How well do you know the person you are in a relationship with? How often do you ask important relationship questions? When last did you sit down for a meaningful conversation?

Chances are you barely know him and only live in the assumption that you do, based on daily life observations.

Are you meant to be? Is he or she the one? Are you with the right person? Is what you feel at the moment meant to last? Or is it just a phase in a relationship that will fade fast with time?

The only way to get answers to these questions is by asking him or her the right sets of questions and this article has the best relationship questions you can find online.

Relationship Questions to Ask Your Partner

The foundation of true love in any relationship is trust, love, and assurance.

And the best way to boost these three vitals is by asking the right relationship questions for couples.

1. What was your first impression of each other?

2. In what ways has your impression changed over time?

3. What do you love the most about me?

4. What brings us closer to each other?

5. How did your relationship start?

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6. How happy are you with the current state of the relationship?

7. Are we spending enough quality time together?

8. Do we give each other enough time for ourselves?

9. What do you do to make the relationship grow?

10. What is the purpose of our relationship?

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11. Are you intentional in our relationship?

12. What are your main differences?

13. Do you have each other’s back no matter the situation?

14. How reliable are you to one another?

15. What efforts are you taking to build and strengthen the relationship?

16. How much do you value each other?

17. When last did you appreciate each other?

18. What are our main differences?

19. How do we resolve conflicts and differences?

20. How are we building our own experiences in life?

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21. In what ways do you find me unique and exceptional?

22. What are my weaknesses?

23. What would you like me to change about myself?

24. In what ways do you feel I can be a better person than I am right now?

25. How much trust do you have for each other?

26. What type of relationship are you having?

27. Do you love each other?

28. Are you positive that the love feeling is mutual?

29. What is a relationship deal-breaker for you?

30. When is the last time you said kind words to each other?

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31. When is the last time you heard, “I love you” from your friend?

32. What do you feel you are taking for granted?

33. What do you feel you might be doing wrong?

34. Who else knows about you two apart from your close circle of friends?

35. In what ways do you think your partner is crazy?

36. What are the lines not to be crossed?

37. What makes you happy about being together?

38. What are some of the most memorable moments of your lives?

39. What are some of the darkest days of our lives?

40. What is the one thing we should be doing often?

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41. What is on our combined bucket list for this year?

42. What are our combined goals for this year?

43. Do you sometimes feel insecure about one another?

44. How possessive are you of each other?

45. What hobbies do you share in common?

46. What is your biggest fear about the relationship?

47. Whose relationship out there do you feel you can learn from?

48. What is an example of a perfect relationship for you?

49. Do you feel fulfilled in the relationship?

50. How often do you feel like you are in a bad relationship?

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51. What lessons did you learn in your last relationship?

52. What advice can you give a younger you getting into relationships?

53. What is one thing your partner doesn’t know about you?

54. Do you think some secrets are better left as such if you are to stay happy?

55. How would you rate your relationship?

Relationship Questions to Ask Yourself

How healthy is your relationship? Are you happy and satisfied with your love life?

Here is a set of deep relationship questions ask.

relationship questions for singles

1. How intimate you are?

2. Are you happy with the level of intimacy you share?

3. Do you feel the same as when you started the relationship? What has changed?

4. In what ways are you positively impacting each other’s lives?

5. How do you show love for each other?

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6. How often do you laugh together?

