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List of Golf Puns, Captions and Jokes

1. Where do best golfers come from?

The Golf of Mexico

2. Which countries hold the most luxurious golf tournaments and competitions?

The countries in the golf.

3. Who made Kanye West the man he is today?

His golf-father.

4. What materials make the best golf balls?

The course material.

5. What was the chimp doing on the golf course?

He was par-fecting his swings.

6. Who do golfers fear the most?

The Bogeyman.

7. Golf is what you play when?

When you are out of shape to play soccer.

8. What did the master say to the amateur players before the tournament?

May the course be with you.

9. Where do all these beautiful women come from?

The Persian Golf

10. What do you say when you like to remain anonymous?

I am asking for a friend.

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11. What did the gentlemen at the deck say?

We all love her big putt, no lie.

12. What did the player who came late murmur to himself?

Putt-er late than never.

13. Do you get liprocy when you putt your lips out?

Of cos no.

14. What is the most lethal shot in golf?

The second putt.

15. My best friend says I can’t play golf any better.

Oh, I see. Has he played with you already?

16. What is the last thing you never do before the Masters’ Tournament?

Go putt-ying.

17. What did the agitated participant say to the golf tournament organizers?

You can go and kiss my putt.

18. Who put all these things on the golf cup?

It is the Bogey-man.

19. Who are you coming with to the after-party?

My birdie Rodrigo.

20. What is she accused of?

She is accused of hitting him with gulf club in the ace.

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21. Why was he discontinued?

He wasn’t at par with the masters.

22. Do these deliveries come in bits?

No, hole of it in one delivery.

23. How far can you swing the golf club?

As far as you can.

24. What do golf players do before the game?

They drink a cup of ace tea.

25. After the game?

A par-tee! Everyone is invited.

Golf Dad Puns

26. What advice did the crazy player give to the young boys?

Make sure to hit the hole in one shot and never repeat.

27. How comes your son never finishes his homework over the weekends?

He is always putt-ying throughout the weekend.

28. Where do ghosts play their golf tournaments?

At the golf corpse.

29. What did Tiger Woods say to the young player?

You are at par with the master.

30. Where do Grand Slam players go after the tournament?


31. What did the air hostess say at the airport?

The US’s Open for everyone around the world. You are welcome.

32. Why did the top golfer need a new pair of socks?

His socks had a hole.

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