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The City of Love

Trivia Question: Which city is the city of love?

Answer: Paris, France.

Paris is the de-facto city of love. It is one of the most visited cities during Valentine’s day and honeymoons.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Trivia Question: What is sold the most during Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Valentine’s card.

People around the world buy more cards during valentine than any other thing. They also shop for wines and chocolates to accompany Valentine’s cards.

National Drinks

Trivia Question: What is the national drink for the US?

Answer: Bourbon.

Bourbon in the national spirit of the United States.

Little Water

Trivia Question: Vodka is a Russian drink. What does it translate to in English?

Answer: Little water.

The word Vodka is a Russian-Polish word that translates to little water in English.

Trivia Question: Which city receives the most tourists every year?

Answer: Hong Kong.

Hong Kong receives the highest number of international visitors than any other city in the world. It is closely followed by Bangkok, Thailand.

Ancient Art Painting

Trivia Question: Where do we find the most naked paints housed in the same place?

Answer: The Sistine Chapel.

The walls of the Sistine chapel have the most nudity than any other building in the world. The painting was the handiwork of Michelangelo.

Luxury Sports Car Brands

Trivia Question: Which is the most expensive sports car brand in the world today?

Answer: Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

This is the most expensive luxury sports car in the world as of 2021.

British History

Trivia Question: What are the full names of Queen Elizabeth?

Answer: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth is from the royal house of Windsor and wife to Philip Mountbatten (Prince Philip).

Dukes and Princes

Trivia Question: What is the difference between a duke or a duchess and a prince or a princess?

Answer: A duke or duchess is the third in rank among the royal blood just below the prince/princess. A duchess is a title for a duke’s wife. It can also get bestowed to a lady in her own right.

The United Kingdom

Trivia Question: Who is the current prince of the United Kingdom?

Answer: Prince George of Cambridge.

He is the heir to the British throne.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Trivia Question: Which house rules the gulf kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Answer: The House of Al-Saud.

Famous Fashion Houses

Trivia Question: Who took over after Karl Lagerfeld in the fashion house Fendi?

Answer: Kim Jones and Venturini Fendi.

They took over as women’s artistic director and men’s artistic director respectively.

Most Expensive Diamonds

Trivia Question: What is the rarest and the most expensive diamond in the world?

Answer: Blue Moon Diamond.

Like red diamonds, blue diamonds are rare and some of the most expensive diamonds in the world today.

Expensive Item in Parenting

Trivia Question: What is the most expensive item in parenting in the US today?

Answer: Medicare.

Medical care can be one of the most expensive items in parenting. It can be worse if you don’t have comprehensive medical insurance coverage.

French Wines

Trivia Question: Which country is famed for the best wines?

Answer: France.

It is the leader in the production of good-tasting wines and champagne. French wines command a higher price tag in the market across the world.

German Festivals

Trivia Question: In which month is the Oktoberfest held in Munich, Germany?

Answer: October.

As the name suggests, the festival starts in September and closes in October with a grand festival.

Social Media Marketing

Trivia Question: Who is the most followed person on Instagram today?

Answer: Christiano Ronaldo.

He is the most followed person both on Facebook and Instagram.

Boxing Sports

Trivia Question: Which country does the boxing legend, Joshua Anthony, from?

Answer: Britain.

The boxing heavyweight legend is from Britain. He is born to a British father and a Nigerian mother.

Exotic Lingerie

Trivia Question: What is the name of the founder of Victoria’s Secret?

Answer: Roy Raymond.

Victoria’s Secret was founded by Roy Raymond (CA) in 1977 as a lingerie retail store.

Money and Investments

Trivia Question: What does compounding mean when it comes to money and investments?

Answer: Compounding from an investment point of view occurs when you reinvest your savings earnings or capital gains to earn even more in the future.

The Kardashians

Trivia Question: Who is the youngest among the Kardashian sisters?

Answer: Kylie Jenner.

Kylie is the youngest in the Kardashian family, born in August 1997. She is a multimillionaire in the beauty space.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Trivia Question: When did Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ first premiere?

