100+ Good Questions for Couples to Ask Each Other (for Him and Her)

100+ Good Questions for Couples to Ask Each Other (for Him and Her)

Fun Questions for Couples

This is a complete list of fun questions for couples to ask each other in a leisurely way. have fun while getting to understand each other.

Whether you are starting or have been together for years, this list contains all the good questions you can ask each other in a fun leisurely way and get to understand each other in a way you never did before.

A few of the questions are deep and serious while most are relaxed and leisurely; to make sure you have all the fun in the world while getting to know your better half in a purposeful and more meaningful way.

Funny Questions for Couples

Here is your list of fun questions for couples to ask each other. They are ideal for both him and her and are balanced such that they are friendly and casual in a way that maximizes fun. Happy asking!

1. What was your first impression of me?

2. Do I make you feel loved?

3. What is your best memory of us?

4. Are there memories of us that make you laugh every time you think of it?

5. Which of my physical features do you still find most attracted to?

6. Do you feel we are building each other for a better tomorrow?

7. In what ways do I make you feel special?

8. Which name makes you feel special every time I call you?

9. In-house, would you prefer I be in yoga pants or mini-skirts?

10. Am I still a good kisser?

11. Do you still find me sexy?

12. Do you still check on me?

13. Do you have my back no matter what?

14. Which part of our marriage appeals to you the most?

15. If I asked you to dress me for our next date, what will I wear?

16. Do I make you feel proud of me?

17. Do I respect you enough?

18. Am I the best version of my self?

19. On a scale of 1 – 10, how romantic am I?

20. What do you like the most about my parenting?

21. What should I do differently from today?

22. How would you like to be touched, if different than I already do?

23. Describe me in one word?

24. How would you describe our union so far?

25. What are some of the little things I do that puts a smile on your face every time?

26. What are some of the moments you wish could last forever?

27. What can we do to spice up our love life again?

28. What are some of the strengths of our relationship?

29. What are some of the weaknesses of our relationship?

30. Are there some things you wished if I could change?

31. Whose relationship do you feel we should try to emulate?

32. What do you remember about the very first time we saw each other?

33. What advice would you give those getting into marriage?

34. What do you like the most in regards to bedroom matters?

35. Does our marriage life satisfy you?

36. Do I satisfy you bed-wise?

37. Have you ever felt like maybe you married a wrong person at one point?

38. Would you rather have our kids look more like you or me?

39. In your view, what makes a relationship or marriage last?

40. Are you happy?

41. If we go back in time to young adults, would you still marry me?

42. Do you still remember some of the most trying moments of our union?

43. What would you wish us to do but never found enough courage to ask?

44. Dare me to do something naughty right now and I will.

45. Do you mind us playing truth or dare at some point over the week?

46. What do you wish we should have done differently in the beginning?

47. Do you feel we are heading in the right direction?

48. Did you ever dislike me in the beginning?

49. What are some of my weaknesses?

50. Do I make you feel fulfilled?

51. Tell me one thing I don’t know about you.

52. What is the one thing I always get wrong about you?

53. Have I ever accused you of something that wasn’t what it looked like?

54. Do you feel I am that person who will be there for you through thick and thin?

55. Which country would you like us to visit next?

56. Do you mind drafting a joint bucket list for this year?

57. What are some of the things I do that easily piss you off?

58. What is the worst job you have ever had?

59. What is the silliest thing you have ever cried about?

60. Which magazine would you wish to grace its cover?

61. Are there secrets you still are ashamed of sharing with me?

62. Do you think everyone has that one secret they rather die than let anyone know about it?

63. Do you still remember your very first teenage crush? Where are they now?

64. What was your very first phone?

65. What are some of the weirdest things you’d love we try?

66. What about we try it in the car one day and see how it goes?

67. What is the one thing you want to do before you die?

68. What is your guilty pleasure?

69. Have you ever saved someone’s life?

70. What is the recent charitable action you have ever taken?

71. Has anyone ever saved your life?

72. What was our worst fight all about?

73. What is your worst nightmare?

74. Who would you not wish to see naked?

75. If one of my friends was hitting on your, would you tell me?

76. Is it okay to notice other good looking people out there when married?

77. Is there someone you secretly feel like punching on the face?

78. Have you ever done something you still are regretting since we got married?

79. Have you ever kissed someone other than me since we got together?

80. What are some of the embarrassing skills you have and wish no one to know about it?

81. Would rather have our kids good looking and dumb or average and sharp?

82. Do you still have sexual fantasies you wish we could give a try?

83. What do you consider as part of cheating in a relationship?

84. Is it okay to keep tabs with our exes when married?

85. Where do you see us in the next 5 years?

86. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

87. Do you believe in God?

88. Have you ever hit me or gotten physical? What drove you to it?

89. What is the best that you want from this union?

90. What do you sometimes wish I could be better at?

91. What is your idea of a perfect date for couples?

92. What do you wish you did before getting marrying?

93. What adventure would you want us to have before we get old?

94. Are there things you won’t do in bed?

95. Are you happy with the amount of time we have for each other?

96. Which s#x position would you like us to try?

97. Did you like these fun questions for couples?

98. How likely are you to play these fun questions for couples again in the future?

99. Do you mind suggesting these fun questions for couples to some of your close friends?

100. Who is your example of a power couple in the country?

There you have your complete list of fun questions for couples. I hope you find them fun.

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