150 Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

questions to ask a girl
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Do you have a crush on someone? A girlfriend, or simply a close female friend?

We have compiled a list of the best questions to ask a girl and make her smile.

If you are looking for cute things to say, funny jokes, or random love puns to brighten her smile; you have come to the right place.

Most of the questions are short, interesting, and ideal for you to send to your girlfriend as a flirty text message.

100 Questions to ask a girl

1. What is your dream vacation destination?

2. What is your biggest fear in life right now?

3. What is your take on love at fight sight?

4. What makes a happy life for you?

5. What is your favorite TV show?

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6. What is your go-to chilling place?

7. What is your dream life?

8. How does romance work for you?

9. What is the most laughable argument you have ever had?

10. Who do people mistake you for?

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11. What do you find most attractive in a guy?

12. What don’t people know about you?

13. What do you wish people would stop asking you?

14. In what ways do you find happiness in life?

15. Who is your crush right now?

16. What type of guys won’t you date?

17. What is the biggest lesson you have learned about life?

18. What is the best thing about being a girl?

19. What is the worst thing about being a girl?

20. Who has the biggest impact on your life?

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21. What is your ideal guy?

22. What achievements are you most proud of?

23. What makes you different?

24. What do you feel is a waste of time?

25. What does your name mean?

26. What is the most common phrase guys try to conquer you with?

27. What are you passionate about?

28. What is your ideal future family?

29. What do you wish to change about your life?

30. What are the best years of your life?

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31. Who do you wish to exchange your body with for a moment?

32. What do you wish to change about your life?

33. What is your deal-breaker when it comes to a relationship?

34. Have you traveled enough or you’d love to explore more places?

35. What is your last crazy adventure?

36. What is your zodiac?

37. What is your personality type?

38. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

39. What are your thoughts on either of the above?

40. What are your talents?

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41. What are your hobbies?

42. What is your secret talent?

43. What is your favorite childhood toy?

44. What is the best gift you have ever given out?

45. What is the best gift you have ever received?

46. What is your most precious possession right now?

47. What is your dream vacation destination?

48. What did you want to be when you grow up?

49. What is the best advice you have ever received?

50. What is the best advice you have ever given someone?

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51. Have you ever saved someone’s life?

52. What are your thoughts on marriage and family life?

53. If you could live anywhere, where would you be?

54. What do you do when someone annoys you?

55. What would you say/do if I asked you out on a date?

56. What have you learned when it comes to relationships?

57. What is the number one thing guys should understand when it comes to girls?

58. How would describe your best friends?

59. What is your favorite perfume?

60. What is your favorite color?

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61. What music gets you in a good mood?

62. What movie can’t you get enough of?

63. Who inspires you the most in life right now?  

64. Who do you love the most right now?

65. What would you change about me?

66. What do you wish was different?

67. How do you handle yourself when crushing on someone?

68. How do you treat people who piss you off?

69. What is a no-go for you?

70. What social game do you like participating in?

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71. What sport do you follow?

72. What was your very first relationship like?

73. What happened to you that made you feel stronger in life?

74. Have you ever suffered from heartbreak?

75. What is your favorite reality escape activity or place?

76. Who are you close to in your family?

77. Who knows you best in this world?

78. What type of people do you find yourself attracting most often?

79. Do you believe in soulmates?

80. What makes you fall in love with someone?

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81. What made you fall out of love with someone?

82. Do you want kids someday?

83. How important is money in a relationship?

84. Do you like your dates indoors or outdoors?

85. What are your rules when it comes to relating to a guy?

86. What does vulnerability mean to you?

87. What do you find most attractive in persons of the same and opposite sex?

88. How do you deal with your insecurities?

89. Do you have a secret you’d rather go to the grave with? Yes/No.

90. What is your favorite teenage memory?

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91. What is the craziest thing you’d like to do?

