Smoothen your afternoons with family and friends with these amazing and sweet avocado puns and jokes.

The puns are curated and well optimized for chats and conversations of all kinds in a way that brings humor into the talk naturally.

Looking to excite your kids or teenagers in the room. Or something to make a casual talk with friends fun and exciting. Or just looking for funny avocado one-liners for your Instagram captions.

These cute avocado puns are for you.

Funny Avocado Puns and Jokes

1. A perfect workout day at the gym is the avo-cardio day.

2. I wish you well and avo good time.

3. After getting married on a Christmas day, they lived happily avo after.

4. She is everything I avo wanted in life.

5. How do you make an avocado disappear?

Just say avocadabra!

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6. Bravocado for the job well done!

7. The timing is ripe to start plucking these avocados.

8. This feels so wrong yet it is ripe.

9. What did the lady at the groceries store say to a client who wanted free avocados? Kiss my hass.

10. How do we say four avocados in Spanish?

Um, Avo-cuatro!

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11. His boyfriend is a scientist. He understands the avocadro constant better than us.

12. Hass anyone seen him?

13. What do ducks that like avocados say?

Guac! Guac!

14. Is the Holy Guacamolee an avocado blessed by a priest?

15. Can I have a piece of your avocado?

Guac off!

Avocado One-Liners

16. Never touch your eyes with the avocado. You risk getting guacoma.

17. You are more than I avo wished for in life.

18. Will you be my avocuddle buddy sweetheart?

19. He loves being my avo-cardio buddy.

20. Avo a nice day, bye.

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Avocado Puns for Instagram Captions

21. It is guac-tail time! Sip, sip!

22. It is guac n roll time fans.

23. I am all about avo-cuddles. Who is in?

24. Avo a good time with this avacado smoothie.

25. Who is gonna guac my world?

Guacamole Avocado Puns

26. Mr. Guacamole said, “With the pandemic, things have hit guac bottom. I don’t know how we are going to survive.”

27. One O’clock? It’s guac-tail hour!

28. I felt guac-ward the moment he walked in. I don’t know why.

29. The animal in the lawn is not a guac-odile. It is an alligator.

30. Are all these exercises necessary for a one-day guac-out?

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Hass Avocado Jokes

31. He was asked to clean his mess but he replied, “Kiss my hass.”

32. He was walking hass if he owned the room.

33. The time for you to shine hass come!

34. Hass he been kind to you?

35. Who hass-tle like there is no tomorrow if you want to make a lot of money.

Fuerte Avocado Puns

36. Who hasn’t heard of the tales of El Toro Fuerte?

37. You will have to stay here fuerte moment.

38. This place will be shut down until fuerte-r notice.

39. Fuerte the sake of love, I decided to stay with him.

40. Is it good to understand fuerte-mentals first before diving deeper.

Avocado jokes and puns.