Crazy fun time with family and friends? A birthday party? Or, are you planning for a simple trivia night for the kids?

These funny donut puns and one-liners would a great addition to your list of fun activities for the day.

You can also enjoy the puns alone or check out the donut-themed puns for Instagram captions for crazy captions inspiration.

What type of nuts are do-nuts? I have no idea.

Let’s dive in to learn more.

Donut Puns List

1. Donut worry about me, I am fine.

2. Donut stop believing in yourself.

3. Are you eating my doughnuts?

4. What type of nuts are do-nuts?

5. I like you a hole lot these days and you deserve it.

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6. Donut disturb the cat while he is sleeping.

7. Donut judge me for what I do or say on social media.

8. When you grow rich and famous, donut forget about me.

9. Do you even know how much I a-dough you?

10. Doughn’t fall for it, it is a trap!

Donut Puns for Instagram Captions

11. Who’s ready for this pretty snack?

12. A sprinkle of sugar and this dessert is ready. Who will kiss these lips?

13. It is a hole lot easier to take cute photos with proper lighting.

14. The hidden jam! Swipe left…

15. Who is talking about the dunkin sh*t?

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16. Kripsy Kreme de la crème of the city.

17. I feel like dunkin donuts. Who will join me?

18. The sugarcoated lips don’t tell lies.

19. I donut entertain bullish and cheap talk in my life. Keep positive and have good intentions.

20. My eyes glaze and so does the soul. A flower with pure intentions.

Coffee and Donut Puns

21. I have bean loving these doughnuts and coffee since when I was a child.

22. How many donuts did you eat?

A latte.

23. I a dough you a latte.

24. Donut wine and grind in the wrong places. It can land you into trouble.

25. When is the last time you took coffee?

I donut remember.

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Donut Jokes

26. What did the gangster donut say?

Brew, I got you. Take this dough and buy something good for yourself.

27. At what time do bakers stop making donuts?

When they are tired of the hole thing.

28. Where do basketball players go for their coffee?

Dunkin Donuts.

29. What did the angry baker say to his partner?

Donut touch me! I swear I will s-cream.

30. What did the girl say on a coffee and donut date?

You drive me glaze-y

Dough Puns

31. It is not that I dough not trust you, I donut trust people anymore.

32. You are a-dough-rable tonight!

33. What did the priest say while giving coffee and donuts to the street children?

Dough shall not steal.

34. What flour makes the mysterious good-tasting donuts?


35. Knock knock,

Who’s there?


Doughnut who?

Donut ask. You dough wanna know.

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Donut One-Liners

36. I can be crazy on the dance flour.

37. The I sing on the cake…

38. I’ve got enough dough to live like a boss.

39. Doughn’t fall for the shinny ones, darkness looms large inside.

40. Donut take him seriously. That is what he says to everyone he meets.

41. I like you’r hole lot.

42. Hole-y sh*t! I almost got my heart stolen again.

43. I feel empty like there is a hole inside me that needs to be filled.

44. To perform at your best, you need to eat more hole foods and jelly and forget about the junk.

45. He was a perfect package. A hole-some man sent from heaven.

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Jelly and Sprinkle Donut Puns

46. Donut worry, it is just sprinkling and not a storm.

47. Sprinkle sprinkle little star!

48. The secret is to get the dough fast and sprinkle it on a dozen income-generating projects for a healthy cash flow.

49. You have that sprinkle glaze in your eyes that makes us all shy.

50. “Dear Sam, receive this letter sprinkled with love from the jelly of my heart…”