100 Funny Puns for Kids that Will Get them Giggling

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Children are curious little angels and this curiosity has some fun-seeking elements in it.

As a parent, guardian, or someone who is always in contact with them, there is a need for you to bring in fresh and exciting fun activities every time.

And this process in itself can be a daunting task for someone who is busy with normal day-to-day life engagements.

That is why we have come up with some fresh clean puns for kids and a few silly jokes to make them giggle and have moments of their lives.

Funny Puns for Kids

1. I framed the picture and it ended up in jail!

2. What do we say to the person who invented the number zero?

Thanks for nothing.

3. I was wondering why the coming object was growing bigger and I found myself in the hospital later. I was hit!

4. I kept wondering if a carnation is a country where people loved cars.

5. Do we have people with long hair and beards in Barberdos?

6. Him: I need someone who can feed my horses while I am gone.

Her: Hey, I know someone.

7. Why do Aussies have a culture of queueing for everything?

Perhaps because their national animal is a kiwi.

8. My neighbor borrowed my only lamp and I couldn’t be de-lighted.

9. Why did Adele sail to Arabia?

To say hello to the other side.

10. Why should a concert organized by 50 cent ft nickel cost a dollar?

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11. The Oxford dictionary defines a Fanta sea as an ocean filled with oranges.

12. Why can’t February March?

Is it because April May?

13. Are the stairs winding up or down?

I am a little confused.

14. Your classmate with a heart of a lion risks being taken to the zoo.

15. I have been feeding on colored food for a while and I starting to feel like I dyed inside.

16. They say deciding to become a vegetarian is one big missed steak!

17. Did the Romans use Ceasars to cut their hair short?

18. I said funny wind puns for kids to a school gathering and they were all blown away.

19. In the Dark ages, there were more knights than templars.

20. Why do long fairy tales have to dragon?

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21. Waking up in the morning is an eye-opening experience.

22. You cannot imagine what the ice see throughout the years.

23. It would be an uplifting experience to have the power to fly like a bird.

24. The United Kingdom has a blood bank smaller than its Liverpool.

25. Are microwaves tiny ripples we get on tiny beaches?

26. Why would they invite me to an 8 o’clock funeral when they know that I am not a mourning person?

27. All these boats are for sail.

28. My mom misses me and I am glad her aim has improved quite a lot in the past few months.

29. Do seals have aunts? Yes, what do you think of Aunt Arctica?

30. How do you make an egg-roll?

Gently push it down the slope and it will roll.

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Silly Jokes for Kids

31. I think investigators are alligators wearing vests.

32. I got injured in the library and I blame my shelf.

33. How do you know when the moon is satisfied?

When it is a full moon.

34. I have friends working at Google and Alphabet and I know why.

35. Take it back! That is nacho your cheese.

36. It dawned on me when I work up and couldn’t remember the direction from which the sun rises.

37. Picking apples ain’t hard as they say. You learn by picking them as you go.

38. I love fry days because we do go out for meals.

39. If you need help building the next ark, I noah guy. Let me know and I will hook you up.

40. Is Sue the name of the lawyer neighbor’s daughter?

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41. It is a fact that taller people sleep longer.

42. Why did the celebrity join the police?

He wanted to go under the cover for a while.

43. A cat was seen chasing her tail.

Perhaps she wanted to make both ends meet.

44. I felt the chill rushing down my spine from my head tomato.

45. How good are watchdogs at keeping time?

46. What do we call a military officer who has given up fighting?

Sir Render.

47. Is a dandelion the king of all plants?

48. Where do we place somersaults in the periodic table?

49. Close your eyes and lettuce pray.

50. How do trees check their social media accounts?

They just log in.

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51. If someone goes into a bathroom to pee and takes 10 minutes. Is it still a short call?

52. Is that where people do their short calls?

I have someone calling and it is noisy everywhere.

53. The florist was counting just daisy before she could receive her first salary.

54. What do you get when you crossbreed a bull and a chihuahua?

A bulldog.

55. The investigative journalist was getting the scoop at the ice cream shop the cops showed up.

56. I learn to never lie to x-rays doctors. Whatever you say, they can still see through you.

57. Is the South Pole some sort of a police unit with jurisdiction in the South?

Just like Interpol?

58. Why are spiders believed to own the internet?

It must because of the web.

59. I am researching equipment that can read minds and I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

60. Are volcanic mountains beautiful and more lava-ble than their fold mountains?


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61. Why can’t leopards hide safely?

They always will get spotted.

62. Why don’t park rangers trust cat-like wild animals?

Because they might be cheetahs.

63. What does the pizza say after introducing itself?

Slice to meet you.

64. What music do planets listen to?


65. What questions do bakeries ask before giving customers discounts?

Do you oven buy from us?

66. Why do chimpanzees have big nostrils?

Because they have big fingers.

67. Is a bull-dozer a bull that is still sleeping?

68. How do you fix a raptured tomato?

By applying a tomato sauce.

69. How do we plant kisses?

Using your two lips.

70. What do you get when you go on poking frost?

Frost bites.

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71. What did the class teacher say to the pupils?

Stop kidding me.

72. What did the moon say to the planet when they quarreled?

I am not your son.

Clean One-Liners for Kids

73. The city is just 10 miles above the see level.

74. Kale-fornia has the best organic vegetables in the whole of the United States.

75. Good writers come from Pencil-vania.

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