90 Best Bread Puns and Jokes to Make You Laugh

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Bakers and bread lovers, here comes the best bread puns and punchlines for you to enjoy in your free time and have fun.

The entries are short, well crafted, and curated to maximize the fun for you and your friends and family.

They include funny bread puns, one-liners, and short jokes you can use as Instagram captions at any time.

Wanna see some crazy bread puns? Let’s dive in.

Daily Bread Puns

1. I like naan of those bread crumbs.

2. Naan is around to bake with you over the weekends.

3. Let’s keep the grain-d. Very soon, we will own all the bakeries in town.

4. The cops are looking for a cereal killer believed to be hiding in the granary.

5. She broke down and _ryed upon hearing the news.

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6. He is the apple of my rye.

7. Do you think this is funny? Stop loafing!

8. Crust me, I got this my love.

9. You deserve butter, girl.

10. Who knew bread puns can be this crumby?

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11. Take this offer or get muffin.

12. Don’t get rye-led up already, the best is yet to come.

13. The bread couple was leaven in luxury and glam.

14. We all have butter ideas that never work in the real world.

15. I would like to challah in the evening when she is done with her job.

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Bread Related Puns

16. Chihuahua is an excellent bread of pet dogs.

17. I donut want to get into a bread puns battle with you.

18. The wrapper looked very old. We never expected him to rock the crowd like that.

19. These bread jokes are not bun intended.

20. I am opting for a high bread. It is cheaper and environmentally friendly.

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21. Is your favorite song Versace on the flour?

22. Rock n roll.

23. Grain surgery is the only known procedure to cure yeast infection. Confirm this with your doctor.

24. Have you read 50 shades of Grains?

25. Why are most bakers not married?

They are self-loaving.

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Funny Bread Jokes

26. Why did the loaf of bread break up with his boyfriend?

Their relationship was crumbling.

27. Why was the bread upset?

His plans were going a rye.

28. Why did the dough report sexual harassment?

Because everyone kept on commenting on her hot buns.

29. What did the flour say when he met the bread?

I saw you yeasterday.

30. What song did they sing at the bachelorette party?

Slippery when wheat.

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31. Why are bread jokes always funny?

Because they never get mould.

32. Why was the baker grumpy?

He woke up from the wrong side of the bread.

33. What did the butter say to the bread?

I am on a roll.

34. Why do bakers get arrested?

They always get caught beating eggs.

35. What drinks do they serve with cakes?

Baking soda

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Knock Knock Bread Jokes

36. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Jesus who?

Jesus Crust! Open the door.

37. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Versace who?

Versace on the flour

38. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Self who?

Self loaf

39. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Cia who?

Ciabatta your yummy bread.

40. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Doug who?


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Bread One-Liners

41. Last but not yeast.

42. Is the paradoxical beast from the yeast China?

43. …thank you, but that is the yeast I could do to help.

44. Who baguettes to brush their teeth before going out?

45. You are toast!

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46. Was Jesus Crust born on Christmas day?

47. This feels like leaven in the world with no air.

48. Your photos are a bit grainy. Do you mind another photoshoot session?

49. Bread puns are no crumby jokes.

50. The one with the dough gets to enjoy all the goodies money can buy.

Puns About Bread

51. You deserve butter girlchild.

52. How many relationships are crumbling today?

53. Slippery when wheat?

54. S-wheat dreams to you all.

55. A new movie from Bread Pitts will be out this summer.

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56. This breadsmaid looks darzling!

57. Stop loafing around. Nothing good comes out of it.

58. Deep from my heart, I loaf you!

59. Kneady me be like…

60. Yeast or west, home is best!

Bread jokes and puns.

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