When is the last time you made a joke while drinking with friends?

Well, wine puns and jokes can go hand in hand with your glass of wine whether alone or with friends.

Whether you are with the company of a bottle of your favorite wine brand or drinking with friends, these clever wine puns and jokes are what you need to complement the “good times”.

So wine not? Let’s dive in.

List of the Cute Wine Puns

1. Never complain about life, just wine.

2. My husband prefers beer google. I like my wine glasses.

3. Bottling up your emotions is harmful to your wellbeing. Just wine if you have to.

4. A few glasses of sweet wine and his humor becomes dry.

5. Who said we are old? We are aged to perfection.

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6. The danger of wining with strangers is that you end up getting screwed.

7. Is this a furmented wine? I can see some little hair in my wine glass.

8. Do all grape minds think alike?

9. You are wine in a million and for that, I love you.

10. What a wine-derful time of the year to party and have fun!

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Wine Brands and Names

11. We would prefer more-scato for his birthday party.

12. We task you with hailing a Cab Franc. We are too drunk.

13. So you decided to leave a Blanc space in your resume?

14. Here they come. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my Cru.

15. We all prefer wine to Bier-zo.

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16. Our friendship has lived on for years since we met. Cheers to our Duoro-ble friendship.

17. Mr. Chardon-hey, you are walking too fast and dropped your wallet on the train.

18. The lady is a musician. She can play a Claret-net at your upcoming party if invited.

19. With you as my company, I am never Bordeaux. You make me laugh all the time.

20. Those two are about to get fizz-cal.

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Funny Wine Puns

21. It is wine o’clock, let the party begin!

22. Wine not for the hard times are ahead of us.

23. Her smile sparkles and shines every time she is around.

24. Everything under the sun happens for a riesling.

25. I am nostalgic about the good old times. I wish we could re-wine it.

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26. I need a fully paid vacation to un-wine the stress of the last few months.

27. I am on cloud wine every time that band plays.

28. Valentine’s Day is the most wine-derful time of the year for people in love.

29. Let’s go wine tasting on the couch.

30. He had me at Merlot.

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Hilarious Wine Jokes

31. Do learned people prefer white wines?

No, learned people prefer their wines well red!

32. Which type of wine do they serve on horseback trails?


33. Which wine is aged to perfection?


34. How did they know we wanted champagne?

It was chilling.

35. What do we call too much wine hangover?

The grape depression.

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36. How do I decide how much wine to drink?

Take it case by case.

37. Does too much wine make you fat?

No, it makes you lean on tables, chairs, and anything that can support you.

38. Which wine is known for making people drowsy?

Sauvignon yawn blanc.

39. Which type of wine do traffic police officers like the most?

Fine wines.

40. Another glass?


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Puns for Instagram Captions

41. Wine a little, smile more.

42. Will you accept this rose?

43. Sip sip, hooray!

44. On cloud wine at the moment.

45. Hakuna Moscato. It means drink more wine!

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46. I am going from superb to sip-pub in the next few hours. Who’s joining me?

47. Who will be my partner in wine?

48. It is wine o’clock.

49. I am giving you more reasons to wine.

50. You are the wine that I want. Yes, you.

Love and Relationships Wine Puns

51. If you cannot be with the one you love, love the wine you are with.

52. In love sometimes, all we need is a riesling to be happy.

53. Avoid unnecessary confrontations and drink away your hurts and cham-paigne.

54. When the present future and past are drinking in the same bar, don’t wine. Just leave.

55. Relationships grow with time, ours grows with wine.

56. Pour decisions are a mind thing and cannot be blamed on wine.

57. When love fills the air, mo-scato. Lets live the moment.

58. Let us get fizzical, I just can’t wait any longer.

59. We had a grape time when I visited him.

60. What a wine-derful world we live in. It is full of love and good people.

61. He has a pour taste for ladies.

62. The connoisseur had all wine bottles neatly arranged in the cabernet.

Wine jokes and puns.