Why are math books so good-looking? Because they all have a cute angle inside them.

If you have a math genius in the house and are looking for the best and the funniest math puns and jokes; you have come to the right place.

In this article, we have come up with the cleanest clever math puns and math jokes to make your fun time a breeze.

The entries are short and straightforward and are ideal for children as young as 12 years old.

Easy Math Puns List

1. What did the rectangle say to the circle?

You are rounded.

2. How do you become a math monster in your class?

Count Dracula.

3. Why do mathematicians fear the number 9 and not 7?

Because seven eight nine.

4. What type of tree is geometry?

A math tree.

5. What did Pythagoras use to plow his fields?

A pro-tractor.

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6. What did the kid say when counting numbers?

Seven ate nine.

7. Why was the math book so sad?

It had lots of problems.

8. What did the books in the library tell the math textbook?

We all count on you.

9. What is so unique about math teachers?

They always have lots of problems to solve.

10. Why were single men and women not allowed to teach math in ancient times?

They always try to find X so that they can get back together.

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11. Why did the grade 8 pupils skip lunch?

They eight earlier on.

12. Will you take a statistics course this semester?


13. Why was Mr. Griffin sad?

They called him average and he thinks that was mean.

14. Why was the obtuse triangle sad?

Because it is not the right angle.

15. Why is the equal sign sometimes called a humble sign?

It is never greater or less than any other sign.

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16. Which plants like math the most?

The ones with square roots.

17. What do you call brothers that love math?


18. Why shouldn’t you mention the number 288 in public?

Because it is two gross.

19. Why don’t banks find it hard to offer loans to geometry teachers?

No one would cosine for them.

20. If you had 900 cattle, how do you get them to 1000 without doing anything?

Just round them up and you have 1000 cattle.

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21. What did the decimal say to the whole numbers?

Do you get my point?

22. I saw my math teacher hanging out with a few of my classmates. They must be plotting something.

23. Parallel lines have so much in common but why can’t they just meet?

24. A rancher counted 90 horses in his ranch but when he rounded them up, he had 100 horses!

25. What is the favorite snack for math geeks?

Meat Pi.

26. What do mathematicians think of guys who love literature?

They are irrational when it comes to numbers.

27. How do you maintain a normal body temperature in a cold room?

Move to the corner. It’s 90 degrees there.

28. What branch of math are birds so good at?


29. Why do math geniuses prefer games with more than one player?

They love to play with multi-players.

30. What did the young student say to the calculator?

Can I count on you?

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31. What is the easiest way to find a math teacher for your kids?

Place an add online.

32. Why are equations never equal?

Sum of them are greater than the others.

33. Why are language students never happy with math classes?

The after-math for them feels better.

34. The students returned their test papers blank claiming all the answers to the equations are imaginary numbers.

35. “Imagine a number when you multiply by 10 then divide by 2 equals 10”. What is the easiest way to solve this?

Just stop imagining.

36. How many sides does a triangle have?

Two. The outside and the inside.

37. Why did he divide sin by tan?

Just cos it’s the right thing to do.

38. What did the two zeros say to 8?

Nice belt!

39. Which snakes are good at math?

The puff adders.

40. How did the math genius propose to his girlfriend?

With a polynomial ring.

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41. The love for math puns is the first sine of a genius.

42. When do you answer a question asked by your teacher?

When it is your tan.

43. What did he do after admitting the wrongdoing?

He ate a humble pi.

44. Why don’t mathematicians want to retire?

They don’t want to deal with the after-math.

45. Why was its beauty fading so fast?

It was de-grading.

46. Why do most people marry at 23?

It is their prime age.

47. Which snakes are thought to be genius?


48. Why are obtuse angles thought to be an old concept?

Because they are over 90.

49. Which angle is the ladies’ favorite?

A cute angle.

50. Never write off decimals. They always have a point.

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51. Who in ancient times discovered that most planets are round?

Sir Cumference.

52. Who leads military divisions during a war?

Tactful mathematicians. They calculate risks better.

53. Which table feels very comfortable to do the math on?

Multiplication table.

54. Why are colonialists believed to be mostly mathematicians?

They like to divide and rule the locals.

55. Hey Math teacher, don’t ask us to find your X today. You will have to do it yourself today.

56. Which military rank is the sharpest cadets placed on upon graduation?

Division 1.

57. Why do math geeks like their backyards that much?

They have compound interest.

58. Good mathematicians believe in themselves. They always have a higher confidence level than an average guy out there.

59. What are the 10 things you can count on at any time?

Your fingers.

60. Why did the insurgents kill the professor?

He refused to convert.

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61. Why did his website fail the speed test?

There were too many adds that slow it down.

62. What is the mathematics department’s favorite time?


63. There is a fine line between fractions that only numerators and denominators understand.

64. Why did the Romans find Algebra to be easy?

X was always 10.

65. Which one is heavier, 10 kilos of feather or 10 kilos of sand?

They weigh the same, 10 kilos.

66. Statisticians are good when it comes to numbers. Numbers is their area of domain.

67. Why do most math geeks wear glasses?

To improve their di-vision.

68. What do mathematicians say when something goes wrong?

We will figure it out.

69. What is the thing about Asian mathematicians?

They have many angles and aunties.

70. What was the teacher told when he got the contract?

Sine here sir.

71. How do you make an even number odd?

Add the letter S to it and you have seven.

72. Never pick an argument with pi. It will go on forever.

73. Do you know what is odd in their case?

It was not even a number!

74. Hackers are so good at math. That is their sphere of expertise.

75. Teacher: Why are you standing?

Student: You told us not to use tables.