160+ Best Newlywed Game Questions for Him and Her

160+ Best Newlywed Game Questions for Him and Her

Newlywed Game Questions
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Planning for a Bachelorette party? And, are looking for a perfect set of newlywed game questions to ask the new couple in town?

We have some unique and the best and unique question entries for you.

Go through our list below, choose some of the best questions for your newlywed game questions suited for your relationship with the couple and have fun!

Newlywed Game Questions

1. What is the new name for your new family?

2. How did you first meet?

3. What was your impression of one another?

4. How has it changed over time?

5. What did you get wrong about each other the first time?

6. Is he or she what you expected them to be?

7. In what ways has he or she changed over time?

8. What positive change can you attribute to one another?

9. What did you wear on your first date?

10. Who among you couldn’t wait for this day to come?

11. Who is a better kisser?

12. Who is the weirdest quirk?

13. Who made the first move?

14. Who said “I love you” first?

15. Who loves more than the other?

16. Who is your embarrassing crush?

17. Which movie would you like your lives to follow its path?

18. Who is more confrontational?

19. Who more private a person?

20. Who is the tidiest?

21. Whose meals taste better?

22. What name will you give to your first child?

23. What is the most favorite thing about your two?

24. What do you share in common?

25. What do you find very different between you two?

26. What was your very first fight about? How did it go?

27. Who is more possessive?

28. Who loves more than the other?

29. Who is likely to let go easily?

30. What is your favorite movie?

31. What is the most memorable day of your life together?

32. What are the darkest days of your lives together?

33. Did you think you will end up with a person like [insert name] at one point in your life?

34. What is the most embarrassing moments of your lives you don’t want to talk about?

35. Which power couple’s life would you like yours to be like?

36. Who has the most exes?

37. Who is more romantic?

38. Who is more creative in bed?

39. What are your biggest fears?

40. What is the best present he has ever given you?

41. What is the best present she has ever given you?

42. How was your proposal like?

43. Who will be the strictest when it comes to parenting?

44. In what ways do you keep the fire of love burning?

45. What do you find irresistible in each other?

46. How would you like your lives to be from today?

47. What are your guilty pleasures?

48. What are your bedroom secrets?

49. Where did the very first happen?

50. At what point did you realize your spouse is the one you’ve been looking for?

51. How did it happen the very first time you got intimate?

52. What are some of your worst habits?

53. What was your worst date like?

54. Who spends the most time in the shower?

55. What is the name of your ex?

56. How many dates passed by before the very first kiss?

57. How long have you been dating before the engagement?

58. What is the worst thing that happened on your wedding day?

59. What do you find strange in your spouse?

60. In what ways do you find your partner unique?

61. What are some of the worst words he or she has ever said to you?

62. Who I the worst spender?

63. Who is a shopping addict?

64. What is their most annoying habit?

65. Who is passively aggressive?

66. Who is more pessimist?

67. Who is more optimistic?

68. Who is more realist?

69. In what ways does he or she waste money?

70. What are you most proud of about each other?

71. What makes your partner mad easily?

72. What are your favorite colors?

73. What did you think of each other after the first date?

74. What did you think of each other after the first kiss?

75. Where did you go for your first date?

76. How did your family react to the wedding news?

77. How did your families react when they first met your spouse?

78. Who caught the bridal bouquet?

79. What will you buy if you won a 1 million dollar lottery today?

80. Who cannot wait to have a baby?

81. Who is your spouse’s best friend?

82. Which of your spouse friends do you find most attractive?

83. What is your relationship with your mother in law?

84. What is your relationship with father in law?

85. Who is your favorite among your spouse’s family members?

86. What do you feel your spouse gets wrong every time?

87. What don’t you like but you do it anyway for the sake of your spouse?

88. What is your spouse’s favorite junk food?

89. What is his or her favorite car?

90. What is his or her favorite vacation destination?

91. What is your spouse’s aspirations in life?

92. What is your spouse’s dream neighborhood?

93. What clothing does your partner like while you can’t stand it?

94. What are your best and worst features?

96. What are your strengths?

97. What are your weaknesses?

98. In what ways do you find him or her great?

99. In what ways do you find him petty?

100. Who is the funniest?

101. Who is the freakiest between you?

102. What is your partner’s silliest fear?

103. What is their favorite candy?

104. What is their favorite snack?

105. What is their star sign?

106. What is their favorite ice cream toppings?

107. What are their favorite pizza toppings?

108. What are your dreams and aspirations in life?

109. Who among you is the most religious?

110. Who is the most honest?

111. Who is a risk-taker?

112. Who is more adventurous?

113. Who will win in a dissing contest?

114. Who will win in eating competition?

115. Who can cheat and never get caught?

116. Who sacrifices the most?

117. What secrets do you use to make your partner smile when they are mad at you?

118. Have you ever disagreed over finances?

119. How likely are you to merge your finances?

120. Do you like these newlywed questions game?

121. How would you rate (out of 10) these newlywed questions game?

122. Who is a baby when sick?

123. Who chased who?

124. Who played hard to get?

125. Who likes being on top?

126. Who keeps asking for more in bed?

127. How did your spouse describe their ex?

128. Do you have nicknames for each other?

129. Have you ever had a prank that went wrong?

130. How is your spouse when drunk?

131. Who likes trying new things in the bedroom?

132. Who owned a sex toy before engagement?

133. What is the fastest way to seduce him or her?

134. Have you ever used a lube?

135. What worries you the most about each other?

136. What is the freakiest thing you have ever done?

137. What do you feel your partner wastes too much time on?

138. Who usually starts a fight?

139. What is the sharpest thing your partner has ever said to you?

140. What is the lamest excuse your spouse has ever given?

141. Who is the first to say I am sorry?

142. Who keeps grudges?

143. Who takes longer to get over a disagreement?

144. What are your biggest regrets?

145. At what point did you feel the need to stop seeing each other?

146. How many cousins does your spouse have?

147. It always makes you smile when….?

148. It always makes you happy when…?

149. Now that you are together, you cannot wait to…?

150. How do you figure out if your spouse is in a bad mood?

151. … is what I look forward to the most with my spouse?

152. Who utters the most romantic words the most?

153. Who won the last argument?

154. Who gives in to the argument the first even when they are not on the wrong?

155. What are your spouse’s most annoying moments?

156. Who falls asleep the first every night?

157. How frequently do you still go on dates?

158. In what ways do you express your love for each other?

159. What do you wish you knew before getting into marriage? ]

160. What are you learning that you didn’t know before marriage?

There you have your complete list of newlywed game questions to ask at any time.

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