Fishing around for the best fishing and fish puns? Whale, you’ve come to the right place.

We have made a list of the best fish puns and jokes that you can enjoy and have fun at any time.

The entries are simple, precise, and to the point and are ideal for use as captions for your aquatic life themed blog or social media page.

You can also enjoy the puns and one-liners with friends and family as part of your QnA games night, just as a way to add diversity to the play and have more fun.

Funny fish puns, jokes, one-liners, and crazy fish captions? Let’s get started.

Fish Puns and Fish Jokes

1. Cod knows I never cheated on you.

2. I was eel last week. Something to do with flu.

3. These plans sound fishy.

4. Cod you be the person I am looking for?

5. Is it true what I am herring about school curriculum changes?

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6. I need to scale up my studies if I have to pass these exams.

7. She had suicidal trout.

8. I am a big fin of oreos.

9. Is de-fish-iency lack of fish in a diet?

10. I am one of the bene-fish-eries.

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11. This is arti-fish-ial intelligence.

12. The net income for selling fish is increasing.

13. They were gill-ded so that nothing harms them.

14. Water an animal have you become these days?

15. That is a country of contraver-sea.

16. I don’t want to sea you.

17. Water a-boat you? What would you like to do with your life after college?

18. This is a bass-ket full of fish.

19. The company sounds oppor-tuna-stic.

20. Cod I borrow your time?

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21. What money do fishermen spare for repairs?

The net income.

22. What do you suffer from for lack of fish in the diet?


23. Which country were fish puns told in ancient times?


24. Where do fish keep their money?

At the river banks.

25. What is it called when fish have no money?


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26. What did the fish in love say to his partner?

Sea you later.

27. What do fish inject to get high?


28. What happens to the misbehaving fish?

They get salmon-ed.

29. All the fish below sea level should go back to class for another exam.

30. She refused her sushi because it looked fishy.

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31. The new minister delivered the salmon very well last Sunday.

32. What is the name of the best fish in the sea?

A starfish

33. This is o-fish-all that we are engaged.

34. Besh fishes in your new life.

35. Boat riding is so bass-ic.

36. What is his favorite food?

Fish and ships.

37. What were young fishermen asking for?


38. What advice did the old fish offer to the young fingerlings?

Keep your mouth shut and you won’t get caught.

39. Where do fish go for their swimming lessons?

In the school of fish.

40. A fish in a tank wondered, “Are we going to war?

How do we drive this thing?”

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41. How do you get a mermaid’s attention?

Say something catchy.

42. What gets the young fish excited?

Every time they see the sea bottom.

43. How do you catch a fish without getting to the sea or river?

Have someone throw one at you.

44. Why don’t fish play tennis?

They are afraid of the net.

45. Why don’t fish get sick?

They take lots of vitamin sea.

46. Why do fish swim in the oceans?

Because they cannot walk in the water.

47. What did the terrified fish say to his friends?

Whale, this is not good.

48. What play title don’t fish like acting?

Shark-les of Doom.

49. Which type of fish cant you lie to?

The sea fish. They see through you.

50. Where do fish get their expensive loans?

At the loan shark.

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51. What makes the fish business lucrative?

It has a high net profit.

52. What kind of fish is believed to scare rats away?

A catfish

53. Where do rich ocean fish go for their summer holidays?


54. What do we call an expensive fish?


55. What is the most beautiful fish in the sea?

The doll-fins.

56. Which fish do others think is fake?

The clownfish.

57. What do we call people who like underwater restaurants?

Scuba dinners.

58. Which type of people do fishing where there is no water or fish?

Computer hackers.

59. Which bird rules the oceans, seas, and rivers?

The kingfisher.

60. What are people living near lakes and oceans known for?

They are all selfish.

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61. What is the pass mark for all students studying fishery?

Sea plus.

62. I already f-eel gill-ty for all these fish puns and jokes.

63. What type of business don’t big fish like?

Any fishy business.

64. Who grants fish a wish?

Fairy cod-mother.

65. How do we make a goldfish?

Remove the first letter from its name.

66. What happens to the fish in the sea when they lack money?

They go under.

67. What did the dolphins say after feeding on clownfish?

It doesn’t feel like a fish.

68. He wanted to lecture me but I refused to be schooled by a clown.

69. It is the third time I am herring about it.

70. Who would place bait on this game?

71. These fish puns are krilling me. They are so funny and can’t stop laughing at the jokes.

72. You betta believe it, fish puns are fun.

73. Salmon the pupils. This school is about to be closed.

74. How do you know the game is over?

When you have fin-ished.

75. What did the addict fish say to the shoal?

I am hooked.