100 Deep & Thoughtful Questions About Life

100 Deep & Thoughtful Questions About Life

Questions about life to ask yourself

When last did you ask yourself questions aimed at probing important aspects of your personal life and how you relate with those around you?

It is important for every progressing human being to take some time off to ask themselves a series of questions and give honest answers.

This is called introspection in Psychology and it is important in rebuilding the lost part of you and find solutions to common problems affecting your life.

Introspection starts with the right sets of questions about life and yourself. In this article, I have covered some of the best questions about life that you can ask yourself at any time.

Questions About Life to Ask Yourself

1. Who am I?

2. What is my purpose in life?

3. Am I on the path to fulfill my purpose in life?

4. Am I useful to this world?

5. In what ways am I making the world a better place?

6. Am I happy?

7. From where do I derive my happiness?

8. What is my source of happiness?

9. Am I grateful?

10. In what ways am I giving back to the community I live in?

11. In what ways am I giving back to nature?

12. Do I like my current job?

13. Where would I be 6 months from now?

14. Where will I be a year from now?

15. What are my long-term goals?

16. Do I feel good right now?

17. Am I comfortable in my skin?

18. Am I in good shape?

19. Do I love how I look?

20. Do I like who I am?

21. Do I watch what I eat?

22. How often do I exercise?

23. How often do I learn new things?

24. When last did I read a book?

25. Do I spend enough time and resources to acquire knowledge?

26. Am I content with what I have?

27. What do I REALLY need?

28. Who are the most important people in my life?

29. How much do I appreciate what life has given me?

30. How often do I appreciate the people around me?

31. When last did I let someone know how much I love them?

32. How often do I meditate?

33. When last did I pray?

34. When last did I rest and not think about work?

35. How balanced is my work-life?

36. In what ways am I helping in climate change initiatives?

37. When last did I do a kind thing to someone who deserved it?

38. How will my life be, stripped of all monetary and material possession I have?

39. How often do I contribute to genuine charitable actions, from my heart?

40. What am I doing to make the world a better place?

41. What am I doing to reduce inequality in our societies today?

42. Am I fair to all the people around me?

43. Do I treat everyone equally irrespective of their backgrounds?

44. What are the top 3 questions I should ask myself?

45. What are my goals in life?

46. How am I working to make the goals come to reality?

47. What are my dreams in life?

48. Am I myself?

49. Am I the person I wanted to be growing up?

50. What can I do today to be a better person?

51. How do I deal with stress?

52. What is my number one priority right now?

53. How can I achieve my priorities faster?

54. In what ways am I doing a disservice to myself?

55. How good am I at managing myself?

56. Do I manage my time well?

57. What can I do to better manage my time?

58. What are my values?

59. Who are my friends?

60. Am I proud of my friends’ character?

61. Will my friends have my back no matter what?

62. Does my life have meaning?

63. What will I be remembered for if I die right now?

64. What do I want to be remembered for in life?

65. How am I working to achieve that?

66. What have I wanted to change about myself for a while but haven’t?

67. What are some of my common mental flaws?

68. Am I growing in life?

69. In what ways do I perform poorly in life?

70. How can I improve on it?

71. What bitter truths am I avoiding?

72. Does fate affect a part of my daily life?

73. Are human lives predetermined?

74. Why do I dream sometimes?

75. Do my dreams have meaning that needs interpretation?

76. Is my life affected by an external higher power?

77. How do I blend in and be at peace with the environment I live in?

78. How do I grow spiritually?

79. Can I live a life not attached to the material possessions of the world?

80. How often do I listen to my instincts?

81. What is my greatest failure in life?

82. What lessons did I learn from it?

83. In what ways am I successful in life?

84. What can I learn from it?

85. Do I sometimes compare myself to others around me?

86. Do I sometimes see myself better than others?

87. How good am I at controlling my ego?

88. How well do I manage my emotions?

89. What are the 3 most valuable things in my life so far?

90. What are the 3 most important things that identify me right now?

91. In what ways do I get the inspiration to work on what I am doing in life?

92. Can I live a better life than I do right now?

93. What are my best 10 questions about life from this list?

94. Do I really matter?

95. Do people see me for what I am?

96. What do I need to learn in the next 1 year?

97. What book changed my life for better?

98. What are your views on money and life?

99. How often do you go for a nature walk in the wild?

100. Are you living a life you are proud of?

There you have a complete list of questions about life to ask yourself.

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