130 Best Food Puns that are Yummy and Funny

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At the diner table at a party and are looking for something exciting and fun to engage everyone partaking the meal?

Well, how about starting with yummy food puns if you are looking to engage everyone; irrespective of their age or affiliations?

In this article, we have come up with a list of the best food puns, jokes, and food one-liners you can ever find online.

They are unique, fun, balanced and up to date for you to enjoy alone while taking a break from work or with friends and family at a dinner table.

You can also use these food puns as Instagram captions for your Instagram foodie fan page as a way to treat your audience with humor between posts.

Funny Food Puns

1. Donut touch that food.

2. Lettuce pray for the meal.

3. Are you dine with your food sir?

4. Sushi started dating him again?

5. You never fail to a-maize me.

6. My parents will go nuts if I do this.

7. Honey, is that the delivery guy at the door?

8. Check the cereal number on the package.

9. We will go to the hotel on Fry-day.

10. Hey, what is the mango-nna do?

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11. Men-u surprises we ladies sometimes with the way handle relationships issues.

12. We are here to serve and protect you.

13. The new trends are good for your body and overall health.

14. These numbers are cooked up. They look suspicious.

15. The experience was super awesome.

Best Food Jokes

16. What are electronics’ favorite food?


17. What did the manager say when she saw the new coke bottle design?

That’s soda-rn cute!

18. Which pickup lines do chefs like to use?

My heart beets for you.

19. What did the couple say to each other?

We are a great pear, perfect for each other.

20. He sent her a text that read: I have bean thinking about you off latte.

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21. What was the fiance mother’s advice to him?

Don’t worry my son, be her-pea.

22. The student was very eggcited achieving eggcellent scores on the test.

23. You will feel butter soon. Keep taking the medicines and eat well.

24. I am tortellini love with everything you do and say.

25. This is kale-fornia love baby. You are welcome.

Fast Food Puns

26. I bought some flies for you at Burger King.

27. I am willing to give you a pizza my heart. Don’t disappoint me.

28. Lets taco about something else; food puns for instance.

29. If you don’t stop, i-cecream.

30. I love you a latte.

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31. Don’t burrito on me. Carry your cross.

32. I am nacho your typical type of girl.

33. The baby was sandwiched between his father and mother.

34. Donut talk about me, ever.

35. I will have nothing butter a bugger for breakfast.

Puns About Mexican Food

36. No Juan likes eating Chipotle.

37. Taco about yourself and no “us”.

38. In queso of emergency, call this number.

39. Did she order a tortilla or tequila?

40. It sounds like a hostile taco-ver to me.

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41. This is nacho Colombia you know from the news. Life is good in this country.

42. The organic food tastes so nachoral.

43. You guac my life!

44. Is that guac and roll I am hearing?

45. Do electronics eat their salsa dips with micro-chips?

Food Puns for Instagram Captions

46. Bye for now, we’ll ketchup later.

47. I have bean there before.

48. Let’s taco about women’s fashion today.

49. This is nacho your typical Instagram influencer.

50. Be wary of im-pasta pretending to be me.

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51. Lettuce keep it a secret, beet-ween you and I.

52. I loaf you guys.

53. This is my real pho-to, no filters!

54. I do jam sometimes when pissed off.

55. This is a reliable sauce for your latest fashion trends.

56. You will feel butter soon.

57. Life can be hard sometimes, but take it cheesy.

58. Here is my corn-fused face.

59. Let’s ketchup on live stream over the weekend.

60. I am in Kale-fornia.

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Food One-liners

61. One soup and he was down.

62. He got milked all the money he had.

63. The boy is wheaty and clever.

64. The poodles are well bread.

65. You oat to fry them in low heat.

66. The bowl they were playing with became deflated.

67. Save the dates for the visitors and use the bananas instead.

68. Was Pizza one of Jesus’s disciples?

69. All I need for now is a quiet place and peas of mind.

70. Use the cash on the table and buy yourself a pear of pants.

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71. Pear pressure can ruin your life, if not careful.

72. She is soda-rn cute.

73. Time fries, so must you.

74. Cheese-us crust! Don’t sneak on me like that again.

75. Be my butter half.

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