100 Funny Questions to Ask Kids and Get Them Talking

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A list of funny questions to ask kids and get to learn from these ever curious angels.

Have you ever been in a situation where your child asks a simple question only to bombard you with myriads of questions based on the answers we give?

Kids are naturally curious and for every answer we give, it creates a number of other questions, some of which can be challenging and difficult to answer.

But, what about turning the tables? Instead of them asking the questions, you are the one doing the asking?

This will allow you to gauge your child’s understanding of the world and things that matter for their growth and development. It also will give you room to move their curiosity to the next level by asking intelligent weighted questions.

This article features a number of funny questions to ask kids at get to know their understanding of the world which you can use. They have been curated in that they are easy for their developing brain and their answers precise.

100 Funny Questions to Ask Kids

Here are your funny questions to ask kids and get to learn from them as well. Asking them will let you learn more about your kid’s thought process, their understanding of the world and their approach to different issues affecting their lives.

1. What does mommy always say to you?

2. What does daddy always say to you?

3. How old are you?

4. Who is older between you and [sister or brother]?

5. What is your favorite food?

6. What is your favorite color?

7. Who just farted?

8. Do you pick your nose and eat it when no one is looking?

9. Would you eat your poop if I paid you to?

10. Would you rather eat vegetables or porridge?

11. Would you rather eat ice cream or a cake?

12. If it were up to you, what would you eat for lunch?

13. What should I never tell you to do?

14. What should I never ask you?

15. What are your most favorite fairies?

16. What is your most favorite story?

17. Can you sing your most favorite song?

18. Whom would you choose between your class teacher and mom?

19. Whose mother do you wish was yours?

20. Whose father do you wish was yours?

21. What is your most favorite TV program?

22. Which superhero do you wish to be like?

23. What is in the back of your head?

24. Can you lick the tip of your nose for me for $10?

25. Can you lick your elbow for me for $10?

26. How many aliens are there in your class?

27. What would you like to be when you grow up?

28. Who is your crush right now?

29. What is your most common lie to mom?

30. How many times have you lied today?

31. If I asked you to stop going to school today and just stay with me at home, would you?

32. Who is your enemy and why?

33. If you had money, what will you buy for yourself?

34. If you are to buy me a gift, what will it be?

35. Who is older between mom and dad?

36. What is mom’s name?

37. What is dad’s full name?

38. What do you hate to be told?

39. What can’t you wait to get from dad or mom?

40. Would you live with dad or mom?

41. Should we sell [name of sister or brother]?

42. Can you beat me in a dancing competition?

43. What do you think you can beat me in?

44. Who would you like to be like when you grow up?

45. If you are to be an adult and me a baby, would you take me as your baby?

46. If I were to become a baby and you as my parent for a day, what is the first thing you will do to me?

47. What meal should we never cook in this house ever again?

48. Which house rules would you change right now?

49. What is on your birthday list this year?

50. What is your talent?

51. What are your hidden talents no one knows?

52. Which nickname don’t you like to be called?

53. Which nickname would you prefer to be called?

54. Who is your best friend?

55. How old are grandma and grandpa?

56. Do you want another brother or sister?

57. How do you do?

58. Would you like to become an adult or remain just the way you are?

59. What is your favorite nursery rhyme?

60. How does Santa laugh?

61. What is your least favorite house chore?

62. What would you choose between your school homework and house chores?

63. Who is your favorite musician?

64. At what moments do you feel special?

65. What are your hobbies?

66. What will you do with $1 million f given right now?

67. Who is your favorite teacher?

68. What should happen to mean people?

69. What should happen to bad people?

70. Would you rather be a fairy or a superhero?

71. If you are to become invisible for a day, what would you do?

72. What is the worst name you have heard someone call their pet?

73. What is the cutest pet you have ever seen someone with?

74. What is the dumbest thing you can ever think of right now?

75. Can you describe a color without saying its name?

76. Would you rather be a writer or an inventor?

77. Would you rather be a movie actor or a music superstar?

78. What does the [insert name here] say?

79. What is the meanest thing someone has ever said or done to you?

80. Would you rather be an astronaut or a magician?

81. Would you rather be a boy or a girl?

82. At what age does one become an adult?

83. What do adults do that children don’t?

84. If you are to be famous, what would you prefer to be famous for?

85. Which word do you think describes you the best?

86. What can you teach me right now that I don’t know?

87. Can you say these words after me? [come up with word difficult to pronounce]

88. How do you spell spelling?

89. What makes our family special?

90. Would you rather be as small as an ant or as big as an elephant?

91. Who would you never wish to be like? Why?

92. What scares you the most?

93. How afraid are you of the dark?

94. Who or what are you afraid of?

95. Which shirt is your favorite?

96. Would you rather have a uniform or normal clothing to school?

97. How much do you like these funny questions to ask kids?

98. How likely are you to play these funny questions to ask kids?

99. Will you ask your friend to play funny questions to ask kids with their parents?

100. What is your most favorite fairy?

There you have your list of funny questions to ask kids. Happy asking!

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