A happy birthday to you. And as you add one more year to your age, how about a different twist of events where you have all the fun without giving Amazon your hard-earned cash?

Well, we have come up with a list of the best birthday puns, jokes, and captions to grace your day and make it twice as special and unique.

And for free!

Travel the road less traveled and enjoy all the benefits of being different and unique?

The birthday puns in this article are grouped into birthday jokes, birthday puns, birthday captions for Instagram, and birthday one-liners. Let’s dive in.

Birthday Jokes

1. Do yellow candles burn longer than brown ones?

No, they burn shorter.

2. How do you know you are getting older?

When birthday candles no longer fit one cake.

3. Why did the girl refuse to blow the candles?

They were small and she believed bigger candles means a bigger wish.

4. What goes up and never comes down?


5. What did the wine tell his child during a birthday?

You are aged to perfection.

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6. What music genre is normally played with birthday candles lit?

Pop music.

7. What is the paradox of birthdays?

Too many of them will eventually kill you.

8. Why don’t teddy bears eat their cakes during a birthday?

They are already stuffed.

9. What do trees wish for a birthday?

A trunk full of minerals and water.

10. What is the worst type of cake one can receive during their birthday?


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11. What does every birthday end with?

The letter Y.

12. What is the first gift everyone gets for their birthday?

Another year.

13. What is the best way to celebrate a birthday?

Celebrate it with a genie and have all your wishes granted.

14. What type of cake did the seven dwarfs use during their birthday?


15. What is the alcoholic’s most favorite day?

The beer-th day.

16. What is the best birthday cake for coffee lovers?


17. Why are candles placed on top of a birthday cake?

Because it is a little difficult to put them at the bottom.

18. What did the candle say to his friends?

Birthdays leave us burnt out.

19. What is Peter Pan’s favorite birthday cake?

A pan cake.

20. What did the sheep say to his daughter?

Happy birthday to ewe.

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Birthday Puns

21. The identical twins celebrated their bothdays together for the first time.

22. Whose bathday are we celebrating over the week?

23. The name on the cake was Mc-birth.

24. She surprised everyone for wanting a drun-card for a birthday wish.

25. Honey, we will card-le after your birthday celebration.

26. I will party-cipate in your upcoming birthday.

27. The s-candle almost ruined her birthday party.

28. She was asked to make her sand-wish during her birthday and she made none!

29. Cheese for your 16th birthday!

30. How many ears since you last celebrated your birthday?

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31. Mom: We will have angel food cake for your birthday. Son: Are we in heaven already?

32. I enjoy birthdays but I am also aware, too many of them and you will be dead!

33. The cake was heard telling the ice cream how cool it was.

34. Hey, you are a candle away from starting a house fire. A happy birthday dear one.

35. You are not 45 years old. You are 30 years with 15 years of experience in life.

36. What presents? I thought you said all you wanted for a birthday is my presence!

37. You said you wanted some kind of wrap and a cake? I brought you the best rapper in town. Happy birthday.

38. A happy purrrthday to Kiki, your cat.

39. Elephants at the zoo want a trunk filled with gifts for their birthday.

40. Owls exchange no birthday gifts because they don’t give a hoot.

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Birthday Captions for Instagram

41. Happy birthday best-tea.

42. Guess whose bathday it is?

43. We aging gracefully like fine wine.

44. Brits be like, “Whose purr-tea is it?”

45. Happy purrthday to my little cat, mommy loves you.

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46. A pan for a birthday gift. Perhaps we should have pan cakes.

47. I am invited to his birthday party. Should I go with my present? Will he get mad at me?

48. A happy birthday my deer. You are life to my life.

49. To all April babies, happy born day.

50. Whose birthday should I party-cipate in this week?

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Birthday One-Liners

51. S-candles almost ruined a happy birthday.

52. These drun-cards were found a day after a birthday party.

53. I thought a birth-room is where babies are delivered. I was wrong!

54. I brought no present for his birthday. I guess that is an absent gift.

55. Is it normal to feel crumby when cutting a birthday cake?

56. The only time we feel we looked better in our 50s is when we are in our 60s.

57. How old are you?

Old enough.

58. Twins celebrate their bothdays together.

59. To all the dancers out there, tappy birthday.

60. I have no words to express how I feel about you this day. I bought this blank pages book as a way to express how I feel. A happy birthday.