Children and adults love animals in one way or the other be it the ones in the wild or pet animals.

There is that part of us that gets invoked every time we come across a rare or cute animal.

And as such, we have come up with a list of the cutest and the best animal puns, one-liners and animal jokes for you to binge with friends and family at any time.

They are categorized into animal puns, animal jokes, and animal one-liners and are well-curated and fun. Check them out.

Animal Puns and Animal Jokes

1. Bear with me, it won’t take long.

2. Will you bee mine?

3. Bee-hind every successful man is a hard-working woman.

4. I feel bird every time you fly back to your country.

5. In case you get bitten, rabbit on the swollen part, and it will be okay.

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6. He was chickened out by the appearance of competitors.

7. In case you are scared and feeling dizzy, lion grass for a while and it will go away.

8. The pony tried to neigh but the voice is still a little hoarse.

9. In New Yolk, many people don’t eat the egg’s white for health reasons.

10. The story in the newspaper tails it all.

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11. They all duck-ed when a ball was thrown at them inside the pool.

12. The guy had a beak head you cannot fail to notice.

13. The new employees were salmon-ed to the HR office for lateness.

14. We have to take good care of our planet or we risk hu-manatee becoming extinct.

15. Oh my deer, where have you been all this time?

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16. I can hurt you very badly with my bear hands.

17. I goat a distinction in the last exam despite not reading that much.

18. It is bird that penguins can’t fly.

19. Hippo-red some water on the floor and no one was happy about it.

20. They used a fal-corn scarecrow to keep birds away from the cornfield.

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Animal Jokes

21. What will bears be without bees?


22. What is the rarest color for cats?


23. What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for school?


24. What did the female bee say to her fiance?

I bee-long to you.

25. Which animal is good at doing investigations?

A spy-der.

26. What happens to spiders if we shut down the internet?

They will build their web.

27. What breed of dogs are good at timekeeping?


28. Which animals should never be trusted?

A cheetah.

29. Which animal can never hide?

A leopard. It will get spotted easily.

30. Where do fish go for their holidays?


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31. Why did the big cow cross the road?

She wanted to get to the udder side.

32. What name do we give to a pet in a car?

A Carpet.

33. What do we call a deer with a missing eye?

No eye deer.

34. Who do we call when a cat gets sick?

A purramedic.

35. What do we get when we milk a cow during an earthquake?


36. Where do monkeys go for refreshments?

Monkey bars.

37. What did the ship say?

Wool ewe be back?

38. A cat’s speed is normally equated to which sports car?


39. Which day do chickens fear the most?

Fry days.

40. What do cats say to animal puns?

Let it purrs.

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41. Which fish never shares?


42. Why don’t other animals trust fish?

Everything about them is fishy.

43. These animals puns may sound hawk-ard.

44. What did the wise fish tell the shoal?

Whale whale whale, look at what is ahead of us.

45. What did the dolphin say to the other?

Don’t be seal-y.

46. What did the kite say to the hawk?

This is owl mine.

47. Is the panda-mic over yet?

48. Do you have a porpoise in this life?

49. What do cows use to water their grass?

A horse pipe.

50. Why didn’t the cat’s girlfriend communicate with him?

She was meowting him.

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Animal One-Liners

51. Do we seal these letters?

52. Their ex-panda-ture was manageable.

53. I will go to seashells for a vacation.

54. He boar holes on the walls to hide their notes.

55. We sheep merchandise in all sizable to destinations across the world.

56. I was s-turtle-d by how swift they moved.

57. The new chick in the block is as beautiful.

58. The kids would snake out of their parent’s house to go for a concert.

59. They took the cab off to the zoo. It was the cheapest of the transportation options.

60. To remain worm, stay inside.