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List of Best Cheese Puns

1. Stop worrying and be at cheese.

2. Cheese to the new beginnings.

3. Cheeses is the Lord.

4. I don’t understand, what is the meaning of cheese?

5. Can’t hear you, what is cheese saying?

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6. Cheese the daughter of the brie-llionare.

7. Watch out, he is playing his last curds.

8. This is a gruyere area, we can play it safe without attracting the authorities.

9. 50 Shades of Gruyere is a yes to me.

10. You have a cheeseygoing personality.

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Cheese One-Liners

11. He is gouda for nothing and he cant help you.

12. He was dairying abroad and came back wealthier.

13. I love to curd-dle very much.

14. Have a grate day at work.

15. Cheese who you love wisely.

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16. Why am I am feeling bleu?

17. Did we make America grate again?

18. You look mozzarhella good today!

19. Thank you for the hags and cheeses.

20. Hye, you looking sharp today.

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Romantic Cheese Puns

21. Will you brie mine for life?

22. We look gouda together.

23. Wow! You are looking sharp, as you do always.

24. I am growing fondue you lately.

25. You are grate in bed!

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Cheese Jokes

26. What did the cheese sandwich say on their date?

You melt my heart.

27. What did the aged cheese say to his parents?

I am mature for my age.

28. How did Cheddar respond to his friends’ joke?

You gouda be kidding me.

29. What music does the Swiss Cheese like?

The RnBrie

30. Why did the Swiss Cheese skip Cheddar’s cheese puns?

They were too cheesy.

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Brie Cheese Puns

31. Will you brie my friend?

32. You brie-lieved in me and I thank you for that.

33. Brie yourself always.

33. I brie-long to you.

34. Does the lady prefer brie-er or wine?

35. We brie-long together forever.

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Gouda Cheese Puns

36. Thank Goud’ama alive.

37. I feel like you are up to no gouda.

38. You gouda be kidding me!

39. I have never felt this gouda.

40. Thanks, I am gouda.

41. He is not gouda for you my daughter.

42. I will be delivering the goudas later today, watch out!

Nacho Cheese Puns

43. I am nacho your type!

44. This is nacho your typical cheese puns.

45. This feels so nachoral, you won’t notice any difference.

46. Don’t touch it. This is nacho cheese.

47. This is nacho thing. Get out of here!

Swiss Cheese Puns

48. She is like my lost and found swisster.

49. Be careful what you swiss for. Some wishes are not good as thought.

50. What was his hypotheswiss again?

51. Did Michelangelo paint the Swisstine chapel alone?

52. That was pure swissful thinking.

Cheese Puns Names

53. I am listening to Taylor Swiss songs.

54. I prefer Mozarrella Firefox to Chrome.

55. Is Brieonce Caribbean or American?

Cheese jokes and puns.