92. What do you feel you are missing in your life?

93. Who is the smartest person you’ve ever met?

94. What do you wish you cared less about?

95. Do you lie to yourself?

96. Have you ever given someone a second chance?

97. What do you sometimes daydream about?

98. What would you choose between true love vs money?

99. What are some of the most beautiful names you’ve come across?

100. What is your love language?

Flirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

101. What is your favorite joke?

102. What was your favorite cartoon character growing up?

103. Are you closer to your father or mother?

104. What is your astrological sign?

105. What type of person were you back in college?

106. Which music genre do you enjoy the most?

107. Have you ever lost someone close to you?

108. What is the best gift you have ever received?

109. Do you love flowers?

110. What is the farthest you have ever been away from home?

111. What is your dream travel destination?

112. Does unconditional love exist?

113. Have you ever experienced true love?

114. Have you ever struggled to let someone go in the past?

115. What are some of the common relationship red flags?

116. What is your most memorable birthday?

117. Have you ever dated someone from a different continent?

118. Do you have broken bones?

119. What is your favorite thing about your town?

120. What are your wildest fantasies?

121. What is your dream job?

122. What are you most proud of in your life?

123. What is your biggest regret when it comes to relationships?

124. Have you ever dated someone from a different country?

125. Have you ever had a crush on a cousin?

126. Where do you spend most of your weekends?

127. How would you describe your best friend?

128. What is the greatest fear you were able to overcome?

129. Do you believe love is sometimes blind?

130. Which song lives in your head?

131. What do you like the most about your best friend?

132. What are some of the greatest challenges in life you were able to overcome?

133. Who is your favorite foreign singer?

134. What skills are you planning to acquire soon?

135. What is the one thing you want to learn?

136. Which foreign language would you like to learn to speak?

137. Do you play computer games?

138. What is our best food to prepare?

139. What are some of the questions you are afraid of asking?

140. What is the most interesting work of art you have ever seen?

141. Have you ever been profiled before?

142. What stereotypes are you sick of?

143. What are you most grateful for?

144. What are some of your wild dreams?

145. What is the craziest dream you have ever had?

146. Should there be rules in relationships?

147. Have you ever met your icon in person?

148. How often do you work out?

149. Have you ever felt the relationship is slowing your goals in life?

150. Which group of guys will you never date?

Romantic Questions to Ask Her

— 21 Questions to Ask a Girl

151. Which type of guys don’t you like?

152. Where do you get your inspiration from?

153. What is your favorite scent?

154. What is your favorite flower?

155. Are you in a relationship?

156. Whose life do you admire?

157. Which human qualities do you cherish the most?

158. What is your favorite wine?

159. What is your favorite midnight cocktail?

160. What piece of advice changed your life?

161. Is there an afterlife?

162. How do you deal with harsh criticism?

163. How do you deal with rejection?

164. Have you experienced betrayal before?

165. Do you have tattoos?

166. What is your favorite spot to hang out?

167. Can you show me some of your body piercings?

168. What life moments are you proud of?

169. What is the last concert you attended?

170. How often do you go out?

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171. Do you play a musical instrument?

