An apple pun a day keeps the boredom away! And, if boredom is the matter or you are just looking for some good apple puns for Instagram for your social media posts, welcome to our list of the coolest and funniest apple puns.

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Funny Apple Puns

1. We had an apple time inspecting the merchandise.

2. We apple-aud your success in the games.

3. Why don’t you apple-y for the managerial position?

4. Grit is a peel-er of success.

5. You have to submit your apple-cation today.

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6. The couple lived apple-ly happy ever after.

7. I would have picked better shoes at the shore store.

8. I am liaising with an in-cider for intelligence information.

9. We might be apples and oranges but we still make a great pear together.

10. I am outstanding in my field of work.

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11. I work with the Business In cider magazine.

12. I am juiced around the corner, in case you need help.

13. You have an a-peel-ing personality.

14. I won’t compromise my core values for money.

15. I will branch out to apple farming next season.

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Apple Puns Valentines Day

16. I am falling for you.

17. I will be-cider you any time you need me.

18. If all my besties were apples, I will still pick you.

19. It is just the tree of us in here, me, you, and our love.

20. Will you kiss me orchard I you?

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21. I walked the aisle along cider.

22. You smell fruity my love. What is the secret?

23. You are so sweet and lovely as always.

24. Wow! What flawless skin you have.

25. You are a peeler to my life – my strength and motivation.

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26. I feel good in cider arms.

27. Are you red-y for me my love?

28. She has fallen for me.

29. Let’s start hanging out together this weekend.

30. I would prefer to be be-cider you.

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Cute Apple Puns for Captions

31. I am one bad apple.

32. Please, accept my apple-ogy, I am sorry.

33. You are the apple of my pie.

34. I need to swallow my peels at one o’clock.

35. I felt good in-cider house.

36. I will go to the ch-apple for my evening prayers.

37. Would you prefer m-apple juice?

38. The co-apple looked happy and in love.

39. Motivation is a peeler for success.

40. My a-peel is for you to remain calm and wait for the outcome.

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41. Always look at the bright cider of life.

42. I apple-ogize for his shortcomings.

43. Apple-rently, these apple puns are more fun than we expected.

44. Just know that I love you to the core.

45. She is the apple of his mother’s eye.

Apple Jokes

46. What did the HR manager say to him?

Just submit your apple-cation first and we will evaluate your suitability for this job.

47. Why is it called an iPhone charger and not an apple juicer?

48. Why was the manager at the apple juice factory arrested?

He was leaking in-cider information to the competition.

49. What did he say before traveling abroad in search of better opportunities?

I am the de-cider of my fate.

50. Her parents: Promise to stay be-cider through thick and thin and you will have our blessing.

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51. I dropped my iPhone into the blender the other day. Now, I have lots of apple juice.

52. What did the man say to his girlfriend on the subway?

I don’t peel you anymore.

53. What kind of apple does everyman have?

Adam’s Apple.

54. What did the fiance say to the fiancee at the engagement party?

You are the apple of my eye and for that, I will love you forever.

55. Did you say spiderman or cider man?

56. Is this the one bad apple we keep hearing about?

57. I don’t mix my juice. I do Simply Apple all the time.

58. She felt offended. Her friends were all laughing and never told her what it was all about. It was an in-cider joke.

59. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. What about doctors?

Does the rule apply to them too?

60. She is such an a-peel-ing person. She prepares my breakfast every morning before I wake up.

Apple jokes and puns.