Nothing beats the thrill of drinking with card games in the play.

With the growing pub culture and the love for a good time, do or drink questions and other drinking card games come in handy.

In this article, we have come up with a list of the best do or drink questions and commands that are worth your time.

Are you looking for the best questions that are fun and exciting? Start pouring that drink because we’ve got you.

Do or Drink Questions

1. Send a sexy voice recording to your ex.

2. Impersonate one of the people in this room.

3. Imitate your partner when they are angry.

4. List five of your exes in alphabetical order.

5. Text your ex about the prospects of getting back together.

6. Imitate a funny foreign accent.

7. Twerk to your favorite song.

8. Nod your head if you have had more than ten exes.

9. Pull your best dance move.

10. Kiss the person you like the most on the cheek.

11. Give our best pose for a backshot.

12. Call an online chemist for an emergency condom.

13. Do sexy mourning like someone receiving it.

14. Try acting like a shy girl.

15. Use a pick up line on someone you like in the group.

16. Demonstrate the proper way to finger a woman.

17. Demonstrate how a woman c*ms.

18. Imitate a woman’s reaction to being eaten.

19. Kiss the stomach of someone you like the most.

20. Open your heart to someone you like the most in this room.

21. Say the dirtiest words to one of the persons in this room.

22. Try your best pick up lines on someone in this house.

23. Look at the person on your left seductively.

24. Remove all your clothes while facing the wall.

25. Go on a friendly insults contest until the winner emerges.

26. Demonstrate your best hand*job skills.

27. Give your boyfriend or girlfriend a prank call asking them to marry you.

28. Slide into the DM of someone in the room and shoot your best shot.

29. Put on blindfolds and kiss what is in front of you.

30. Shop for the dirtiest birthday cards for your best friend.

31. Send a topless selfie to someone you slept with long ago.

32. Ask for a rematch from someone you had a one-night stand with a while ago.

33. Imitate a guy giving a doggy.

34. Let someone lick melted chocolate from your mouth.

35. Show the rest of the players the photo that got you the most likes online.

36. Touch the bu*t of the person on your left.

37. Demonstrate how to put on a condom using a banana.

38. Make your arousing fake O sound.

39. Call 911 and ask if they need help.

40. Call the nearest police station and ask if you can have a date there.

41. Give three shorts of liquor to the person on your right.

42. Guess and rate the s*xual perfomance of everyone in this room.

43. Pull your pants down and play with your thing until you get hard.

44. Allow someone in the room to spank you.

45. Demonstrate the best way to have a doggy.

46. Get someone in the room hard without touching them.

47. Play with your nipples until they are hard.

48. Choose someone and allow them to touch your d*ck.

49. Describe how an org*sm feels in detail.  

50. Demonstrate the best ways to have back*hots.

51. Choose someone and play your favorite s*x position.

52. Flash your b*obs for a second.

53. Dry hump the person on your right.

54. Allow one person of your choice to feel your b*obs.

55. Randomly, pick someone to kiss, someone to spank, someone to open your heart to and someone to give a lap dance.

56. Give your phone to the person on your right and let them text what they want to anyone on your contact list.

57. Take five shots of your favorite liquor in a row.

58. Text your distant ex and tell them they are the best.

59. Let everyone text their boyfriend or girlfriend and see who gets a reply first.

60. Show someone the best way to kiss.

61. Tell someone in this room the truth they are supposed to know.

62. Touch the best body part of someone you like in the group.

63. Read out loud the most romantic text sent to you this week.

64. Imitate girls gossiping about a guy in a dirty way.

65. Imitate a girl seducing a guy.

66. Play a bedroom bully for a minute.

67. Stand on the door for 60 seconds with only your innerwear on your body.

68. Give a funny nickname to everyone in this room.

69. Play a ho*ker for a minute.

70. Play a secretary trying to seduce their boss.

71. Play a couple breaking up.

72. Pull a golddigger prank.

73. Allow the people on your right and left to double-spank you.

74. Rub some honey on your body and ask the person on your left to lick it off.

75. With only your underwear, hop into the shower with someone of your choice for a minute.

76. Ask a random person their favorite role play and get on with it.

77. Seductively undress the person on your left except for their underwear.

78. Imitate a person shaving their privates.

79. Take a selfie with your best “O” face.

80. Imitate sweet lovemaking with one of the persons in this room.

81. Swipe left 30 times on the dating app with your eyes closed.

82. Show your best humping skills on the sofa.

83. Text your parents saying how much you love them and wait for the first person to get a response.

84. Take off your underwear and gift it to one of the people in this room.

85. Text an ex asking if you can visit them today.

86. Mention the name of a person no one will believe you had s*x with at some point.

87. Call your gym instructor and say how much you love them.

88. Show everyone a photo of someone on your date radar.

89. Smell the armpits of every person in the group.

90. Perform a sexy crawl.

91. Tell the group the truth about yourself that no one will ever believe.

92. Scroll your contact list until asked to stop. Delete the contact at the top of the screen.

93. Call someone you just met and are interested in you and ask for some cash.

94. Call your boyfriend or girlfriend on a loudspeaker and tell them it is over between you two.

95. Hold a block of ice on your palm until it melts.

96. Tell your friends two truths and a lie. Let them guess the lie.

97. Demonstrate how to give the best BJ using a banana or cucumber.

98. Pretend to chock on a d*ck.

99. Call your parents and tell them you are coming with a new partner later in the evening.

100. Leave a sexy voicemail for your parents.