Love tacos? You will love these curated spec-taco-lar taco puns.

We have picked the best and most interesting entries for you to enjoy and have fun with.

Apart from funny taco puns, we have also included taco one-liners and a few taco jokes.

Looking for some amazing taco captions for your taco-loving Instagram followers?

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Taco Puns List

1. Let’s taco about puns.

2. The new apartment looks spec-taco-lar.

3. Taco dirty to me baby.

4. What a barrito-ful lady!

5. Where is my cat’s pur-ritos?

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6. I am nacho friend. You disrespected me.

7. In queso I don’t come back in 30 minutes, close the door.

8. You can taco chance on her. You will never know if she likes you back until you try.

9. It was a hostile taco-ver and the founders lost.

10. Taco your time, there is no hurry in Africa.

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Funny Taco Jokes

11. What did the girl at the pub say to him?

Taco a chance on me. I bet you won’t regret it.

12. What did the manager say?

Don’t burrito around the bush, go straight to the point. What are you saying?

13. Wiater, will my taco be long?

No, it will be round.

14. How did he open a new taco shop?

He had the extra dough.

15. Why was her manager angry?

She spilled all the beans in front of customers.

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16. What did the sick boy say?

I don’t like chili mornings.

17. How do you like a nacho man?

Not at all.

18. Why did she stop making tacos?

She ran out of thyme.

19. How good are these tacos?

Just have a bite. The taste will guac your world.

20. What did the guardian say?

Burrito back! It’s not yours.

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Taco One-Liners

21. Don’t taco about me.

22. Burrito on me baby.

23. Burrito in the forest far away from here.

24. It has bean long since I tasted a taco.

25. You spill all the beans.

26. Nacho men? No!

27. Taco your time sir.

28. You are nachoyourself today, what’s the matter?

29. Just taco a hike in the mountains.

30. Is she Burrit’or German?

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Taco Puns Captions for Instagram

31. Rocking these burrito-ful bikinis.

32. This is nacho your typical girl.

33. Let’s taco about these new outfits. Swipe left for more info.

34. In queso you like it, double-tap.

35. Eat well, taco a walk, think positive = a burrito-ful life.

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36. Missing somejuan special.

37. Guac some magic in his eyes.

38. Chili mornings be like…

39. Grab a taco. I will be spilling beans shortly.

40. Lettuce talk about chipotle, avocados, and Mexico.