Seafarer? Or do you just want to drown yourself in laughter?

Here are some of the best water puns for you to enjoy and have fun by yourself or share with friends and family.

The puns and jokes in the edition cover all water entities from funny water sports, to seas and oceans, from hot water and tap water to fishermen and water creatures like fish.

They are ideal for family fun with young children in the play and feature water one-liners and jokes that can be used for your Instagram captions by the beach.

Water Puns List

1. Where do we take sick ships and boats? To the dock.

2. I wanted to build a water bottling company but the market was already saturated.

3. You defaulted on water bills?

Get well soon sister.

4. What is the most popular fish in the ocean?


5. What did the fish say to others after swimming into a wall?

Damn, I just hit a wall.

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6. Does it rain money when there is a change in weather?

7. Why do fishermen produce good movies? Because they have a tone of experience r-eel-ing.

8. We need to help fishermen tide over their boats before heading to the sea.

9. I read a newspaper by the poolside in the Maldives. It had no depth. Just gossips here and there.

10. His yatch was swept by water because it was tide up with a loose rope.

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Water Puns for Instagram Captions

11. I have no time for pour jokes.

12. In need of vitamin sea.

13. Don’t wait. Seas the moment and shine.

14. Who’d love to sea more?

Swipe left.

15. Whale, hello there. How is your day?

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16. Water you doing today?

17. Water-ver it is, keep the grind.

18. Want freedom in life? Never get tied down.

19. Finally I can sea your true colors.

20. Someone is feeling beach-y today.

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Funny Water Jokes

21. What did the seawater say to the sand at the shore?

Nothing. The water just waved.

22. Where do sea fish wash their salty bodies?

At the river basin.

23. Where do rich fish keep their money?

At the river bank.

24. What did the wisest fish say to the rest?

Drop out of this school and you will be eaten by sharks.

25. How do you make the water bed more comfortable?

Fill it with spring water.

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26. What does a table become with water on it?

A pool table.

27. Do oceans not like ponds because they are too shallow?


28. Where do we find oceans with no water?

On maps.

29. How do you make holy waters?

Boil the hell out of it.

30. These water puns will get us sea-sick with laughter.

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31. How did the crab cross the stream?

He took an Ubber crab.

32. What name do we give to a melted snowman?


33. Where does water go to settle their cases?

To the supreme quart

34. Why do oceans currents stay on top of trends?

Because they like staying current.

35. My male dog floats on water, why?

Because he is a good buoy.

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Water One-Liners

36. Houses by the sea are always tide-y.

37. The resort makes ex-squid-site dishes that taste better than any you can ever find around.

38. Tuna to the next episode for amazing scenes like these.

39. We were all sea-ted before the guest speaker arrived.

40. We were shocked to see doll-fins sold at his shop.

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41. I was s-pacific about what I want.

42. Let’s hope shell come around this time.

43. I swam for 30 minutes, no sweat!

44. Sea the beauty in the life you live.

45. Jokes about submarines never sink in.

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Knock Knock Jokes About Water

46. Knock knock

Who is there?


Water what?

Water were you expecting? Open this door.

47. Knock knock

Who is there?

Tide who?

Tide-y your bedroom.

48. Knock knock

Who is there?


Current who?

Current affairs.

49. Knock knock

Who is there?


Sea who?

See you round

50. Knock knock

Who is there?


Dam who?

Damn it! Open the door!