155 Interesting Christmas Puns and Captions to Sleigh With

Christmas puns
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The best Christmas puns to crack your ribs with laughter? Well,

We have come up with the best puns, jokes, and one-liners about Christmas that are not only fun but also educative.

They are short and clean and are ideal for a family setting with children in the play.

You can also enjoy these Christmas puns alone, use them as your social media captions, or by sending them to someone as your “merry Christmas” message in a way to share the joy and spirit of the Christmas Season.

Funny Christmas Puns

1. It is time to spruce things up.

2. Ice-y what you are doing right now.

3. Oh deer, you look beautiful in that Christmas dress!

4. Yule be home for Christmas, right?

5. I will sleigh in a new designer dress this Christmas.

6. A Christmas with rein deer?

I can’t even imagine such a Christmas.

7. You can sing the carols your s-elf.

8. Can we take a s-elfie?

9. He ran for his deer life.

10. Christmas puns is a good I-deer for family games during the festive season.

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11. His ice were on her the whole time.

12. It is Christmas, don’t be s-elfish!

13. For her, it was love at frost sight.

14. I have no I-deer where we will celebrate this Christmas.

15. This Christmas, myrrh best holiday ever.

16. Merry Christmas and happy owlidays.

17. We will have a jingle ball later in the evening.

18. Why the resting Grich face my dear?

19. Santa’s alphabet has no-el.

20. If we have to organize a party this Christmas, your presents is required.

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21. You see that picture on the wall?

That is myrrh.

22. If you miss the Christmas eve we have organized, yule be sorry.

23. Owl I want for Christmas is ewe.

24. You surely are heven-santa!

25. How rude-olph you to talk to me like that?

26. How about icey Christmas puns for this year’s family games?

27. We love Christmas festivities deer-ly.

28. We remember to help the less fortunate in our community during Christmas. We never fir-get.

29. Lighten up your mood, merry Christmas!

30. One, two, tree, it is a Christmas tree!

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31. Christmas season is the best time to build a better Chemis-tree with your kin.

32. We can go ho ho home right away after the Christmas mass.

33. I feel holi-dazed from all these parties I have attended.

34. She was the star of the Christmas contest we held last year!

35. With all this Claustrophobia in the city, I don’t think there will be  Christmas parties anymore.

36. Hello deer, merry Christmas.

37. I had no I-deer your birthday coincides with Christmas!

38. There snow way we will celebrate Christmas with one Christmas tree.

39. We want to go where snowman has ever gone before.

40. Should I merry for love or status?

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41. Yule buy Christmas gifts for children.

42. There’snow way we will light one candle for Christmas eve.

43. Did you all use hand santai-ser?

44. What plea-santa memories you have of Christmas!

45. Heading to church? You look fanta-stick in that dress.

46. I will be ho ho home for Christmas.

47. Merry Christmuts and a happy new year to you!

48. Yappy holidays to you and your family!

49. On the count of tree, we will start the carols.

50. Birch please, gimme a break. It’s Christmas!

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51. I still remember my fir-st christmas tree.

52. What does a snowman eat for breakfast?


53. What do young elves learn in school?


54. When a stammerer was asked where he was on Christmas eve, he replied,

“Ho ho home!”

55. All the jingle ladies, put your hands up!

56. How about we play truth or deer on a Christmas night?

57. What do we call Santa’s dogs?

Santa paws.

58. There’snow better place to enjoy Christmas than home.

59. Like Father Christmas, like son!

60. We can go to church on a Christmas night to jingle and mingle.

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61. I have my ice on Christmas puns for our Christmas eve family games.

62. What did the sheep say to its owner on Christmas?

Fleece Navidad!

63. How about we spruce up the living room in preparation for Christmas?

64. Did the tree magi come from the East or the West?

65. The Christmas gift you bought her is ornamental!

66. Should we buy presents for the family?

67. We soon will be Saint Nickel-less we if we are to go for another Christmas shopping spree.

68. How bout a coke coala for a Christmas drink?

69. Father Christmas, Elfs, Grinch are all myrrh-thical creatures.

70. The lights look tree-mendious!

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71. What do we call Santa’s helper?

Subordinate Clauss.

72. Household items become more expensive with Christmastide.

73. A-merry-can Christmas feels different.

74. Yule are never alone during Christmas time with all the family, love, and people around us.

75. I santa a few gifts but she never said, “thank you.”

76. In life, if one door Clauses, another opens.

77. She was caught elves-dropping.

78. All elves are believed to be from Elf-rica.

79. Receiving no gift during Christmas is no big deer-l!

Millions don’t receive anything across the world.

80. She wrap-ed all the presents before sending them.

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81. This case is Clause-d.

82. I set my ice on North Pole for this year’s Christmas vacation.

83. We all need cool friends like Jack Frost!

84. The Christmas spirit soots you.

85. Fir sure, there is no better season like the Christmas season.

86. Is that reindeer battering our roof?

87. I will never mind chilling around a cool friend like Jack Frost.

88. Don’t be Rudolph this holiday season or you will miss Santa’s gifts.

89. My ice are on yule.

90. These Christmas puns are adoorabell.

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91. I deer you to say that word again!

92. Make it rein.

93. Sleigh my name baby, sleigh my name.

94. My cat received a gift from Santa Claws! I never knew he existed.

95. The color red soots you Santa!

96. What do we call a ghost reindeer?

A cari-boo.

97. Wait, is that myrrh on that mirror?

98. What do we call a Christmas snow party?

A snowball.

99. Why do kids love Frosty, the Snowman?

He is a cool man.

100. What do you do when your car breaks down during Christmas?

Call a mistletoe.

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