130 Interesting Space Puns and Jokes to Make You Laugh

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Space is a mystery and like all mysterious places and objects, facts about them are fascinating to the young and old alike.

If you looking to unravel the mystery of space and heavenly bodies in a more fanciful way, space puns and jokes can be your best bet.

In this article, we have featured the best and funniest space puns for you to enjoy and have fun at any time.

They are short and to the point, and are ideal for children, in case of a birthday party, friends and you can enjoy them alone as a way to have fun while taking a break from day-to-day activities.

Are you looking for the best and funny space puns, one-liners, and space jokes? Let’s dive in.

Space Puns

1. Going to space rocks.

2. Did you planet? Everything is falling in its place!

3. It will comet night when everyone is asleep.

4. He took a-steroid capsule before working out the other day.

5. Was it d-asteroid in the fire?

6. The solar system we installed at the market has a glitch.

7. His sun is a crypto-currency billionaire.

8. He rocks my world every time.

9. I need some space to think about it.

10. Why are you occupying my space?

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11. Comet me and let’s see who can outpace the other.

12. You are my universe and I don’t know what to do without you.

13. Our relationship is plutonic.

14. We all are shooting for the stars.

15. The feeling of love is heavenly.

Space Jokes

16. What do comedy stars read while young?

Comet books.

17. What is the intergalactic currency of the universe?

Star bucks.

18. Why did the star move out from his older apartment?

It needed more space.

19. What do we call a tick on the moon?

A lunartick.

20. Will this go on forever?

No, it is just a phase.

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21. What did the woman tell the cops?

He is my sun and I love him.

22. Where do space travelers go for a drink?

At the space bar.

23. Why do we need to keep the earth clean?

Because it is not Uranus.

24. Why is the sun thought to be wise?

Because it has a million degrees.

25. Why do cattle farmers binge going to space?

To see the milky way.

26. Why do astrophysicists have poor focus?

They always keep spacing out.

27. Where are space tunes and music stored?

Inside Neptune.

28. How do we know the moon doesn’t need more to eat?

When it is a full moon.

29. Why did everyone want to date his sun?

He was hot.

30. What is the resulting breed between a lamb and a rocket?

A spacesheep.

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Romantic Space Puns

31. The new dress makes you look hotter than the sun.

32. You are more beautiful than venus.

33. You deserve a ring bigger than Saturn’s.

34. Are you mercury? You are always closer to sun and like it.

35. You must be the sun because I can’t help revolve around you.

36. Without you, I feel scattered and lost like asteroids.

37. You are the star of my heart.

38. You are a rocket because you rock my heart.

39. Give me a chance to be your spaceship. I am ready to carry all your payload, any time.

40. Are you a carbon sample? I want to date you.

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Space One-Liners

41. Stop star-ring trouble where there is none.

42. See you lunar.

43. You look hotter than the sun today.

44. I will have a party in space. Can you help planet?

45. I love you to the moon and back.

46. I am over the moon for you!

47. She is my universe.

48. Your beauty is out of this world.

49. The cost for space tourism is astronomical!

50. The study of the dark matters to me very much.

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51. It was not that Sirius.

52. Why should Mars be dusty when space is a vacuum?

53. I will add more space puns. I just need time planet.

54. The relationship was that Sirius.

55. They were nep-tuned to think and act the way they do now.

Puns about space.

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