55 Funny Cookie Puns that Will Make You Smile

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Whether you are hosting a dinner party, birthday for your daughter, or a simple QnA games night, you can never go wrong with cookie puns addition into the fun.

And as such, we have come up with a list of the best cookie puns that will light up your fun moments.

Most of the entries are short and ideal for Instagram captions for your foodie post or any other of your social media channel.

Looking for something to wow your kids this evening after dinner? Well, let’s get started.

1. Make sure to clear the cookies on your computer before submitting them to the authorities.

2. Candies people be together and not fight?

3. We say it as it is, no sugarcoating the truth.

4. I love back sweets in airplanes.

5. These cookie puns sound more fun and sweater.

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6. Bake my feelings and see me crumble yours.

7. If I get the dough, I will bake the world a better place.

8. We all can bake it in life. Yes, you can dough it in your generation.

9. Wow! Such nutty cookies, just like someone I know.

10. I wanted to bake your day with these tasty chocolate chip cookies.

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11. What did the baker say to his colleague?

Bake it till you make it.

12. How do basketball players take their cookies?

By dunkin them in milk.

13. What did the cookie say to the baker?

Thank you for raisin me.

14. What were her plans for the holiday?

Getting baked in the sun in the Caribbean.

15. Why are Italian bakers that rich?

They have lots of dough.

Instagram Captions About Cookies

16. You are the milk to my cookie and for that, I love you.

17. Without you in my life, I would crumble.

18. Here is my cookie gift for my kooky friend, Imelda.

19. I am here to bake your day a little better. Don’t forget to place your orders.

20. Crummy day, but we can manage to smile nevertheless.

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21. Believe in the magic of cookies! Take a bite.

22. What will you be doing tomoro?

23. Cudbury your head in the sand the Ostrich way, but your problems won’t melt away.

24. Gummy a break! I am tired of the drama.

25. I mint you and I be friends for life.

26. Cudbury myself in books for hours without taking a break.

27. Cookie puns sound kinder funny to the ears of an adult.

28. Why am I feeling this crummy today?

29. That’s kinder funny idea.

30. Your cupcakes make me crazy about you.

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31. You are the raisin I smile.

32. Friendship goals: cookies and milk by the beach on a lakeside resort.

33. Are these fortune cookies?

34. If life gives you lemons, make some lemon cookies and keep smiling.

35. All I knead in life is enough dough for my cookies and bites.

Oreo Puns and Jokes

36. Oreo cookies bake my days better.

37. It is either me oreo who will be chosen for the next round.

38. Which Shakespearean play featured Cookie Monsters? Oreo and Juliet.

39. Does an oreo website use cookies?

40. Is it just me feeling like this oreo you feel the same?

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