Good music speaks to the soul and so do best music puns and jokes.

Have a passion for music or perhaps you love to listen to music?

Here is a list of funny music puns, jokes, and one-liners for you to binge and have fun by yourself, with friends and family.

They include hip hop puns, rap jokes, opera music one-liners, funny pun intended musicians’ names that will get you laughing all through.

And if you are looking for crazy knock knock jokes about music, musicians, and musical instruments, or cool music captions for your social profile, this article is all you need.

Music Puns

1. Is Feyonce her name before she got married to Jay Z?

2. Make sure to keep it under the rap.

3. Is Chai-kovsky still alive?

4. He sounds like a moosician to me.

5. They band the rules to favor themselves.

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6. That is a band new music.

7. This is a simple opera-tus for detecting gold.

8. He is a chip off the old rock.

9. It sounds like a bap rap!

10. Am I in treble for trespassing?

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11. Do Kangaroos dance to hip hop all the time?

12. What type of mewsic do cats listen to?

13. Make sure to make this tune s-harp.

14. Music in clubs is all about sax and violins.

15. They robbed the downtown music store just for the lute.

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Puns About Musician Names

16. To understand the evolution of music genres, you need to go Bach in time.

17. Her name was Feyonce when she was dating Jay Z.

18. What is Michael Jackson doing right now?

De-composing the music he created throughout his life.

19. Was the behavior portrayed by everyone in the room?

No, Just in Bieber. The rest of the musicians stayed calm.

20. What is Bruno Mass?


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Musical Instruments Puns

21. Pear no! We all want bananas.

22. He is known to flute his wealth around.

23. White is a cymbal of peace.

24. Are we in treble?

25. What type of phone plays the best music ever?

The saxophone.

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Music Jokes

26. She left me for my obsession with Linkin Park Music. But anyway, in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

27. Him: I will kill you! Me: Is that a fret?

28. What music do they play in golf clubs?


29. What is the only music-producing insect?

The humbug.

30. What do whirlwinds dance to?


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31. Why are kids not allowed to watch music in the club?

Because of the sax and violins.

32. What is Beethoven’s favorite fruit?


33. Which musician loved tea?


34. Where do music teachers put their keys?

On the Piano.

35. What music can you play with balloons?

The pop music.

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36. Which music costs 45 cents on iTunes?

50 Cent ft Nickel Back.

37. Which laptop brand is likely to win a Grammy award?

A Dell.

38. What is a cat’s favorite subject in school?


39. What do we call clean music?

Soap opera.

40. Do you prefer live music?

Yes of cos. Who would dead music?

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Music One-Liners

41. Koffee Olomide likes his coffee hot!

42. Chai-kovsky liked drinking tea.

43. Ducks listen to Guac and Roll.

44. Cats love mewsic.

45. Rabbits like hip hop.

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46. To make a bandstand, take away the seats.

47. I will go Back in time to better understand classical music.

48. Do planets dance to the Nep-tune?

49. Programmers had a hard time at the concert for they never understood the algo-rhythm.

50. Sailors listen to music in high Cs.

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Knock Knock Jokes About Music

51. Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Lady who?

Lady Gaga you soul snatcher!

52. Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Justin who?

Why not let me just in first?

53. Knock knock.

Who’s there?

An old lady.

An old lady who?

Wow! I never knew you can yodel like that.

54. Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Ahmed who?

Ahmedeus Mozart!

55. Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Why who?


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Opera, Rap and Hip Hop Music Puns

56. What is the name of an opera sung in the showers?

A soap opera.

57. My sailing buddies refused to play hip hop onboard. All they listen to is rock and row.

58. I love classical music and I can write you a Liszt if you like.

59. They kept the good news under raps.

60. He got the cheese and hoped into an early morning train for the concert.

Music jokes and puns.