— First Date Questions to Ask a Girl

172. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

173. What do you sometimes regret and wish you had done earlier?

174. What will you never do again?

175. What are some of your most treasured memories?

176. What do you find yourself doing despite not wanting to?

177. What makes you feel alive?

178. What are you struggling to let go of?

179. What do you want to be remembered for?

180. What is the one thing I don’t know about you?

181. When is the last time you felt someone else love you?

182. How easy are you to love?

183. Are you easy to date?

184. How do you feel around me?

185. Can you trust someone with your life?

186. What do you do when you fall out of love?

187. How do you know when you fall in love with the wrong person?

188. Have you ever felt yourself a slave of love?

189. What do you do when your love is not reciprocated in kind?

190. What makes a relationship strong?

191. Is it true that some people are meant for each other?

192. Why is it so easy to love a bad boy?

193. Can you share your phone with your boyfriend?

194. How good is your flirting game?

195. What did you like the most about your ex?

196. What do you do when you have a crush on a guy?

197. Do I make you shy?

198. How do I make you feel?

199. What takes up much of your time during the day?

200. What is your biggest worry when it comes to dating again?

Questions to Get to Know a Girl

201. What is the weirdest thing you find interesting?

202. What is the one thing you have learned about adulthood?

203. How do you know if a guy likes you?

204. What is one random question you feel embarrassed to ask?

205. What are some of the red lines a guy shall never cross as far as a relationship is concerned?

206. Have you ever had an uncomfortable friendzone?

207. How often do cousins hit on each other?

208. Have you ever had a relative hit on you?

209. What are some of the things other girls do that you cannot?

210. What are your views on inner beauty?

211. What should people do on their first date?

212. What should people not do on their first date?

213. How old were you when you first kissed?

214. What actions from a guy make you feel special?

215. Have you ever had to let go of someone you love?

216. Do you sometimes do things to impress your boyfriend?

217. What is the most interesting thing you have ever done to a guy?

218. How do you answer, the “what do you bring to the table” type of question?

219. What is the one lesson your previous relationship taught you?

220. Do you enjoy flirting?

221. Have you had a friendship with benefits type of relationship?

222. What are your views on girls having sugar daddies?

223. Will your views on a guy change if you realize he was into sugar mammies?

224. Would you date a guy younger than you?

225. Do older guys behave more maturely?

226. What is the issue with dating a younger guy?

227. What are the dangers and benefits of dating an older guy?

228. Have you ever hooked up with a married man?

229. Will it be considered cheating only if your partner sleeps with another person?

230. Is flirting with different people while in a relationship count as cheating?

231. What tales up much of your time?

232. What do you wish every man should know about girls?

233. What fuels your passion these days?

234. What do you feel the need to spend less on these days?

235. What is the one thing you like despite it not being a girl thing?

236. Any guilty pleasures I need to know?

237. Do you have a nickname you don’t like anymore?

238. Are you religious?

239. What is the one thing you have been told about me that you still can’t believe?

240. In what ways am I different from what you expected of me?

241. What is the stupidest thing you have ever thought about me?

242. How different is your life compared to a year ago?

243. What is that food you won’t mind any time?

244. Would you like to go skydiving one of these days?

245. Are you an adrenaline girl?

246. What is the most difficult problem you had to solve recently?

247. What do you find hard to forgive?

248. Do you suffer from any addictions?

249. What is the worst that alcohol has ever done to you?

250. Who is the most generous person in your life?

Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

— Questions to ask a girl

251. What is your lucky number?

252. Do all stories have some elements of truth in them?

253. Do angels actually exist?

254. In what ways do you feel the world is being brainwashed?

255. What is the first thing you do notice in people?

256. What is the weirdest food you have seen people eat?

257. Have you ever been to an art gallery?

258. What is the best party you have been to recently?

259. Who is the most competitive person you have ever come across?

260. Do you talk to your childhood crush?

261. How do you treat people who annoy you for no reason?

262. Do keep a collection of the things you like?

263. Do you have a signature dance move?

264. How well can you dance?

265. Is it okay for people to be friends with their exes?

266. How well can you play chess?

267. Which board game is your favorite?

268. What is the most shameful thing you have ever done?

269. What are things you are not proud of?

270. What was your favorite childhood toy?

271. How often do you play candy crush?

272. Which group of people are the most difficult to advise?

273. Have your parents ever misled you?

274. Which circumstances will make you consider celibacy?

275. How do you treat people who hurt you?

276. What do you notice first every time you meet a guy?

277. What is your ideal type of guy?

278. What is the ideal age difference for perfect relationships?

279. Do you believe in true love?

280. What actions make you feel most appreciated?

281. When is the last time someone made you feel loved and important?

282. How often do you follow your heart and not your mind?

283. What about a date for two this weekend?

284. Where would you place yourself between an outgoing and reserved persona?

285. When is your birthday?

286. How likely will you run away with me to explore the world for a year?

287. What are some of your weaknesses?

288. Who is your favorite musician?

289. What music uplifts your souls every time you listen to it?

290. Do you have a celebrity crush?

291. Who do you talk to when you have an issue?

292. What is your favorite time of the year and Why?

293. What is your favorite movie?

293. What is your favorite series?

294. Which actor do you find irresistible?

295. Do you mind sharing your dirty little secrets?

296. What sport do you like playing?

297. What do you wish men knew about you?

298. What should men understand about ladies?

299. What will your parents be shocked to learn about you?

300. Do you have any phobias?

There you have the random questions to ask a girl!

If you have more specific or general questions to ask a girl, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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