98 Stupid Questions to Ask Friends

Stupid Questions to Ask Friends
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Have you ever asked yourself how smart a smart bomb is?

Or why the alarm is said to go off when it’s actually on?

These are some of the funny stupid questions that you can ask your friends at any time and this article lists 98 similar questions for you.

Funny Stupid Questions

What language does a deaf person use to interpret sign language?

How do you become rich if the person next to you is not poorer?

If an ambulance knocks down someone on the road to the hospital, do they bring him too?

How come an alarm “goes off” when it is on?

Do machines and robots get tired?

Does software get fatigued?

Does the experience you get in a dream count towards your well-being?

What does Simon actually say?

Who was the owner of the chicken that crossed the road?

Does AI entirely control itself?

How smart is a smart bomb?

If there is a rabbit on the moon, where is its carrot?

Where does love go when people break up?

Do zombies eat brains to get wiser?

Do babies cry in the language of their parents?

They say roses are red. Why are violets blue?

Do cats really have nine lives?

What was the first person to milk a cow thinking?

Do doctors wake patients to take sleeping pills?

Did the Romans pronounce V as a letter or the number 5?

Is there something in between darkness and light?

What do we call a male ladybug?

Why is it a hotcake when it sells fast? Do hotcakes sell that fast?

Does a person with a stuttering condition stammer in their thoughts?

Why is it called frostbite when there are no bite marks?

If the ocean is blue, what color is the land?

Do we switch off or turn off the lights?

If we can turn on a person, does it mean we all have a switch for the things and people we like?

Is a donut hole just an excuse to deny us more donuts for the price we pay? Is this a form of robbery?

If you make noise and no one hears it, does this mean you didn’t make any noise?

Does Adam’s apple have anything to do with Adam and the apple from the Garden of Eden?

If a cat eats itself, does it disappear or get twice bigger?

If something happened and no one saw it, does this means it never happened?

Why does the poop have different color compared to the food we ate?

How sure can you be that you are alive?

Are we here on earth by ourselves or a different extension of something else in the universe?

Is American Football just for the American continent?

Is a banana a fruit or a vegetable?

Is a chicken a bird or an animal?

If our skins exfoliate rapidly, why don’t tattoos disappear weeks after getting one?

If I become what I believe, is it possible for an adult to become a baby again?

Do people born on the 29th of February celebrate their birthdays once every four years?

Why does the moon hang in space and not fall on earth?

Do babies pee in the womb?

If you do something wrong and no one knows about it, does this make it right?

Is it true that something you don’t know can’t hurt you?

Do babies poop in their mother’s wombs?

Why can’t babies drown in the amniotic fluid in the womb?

Why do we have round pizzas in square boxes?

If you hire two investigators to follow each other, what will happen?

If coconut oil is made from coconut, and vegetable oil from vegetables, where does the baby oil come from?

Why is it called vegetable oil? Is it because it is made from vegetables or it is used to cook vegetables?

Why is car fuel called gas when it is a liquid?

What do blind people see in their dreams?

Why do women put on their mascara with their mouths open?

If an orange is orange, why is a banana not a yellow?

Why does the night fall?

Why does the day break?

Do Chinese like to speak Mandarin or that is their language?

Why is he called great-grandfather even when there is nothing great he did?

Does one become a genius when the people around them are dumber?

If you are to name a star, does a famous human being come to your mind first or the twinkling sky bodies?

Do car tires get tired?

What is the worst that can happen if you sneeze with your eyes open and nose closed?

Are people from Poland Poles?

Are people from Holland Holes?

If one of the Kenyan presidents was Kenyatta, should the future American female president be Americana?

Do people get appointments to see a psychic?

Is the sea salty because the shorez never wave back?

Why do we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and want to get it off our chest?

Where do people go soul-searching?

Is soul searching a form of ghost hunting?

Wine is fermented grape juice. Does it mean beer is fermented barley juice?

Why do we call it shipping even when it’s delivered by road?

Is it a good idea to get up every time we fail or to learn to balance in life?

If experience is the best teacher, what becomes of the best teacher?

Why can’t we food the food the way we drink drinks?

If every country in this world has debt, where is the money going?

If most people, companies, and countries are in debt, who are we borrowing from?

Who came up with room temperature when a room in Iceland has a different temperature compared to a room in the Arabian desert?

Is it possible that we are aliens exploiting the earth and its inhabitants are the plants and animals?

We have New York. Where did the Old York go?

Does milk go bad or become sour milk?

Why do we call new unseen ideas and items “out of this world” like we have ever seen anything out of this world?

Why do we respond with “my pleasure” even when it barely pleasures us?

Why do we use the phrase worked like a dog when dogs sleep all the time and do nothing?

What do they mean when they say a specific dog food has improved flavor?

What do companies mean when they label their products “new and improved” when in the real sense, new products are new and never improved and improved products are not new?

If I bought land, how far above the sky do I own?

Why do we have self-help groups when we are supposed to help ourselves?

Are cool people cold at heart?

What were the first people to kill, cook and eat animal meat thinking?

Why does Greenland bare the name green when it’s a white country covered by ice?

If we use bath towels only after showering, how come it gets dirty with use?

Why do we eat soup when we cannot chew it?

Do bankruptcy attorneys make any money?

If a boy shares a name with their father, he is called Jnr. What do we call a girl sharing a name with their mother?

Why do we prefer the title master and frown upon mistress?

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