Want to plant a smile on someone’s face? Nature lover, climate change ambassador, or a friend who has a special love for all things plants?

You have come to the right place.

In this article, we have featured the best plant puns, jokes, plant captions, and one-liners for you to enjoy with friends and family and have fun.

The plant puns can be inscribed as a caption on greeting cards, sent as a special anniversary text, used as an Instagram caption, or DIY home decor.

Funny Plant Puns

1. She had her feet planted on the ground.

2. All we want is peas.

3. Lettuce have all the fun we can.

4. That is kinda big dill.

5. Are we heading to Kale-fornia for our summer vacation?

6. They were seeding the clouds to save withering crops.

7. Do tea-totallers drink alcohol in absence of tea, sometimes?

8. Is money still the root of all evil?

9. Your herb-its will lead down the wrong path.

10. Aloe you vera much.

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11. She was cold and shaking like a leaf.

12. I find every daisy of my life better with you close to me.

13. Aloe there, anyone?

14. I think we are late, what thyme did you say it is?

15. Let me plant one on you.

Clever Plant Jokes

16. What happens when banks expand their operations?

They open more branches.

17. Where does the real work take place?

In the bark-ground.

18. Was the snitch planted by the FBI to siphon information?

19. Are dandelions the fiercest among the plants in the wild?

20. What did the gardener say to the neighbor?

You can poppy-n anytime.

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21. Is a car-nation a country with the most cars?

22. What is the most popular course for plants in college?


23. Which plants are believed to kiss?


24. What did one plant say to the other?

Hey bud-dy, how is the growing?

25. Where do forests get the energy to keep going?

From the power plant.

26. Why are most green plants thin and tall?

They eat light.

27. How do trees get online?

They log in.

28. How do plants receive a phone call?


29. The baker next door planted his flour garden during summer.

30. What drink do we get from forest trees?

Root beer.

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31. Which beet do most farmers love to dance to?

Roots reggae.

32. What drink do flowers prefer?


33. How do plants make connections?

They branch out.

34. Can a plant nursery be called plant parenthood?

35. What did the florist say?

If the flowers in the garden don’t like me, I don’t carrot all, I will still water them.

Plant One-Liners for You

36. All she wanted was to suck-seed!

37. Just leaf me alone.

38. “Don’t shoot the messenger,” goes the old saying.

39. He is the corn master who defrauded farmers in the southern district.

40. It is believed that she is stalk-ing him.

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41. The fruits of your labor are always sweet.

42. She is the apple of my eye.

43. They have a complex family tree with contested bloodlines.

44. What’s up with all the flowery language today?

45. The bank opened branches in every big city.

Instagram Captions About Plants

46. It is one of those rose things … you know.

47. I will stay by your side and never leaf you for life.

48. Try a lilly more every day and you will make it in the end.

49. Any plants for the weekend?

50. Lettuce have fern this weekend.

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51. Good people, good chives, good energy.

52. Party thyme things…

53. Please don’t kale my vibe.

54. Say aloe to my new friend.

55. I haven’t botany makeup for the last 3 months!

Plants Themed Pickup Lines

56. Wood you be mine?

57. I am rooting for you.

58. You are such a flower.

59. What if I say, lettuce be?

60. We are mint to be.

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61. I am growing frond of you lately.

62. Wait, did I just wet my plants!

63. Long thyme, no see.

64. We make a wonderful pear together.

65. I am ready to take us from “cacti” to “cactus” if you let me.

Romantic Plant Puns

66. I will not dessert you at any point in life.

67. I am happy that we are a great pear.

68. I have I told you how su-cute-lent you are?

69. I always feel lonely every time you leaf.

70. I am glad that I pricked you as my wife.

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71. Plant a kiss on my neck.

72. You are a romaine-tic partner I could ever wish for.

73. I haven’t botany gift for you this Valentine’s.

74. I never believed you wood be mine.

75. Aloe you vera much!