Good chicken puns are hard to come by and in this article, we have come up with the best chicken puns and jokes for you.

They are simplified, short, and are ideal for family and friends’ fun at any time.

If you are looking for some cool puns to add to your questions games, you are in the right place.

It all starts with, “Why did the chicken cross the road?

Crazy Chicken Jokes

1. What is the biggest turn-off when it comes to Joshua’s character?

He is egg-ocentric.

2. Where does the chicken get her eggs from?

The eggplant.

3. What name do we give to birds that are too afraid to fly?


4. Why do chickens lay just one egg per day?

They are egg-onomical about their eggs.

5. How do roosters show love to their chickens when they leave?

They give them a peck.

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6. Which side of the chicken has feathers?

The outside.

7. Why did the panicking chicken use the backdoor?

It was the nearest eggsit.

8. What does the chicken like to do over the weekend?

Go for peck-nics.

9. What was the chicken letter wrapped in?

In henvelope.

10. What dance do chicken love the most?


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11. Why didn’t the chicken score?

The ball hit the pole-tree.

12. What did the chicken say to the comedian?

Your taste of humor is im-peck-able.

13. Why did he look uncomfortable in the meeting?

She was peck-ing on him all the time.

14. Who painted Rhode island red?

I have no idea.

15. Why do roosters fear chicken puns?

Because it chickens them out.

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Chicken One-Liners

16. It was a classic tail of two lovebirds.

17. Dead men tell no tails.

18. She decided to pullet up and ended up tearing it.

19. That is a cock-a-doodle and not an alligator.

20. Stop fowling us. We are no fools.

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21. The bird is on the right-wing of the basement.

22. We have great eggpectations for these chicken puns.

23. A light peck is all that started the love story between us.

24. Where can I find the eggsit?

25. Her explanation clucked with my previous assumptions.

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Funny Chicken Puns

26. He is chickened out easily.

27. She is known for chickiness.

28. We thought she was his side chick!

29. Are diamonds henpicked by hands or machines?

30. The letter was hen-dwritten and not typed.

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31. We will have to eat a peck of dirt before our end for that is the way.

32. He was beaking bread by the time I left home.

33. There was a fowl out between those two lovers this afternoon.

34. The eggsistence of aliens is top secret to the US government.

35. The new yolk they were eggsperimenting on wasn’t as yellow.

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36. We all enjoyed spoken word and poultry sessions back in Alliance Francaise.

37. The chick was moody when I left the house. I never got a chance to say goodbye.

38. They are the same, like feather like son.

39. The visitor tried to beak at me in the shower.

40. He was punished as an eggxample to the rest.

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Chick Puns

41. What do chicken buy their chicks for a birthday?


42. Katy is the hottest chick around.

43. His right chick was the one that got slapped.

44. His chick-iness got him expelled from school.

45. Her: Is she his main chick? Him: I don’t know.

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Rooster Puns

46. Why don’t roosters like people? They beat eggs.

47. Why do roosters use shower gel? They have a fowl smell.

48. Why did the rooster travel to the new city? In search of a new yolk.

49. Did I hear a crock-o-doodle-doo?

50. Why did the rooster flap its wings? It was pure flattery.

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Romantic Chicken Puns

51. Such a beautiful chick you are!

52. It was a classic tail of two lovebirds.

53. Tail me your secrets and I will keep them safe.

54. He kissed her on the right chick at the receptions.

55. She gave him a peck before he left for the auditions.

Chicken jokes and puns.