150 Interesting Bird Puns and Instagram Captions

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Bird puns can be silly but very much fun both for kids and adults. And if you are looking for the best bird puns to make your day, you are in the right place.

This article features only the best bird puns for you to enjoy and have all the fun with friends and family at any time.

In it are funny bird puns, puns about bird names, parrot jokes, one-liners and captions for your Instagram and other social media channels.

Looking forward to crazy fun puns to binge in your free time? Or with friends and family as a diversification from the normal QnA games?

Well, let’s get started.

Exotic Bird Puns

1. The owls had a birthday party the other night and it all sounded like a hoot.

2. Why do seagulls fly close to the shores?

So that they can spot a potential sea guy at the beach.

3. How do exotic birds stay fit?

They exercise regularly.

4. We published a book about exotic bird puns.

They flew off the shelf in a matter of hours.

5. What do owls say when they are surprised?

Owl-y sh#t!

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6. What do we call a bird that wins all spelling bees?

Mr. Know it Owl.

7. My son wanted to have an eagle pet. He never knew it was ill-eagle in this country.

8. Why are parrots not allowed in planes in the Middle East?

They sometimes use fowl language.

9. Me: I am going to the aviary in hope of adopting an exotic bird.

Him: Good lark!

10. The large bird was secluded from the rest of the flock because of its size. It was ostrich-sized.

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11. Most New Zealanders like queueing for everything. Can it be because of their Kiwi heritage?

12. What did the spectators remain quiet at the end of the play?

They were not emu-sed at all.

13. What do we call ancient birds?

Knight owls.

14. Which branch of math are owls good at?

The Owl-gebra.

15. How many cans of seeds do you need to feed 10 birds?


Funny Bird Puns

16. I guess there is some fowl play in the mix.

17. They traveled to turkey for their Thanksgiving vacation.

18. They were scared of the harming-bird but I assured them it was safe.

19. The kids saw owl the birds that are available at the aviary.

20. Geese what? I am a millionaire now.

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21. I get goosebumps every time I come face to face with an ostrich.

22. She couldn’t stay with someone with an eagle as big as his. He was becoming toxic by day.

23. The toucan start a family when they are ready.

24. Does the Bible say Jesus was crucified on the crows?

25. They were raven about their influence on Tik Tok. It was a lie!

26. Hummingbirds hum because they don’t know the words.

27. Seagulls fly over the sea and not bay. They don’t want to be mistaken for baygulls.

28. Did the movie, Lord of Wings win any awards?

29. Which birds run the daily affairs of the church?


30. What language do geese speak?


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Puns About Bird Names

31. How did Wren Buffet get his billions?

32. Can a mature Drake fly?

33. What was the name of the movie again? Breaking bird?

34. Which movie had Duck Vader as its hero?

35. Was Robin Hood from Wales or England?

36. Does Larry Bird still play basketball?

37. Her new boyfriend is David Crane, the actor.

38. Who was William Kite?

39. Is a Jay-Z in the same class as hummingbirds?

40. What is the name of the famous movies actor? Do you mean Steven Seagull?

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Parrot Puns and Captions

41. A-parrot-ly, we will not go to the cinema this weekend.

42. How did the parrot respond when he was told a penguin is a bird?

That is not bad.

43. Are we going to watch a parrot-y or normal play?

Bird Jokes

44. Why was the hummingbird expelled from the colony?

He was tweeting all the time.

45. Why didn’t the hawk appreciate the bird puns?

They sounded like bad jokes to him.

46. What do we call a bird that mocks others all the time?

A Mockingbird.

47. Which bird do all the fish in the ocean, lakes, and rivers obey?

The Kingfisher.

48. Which bird loads and offloads heavy load?

A Crane.

49. Which bird is believed to be superstitious and religious?

The owl because they have the owl-y spirit in them.

50. Which bird can you eat like fruit at any time?

The Kiwi.

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51. How many cans of beer can get a bird drunk?

Two cans.

52. What soap do birds shower with to stay clean and beautiful?


53. What did the falcon say when asked where the other birds were?

I ate owl of them.

54. Where do you advise birds to invest their extra cash?

In the stork market?

55. What did the minister say to the two birds?

The toucan now kiss.

56. Where do we find royal birds?

Duckigham palace.

57. What name is given to birds living in places of worship?

Birds of prey.

Bluebird Puns

58. What did the bluebird say to her boyfriend?

I have been thinking about you the owl time.

59. Make sure to buy your Bluebird pet bird when they’re cheep.

60. What name do we give to an always sad bird?

A Bluebird.

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61. Why are bluebirds called that way?

Because they are sad most of the time.

Pigeon Puns

62. She went to the market to get soap but was disappointed that the shop owners no longer stock dove.

63. Why did the Pigeon cross the road?

To prove that he is not a chicken.

64. When is the best time to buy a pigeon?

When they selling cheep.

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