and grew to a large corporation?

100. What are some of the worst nicknames you have heard people being called secretly behind their back?

There you have funny questions to ask. Have fun asking.

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