7. In what ways has your partner influenced you?

8. How often do you think about your partner?

9. Has your partner ever changed your opinion of something?

10. What makes you smile every time you think of your experiences together?

11. Do you sometimes get how the other person feels without even talking about it?

12. How often do you feel your partner is in trouble far away from you only to find out it is true?

13. What are the most romantic moments you have ever shared together?

14. In what ways do you communicate without saying a word?

15. Are there moments when you felt the relationship is coming to an end?

16. How often do you check out on each other when they walk away?

17. When last did you tease your partner?

18. Do you feel respected enough?

19. How easy is it for you to forgive each other?

20. How likely are you to sacrifice for the sake of your partner?

21. How much do you trust your partner?

22. Who brings arguments most often? Why?

23. Have you ever thought of breaking the relationship?

24. Have you ever thought of marrying your partner?

25. In what ways do you sacrifice for your relationship?

26. Is it necessary to know all about your partner’s past?

27. Do you feel you have a future together?

28. What do you look forward to in the future between you two?

29. Do you feel your partner is proud of you?

30. Do you feel your partner accepts you the way you are?

31. Have you at any time felt forcing yourself where you don’t belong?

32. When is the last time you saw your partner at their worst?

33. When is the last time you saw your partner at their best?

34. Have you ever thought of cheating on your partner?

35. If you are to choose your partner again today, would you choose the same person?

36. What is your dream vacation?

37. How do you feel when around your partner?

38. What is your favorite way to relax and have fun?

39. What do you like to spend money on together?

40. What is your love language?

41. What constitutes a perfect day for you?

42. What do you look forward to doing on Valentine’s day?

43. Do you remember the first words you said to each other?

44. Do you remember how you first met?

45. How much do you like relationship questions?

Relationship Questions Ask Your Girlfriend

Unlike guys, girls prefer their questions less aggressive and less intrusive.

If you are looking for the best relationship questions for her, this section is for you.

1. What is the best thing about dating you?

2. How does love look like to you?

3. What are the unwritten rules of any successful relationship?

4. What is the one thing that makes a relationship strong?

5. What do you feel like venting about right now?

6. What crazy stories have you had about me?

7. What do you value the most about your boyfriend?

8. What feels like cheating yet it is not?

9. What is your heartbreak story?

10. Do you want children? How many?

11. What boundaries do you keep in your relationships?

12. Which group of people make the best husbands?

13. How would you like your wedding?

14. Is marriage part of your goals in this relationship?

15. What should we do to keep our sex life exciting?

16. What is the one thing we are yet to experience as a couple?

17. Do you have a date you like and we haven’t gone yet?

18. How does it feel when I spend money on you?

19. How do we make this relationship more exciting?

20. What would you like us to try in bed tonight?

21. What is the one thing that makes you proud of me?

22. Do you feel loved enough? What can I do different?

23. What gift should I bring you next?

24. What is your dream Valentine’s Day destination?

25. Do you see us moving in together some day?

Relationship Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

1. What makes you feel not free?

2. What in the past did you find hard to deal with in a relationship?

3. How do I make you feel?

4. Do you want children in the future?

5. Do you feel fulfilled in this relationship?

6. Is our sex life balanced enough?

7. Are you needs, wants and expectations being met?

8. What would you like us to do together often?

9. How much time do you need for yourself? How much time do you need with the boys?

10. Which part of life should I support you more?

11. When you are out of balance, what should I do for you?

12. What should we try in our bedroom later today?

13. Are you satisfied with how everything is going in our relationship?

14. Do you feel loved enough?

15. In what situation do you feel my love even more?

16. How do you feel when we are together?

17. What would you miss the most if I were to disappear today?

18. Do you lack something at all in this relationship?

19. What made you love me?

20. What makes our relationship unique and different?

21. What difference between us drive you crazy?

22. Have I made you feel loved less in the past?

23. Should I be more touchy?

24. Why do you think makes people cheat?

25. What is the one thing that turns you on about me?

26. Which part of my body do you love the most?

27. What is the one thing about me that you like the most?

28. Do you prefer me with makeup or without?

29. What do you remember the most the day we met?

30. How did you get me to fall in love with you?

New Relationship Questions

1. What does commitment mean to you?

2. Are you in a relationship with someone else at the moment?

3. Whose relationship do you admire the most?

4. What are you looking for in a new relationship?

5. What is your love and relationship style like?

6. What does investing in a relationship mean to you?

7. How much time should be dedicate for each other?

8. What makes a relationship last?

9. What do you feel we still need to learn from each other?

10. What excites you about this relationship? What is different this time?

11. What changes when casual dating changes into a serious relationship?

12. Is it okay to continue flirting with other people when in a relationship?

13. What is your biggest worry about getting into a relationship again?

14. What cant you wait to do in our new relationship?

15. What is the wierdest thing about how we found each other?

16. What did you like about me from the beginning?

17. What don’t you want to see change now that we are getting into a relationship?

18. Do you feel we have dated and known each other enough?

19. Do I make you feel different?

20. Do you like my sense of fashion?

21. Do you like my jokes and sense of humor?

22. What do you remember the most about how we met?

23. How does it feel to start a fresh?

24. How long have you been single?

25. Should we book a vacation to celebrate this new found love?

26. What do you hope would be different this time round?

27. Do you have a nickname we should be using for each other?

28. Did you know a day like this will come, when we first met?

29. What are your views on sex?

30. Do you still remember the time when we …?

There you have your complete list of relationship questions.

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