There is no better way to get to know someone than by asking thought-out questions intelligently.

When it comes to how men and women interact, there are limits to what questions you can ask without appearing abrasive and lacking in empathy.

In this article, we feature a list of potential questions you should never ask a woman that you should know.

Depending on how you know each other and the level of interaction you have had with the girl, asking some of these questions risk getting you into her bad books and eventually losing her as a friend.

Questions you should NEVER ask a woman

1. Is your friend taken?

2. How many boyfriends have you had?

3. You seem moody. Is it that time of the month?

4. Do you talk to your ex-boyfriend?

5. How good am I in bed?

6. Do you love me?

7. Are you single?

8. Can you pay this bill? I will pay next time.

9. Does size matter?

10. Why are you this emotional?

11. Why are you single?

12. Are you that lazy?

13. Why are your friends this pretty?

14. You should go to the gym.

15. Are you a virgin?

16. Tell me something about your ex.

17. Will you pay for the dinner?

18. What is wrong with you?

19. Can you calm down?

20. Are all your friends this pretty?

21. Is that all makeup on your face?

22. Can you stop being dramatic?

23. What is your weight?

24. Are you gaining weight?

25. How many layers of makeup do you have to put on?

26. How tall are you?

27. Do you eat that much?

28. Can I borrow some money from you?

29. You look like your dad.

30. Are your friends good-looking? Do you mind introducing us?

31. Can you cook?

32. When is the last time you had s*x?

33. Can you repeat what you just said? I was working on something.

34. How old are you?

35. Why are you single? (Check out some of the reasons why women choose to remain single)

36. When are you getting married?

37. Are you okay? You have lost so much weight!

38. Must you use makeup every day?

39. Do you have a real job?

40. How much are you paid?

41. My ex used to do this. Can you do it too?

42. Are you wearing that for dinner?

43. Do you have a boyfriend?

44. What do you want us to do?

45. Are you pregnant? When is the baby coming?

46. How beautiful is your sister? Can you show me one of her photos?

47. Why are you friends with that guy?

48. Are you going to eat all that alone?

49. Do you love me that much?

50. Did I make you c*m last night?

51. You don’t look good in that dress.

52. Is that a knockoff or the original?

53. Are you sure you haven’t gained some weight?

54. You have lost so much weight. Is everything okay with you?

55. Do you look like your dad?

56. Do you think I am romantic?

57. Do you think I am handsome?

58. How would you rate my s*x game?

59. Do you like making out?

60. Can I have your friend’s number? I find her attractive.