Have fun. Take off the load and enjoy yourself after a long busy week because you need it and you have earned it.

Cold or warm, lager or craft, a bottle of beer goes a long way in lifting your mood and refreshes your mind for the coming week.

So, why not enjoy your drink with a set of the best beer puns?

This article features the best entries that are handpicked to make sure you get all the fun alone or with friends.

Looking to stand out and above your peers? Check out these cute beer puns and use them to scale up your humor.

Funny Beer Puns

1. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

2. I wish you were beer.

3. I love you beerly.

4. Is that the yeast you can do?

5. I will take her words with a grain of salt.

6. Wheat a second, is that Rebecca?

7. The thing could barley fit in.

8. I had to take some Pils to help me sleep.

9. The Schlitz on her belly is where the doctors cut during the C-section.

10. I am a real oldy badass. for Amarilloldy.

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11. Beer a good friend to your younger brother.

12. That must beer an amazing experience!

13. To beer a master, you will need to practice for 1,000 hours.

14. I am Tuborg to go on reading such a lengthy expose.

Beer Puns Names

15. The older you grow, the weiser you become.

16. I just want a working guitar. Heinieken do, I am not specific about brands.

17. Brah, ma designer watch got lost the other day at the party.

18. They all looked Stella beautiful!

19. I am budwieser than all educated guys in my hood.

20. He Fosters confidence every time he speaks to us.

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Beer One-Liners

21. This is a letter to my beer friend…

22. You don’t need to worry about life, be hoppy.

23. What the ale is this, a craft beer?

24. After the third bottle, he felt lager than life.

25. Here is my six-pack for the weekend, how about you?

26. Where do I find one Mr. Bar-non?

27. They raised the bar too high for anyone to qualify for another round.

28. Save water, drink more beer, and save the environment.

29. She denounced him in the pub-lic domain but they still see each other secretly.

30. What a vine day to celebrate and be happy?

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31. No hard work is all in vine.

32. What a vine day to drink craft beer.

33. Schooner or later, we will know the truth.

34. Can I hang over at your place for a day?

35. Did he say beer or pier?

36. He made the decisions based on beer pressure and not intuition.

37. His beer-d was long and dark.

38. His ego was lager than life.

39. She likes pub-licity a lot.

40. Is he a member of the Re-pub-lican party?

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Brew Puns

41. He-brew the very first malted beer in the bible.

42. He can be brew-tal when drunk.

43. He is still in love with his Brew-tish Brew-nette.

44. Brew, what’s up between you and Kisha?

You don’t talk anymore.

45. His spirit and soul was all brews-ed when I first met him.

Beer Puns for Fathers Day

46. His ego was boozed by her actions.

47. Stop chasing rainbooze and fairies, they don’t exist in the real world.

48. Should we walk or take a booze home?

49. All we could hear is booze as soon as he started to give his speech.

Crazy Beer Jokes

50. What are his superpowers?

He makes beer disappear fast.

51. What happens when you drink more beer?

It starts to taste like love.

52. What is the drunkard famous for?

Rescuing beer trapped in a bottle.

53. What do women in Bavaria say?

We know women are supposed to like wine but we are women enough to prefer beer.

54. What did Mr. Heinkein say?

Good people bring happiness to your life. Best friends bring beer.

55. What did the gentleman tell his girlfriend?

I wish you were beer.

56. What advice did the bartender offer the rookie?

If at first you dint succeed, use a bottle opener. It isn’t a twist top.

57. What did the father say after his daughter lost her balloon?

She feels what I do feel when my beer spills. It is a horrible feeling of loss.

58. Her: I would like to make something special for you tonight, just say it and It will be done.

Him: Can you make beer? It is very special to me.

59. What did the DJ say?

If you hold a bottle of beer close to your ear and listen keenly, you could hear a weekend coming.

60. How do you know a man who plans for his future early enough?

When he buys two crates of beer instead of one.

Puns about beer.