Dog lovers in the room?

Here are the best hand-picked hilarious dog puns and jokes for you.

They include crazy dog puns, classic jokes about dogs, dog names, and breed puns and are ideal for family and friends and Instagram captions.

Let’s get started with hot paws-itive puns and jokes.

Best Dog Puns and Jokes

1. The day has been ruff for my puppy.

2. The shepherd guards us like a paw-lease.

3. Please, be paw-lite around dogs.

4. See you at the bark of the conference room.

5. You are the ulti-mutt dog person I have ever seen.

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6. I am heading to the re-tail store to buy a few groceries.

7. Dalmatians hide for fear of getting spotted.

8. How many blood-hound did Count Dracula own?

9. I’d prefer it rains cats and dogs than reindeer.

10. Poodles love their woofles for breakfast.

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11. What out for the Pup-arazi.

12. The best dog to have in the city is the New Yorkie.

13. Tail me, I want to hear more about it.

14. These dogs get paid every month through direct de-paw-sits and not bank checks.

15. I had to see the dogtor. I thought I was sick.

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Instagram Dog Puns Captions

16. Who loves a pug-life?


17. I will collie you later.

18. Remember to remain paws-itive about life.

19. The wise ones said:

“Don’t bite the hound that feeds you.”

20. What are you paws-ionate about?

Go after it.

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21. You seem so fur-miliar. Have I seen you before?

22 I am never fat. Just a little husky and that’s all.

23. Why are my canines getting loose every time?

Any dentist in the room?

24. Poodles for lunch, you are welcome.

25. My morning labracadabrador magic and tricks seem to be working.

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26. Hot summer days are popsicles day.

27. A big birthday paw-ty around the corner.

28. Dogs, shopping, and flea markets.

29. Woofles for dinner. What’s for breakfast?

30. Eat healthily and stay paw-sitive.

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Funny Dog Jokes

31. What happens to dogs that have puppies on the road?

They get arrested for littering.

32. What is the French Bulldog’s favorite Christmas carol?

Fleas Navidad.

33. Why do trees love dogs that much?

Because dogs keep saying, “Bark! Bark! Bark!” and the wood echo them.

34. What happens when your dog eats your homework?

You take the words out of their mouth.

35. Why was the Chihuahua party so loud over the weekend?

It is because they turned on the sub-woofers.

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36. Do dogs go to the bank?

Yes, they go to banks to make their de-paws-its.

37. Why did the puppies go to the club?

They went to paw-ty.

38. What is your dog’s favorite treat?


39. Is it paw-sible to own three dogs without a license in New York?

Of cos it is.

40. Are you enjoying these funny dogs puns?

Thanks fur reading.

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Classic Dog Puns

41. Stop paw-ndering about the meaning of life. Live one step at a time.

42. Havanese breed of dogs are tiny and fur-ocious.

43. I lost my corgi-s again.

44. What does the French phrase, “Bone Appetit” mean?

45. why don’t we move to the bark side?

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46. He has been barking up the wrong tree.

47. I am all about the pug life.

48. The day has been ruff.

49. Is Doug Morrison the name of the mayor of the city?

50. He’s having a ball!

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Dog Breed Puns

51. Don’t play around with the dog. He is Dane-gerous.

52. This puppy is Husky and not fat.

53. My Papillon is acting a little strange today.

54. You cannot Hound me forever.

55. Are you the Pom-eranian?

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56. If you are to survive in this city, you need to develop a Pinscher penny personality.

57. My favorite drink is Earl Greyhound tea.

58. This room seems to have pet-Pugs. I see them everywhere.

59. I already submitted my samples for a Lab test.

60. Leave the baby-alone!

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