Answer: 14 October 2007.

The family show has been running for 14 years and will be coming to an end in 2021.

Trivia Question: How many seasons are there in the If Loving You is Wrong TV series?

Answer: Five seasons.

If Loving You is Wrong TV series has five seasons and more than 100 episodes.

Trivia Question: What is the TV series Friends all about?

Answer: This famous 1990s comedy is about a group of friends and how they go about their daily lives in line with relationships, careers, and all sorts of drama.

Celebrity Profile

Trivia Question: Who acted as Monica Geller in the TV series Friends?

Answer: Courteney Cox.

Destiny Child

Trivia Question: Who are the founding members of the music group Destiny Child?

Answer: Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams.

The three ladies are the founders and members of the music girls group, Destiny Child.

Family Planning Choices

Trivia Question: How many children can one person bear in one year?

Answer: Two children.

One person can give birth to two separate babies in one year. If a baby is born early in the year, another can be born late the same year in line with a family planning path they choose to follow.

World Record for the Highest Number of Children

Trivia Question: Who broke the world record for the most children born of the same father and mother?

Answer: Valentina and her husband Feodor Vassilyev.

In their lifetime, they had 69 children between 1725 and 1765. They had sixteen pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets.

Identical Twins

Trivia Question: What is the genesis of identical twins?

Answer: Monozygotic.

All identical twins start from one ovum and one sperm that splits and end up in twins who look identical.

Fraternal Twins

Trivia Question: How comes some twins look very different from each other while some look alike?

Answer: Identical twins will look almost the same and it is hard to differentiate in the eyes of a person new to them. They result from one embryo that splits into two.

Fraternal twins on the other hand often don’t look identical. They result from two different embryos.

L#G#B#T#Q Community

Trivia Question: What does LGBTQ stand for?

Answer: LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning.

Trivia Questions for Adults

Trivia Question: What does the acronym B#D#S#M stand for?

Answer: Submissive and dominant.

It is an acronym that stands for bondage, discipline, submission, masochism

Easy Trivia Questions for Adults

Trivia Question: At what age is one considered an adult?

Answer: 18 years old.

18 years old is an adult according to the United Nations. In some countries, the age is as low as 16 years old.

Annual Beauty Contest

Trivia Question: Which country still holds an annual beauty contest to determine the next bride for its ruler?

Answer: Swaziland.

Swaziland’s culture allows for an annual beauty contest where the next bride for their king is selected.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Trivia Question: What is the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip?

Answer: Prince Philip is the husband of Queen Elizabeth.

They got married on 20 November 1947 at Westminster Abbey.

Menopausal Age for Women

Trivia Question: What is the average menopausal age for women?

Answer: 50 years old.

According to, menopause can occur in women between the age of 40 and 50. On average, American women start showing menopausal symptoms at the age of 51 years.

Most Consumed Drink

Trivia Question: What is the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world today?

Answer: Beer.

Around the world, people consume more beer than coffee.

Most Expensive Coffee Brand

Trivia Question: What is the most expensive coffee brand in the world today?

Answer: Black Ivory Coffee.

Black Ivory Coffee is the most expensive coffee brand in the world. It costs $500 per pound.

Trivia Question: What is the most popular dating app today?

Answer: Tinder.

Tinder is the most popular dating app today with over 7.68 million active users.

Opening a Bottle of Champagne

Trivia Question: What is it called when you open a bottle of champagne with a sword?

Answer: To saber.

Sabrage was a popular art during the French aristocracy. It is still practiced to this day.

American Families

Trivia Question: How many children do Americans opt to have on average?

Answer: Two children.

According to Statista, most Americans have two children and live in a family unit of three people.

Hard Trivia Questions for Adults

Trivia Question: How many children are Chinese permitted to have by law?

Answer: Two children.

China had a one-child policy until 2016 when it was repealed. Today, you are allowed to have up to two children.

Americans and Religion

Trivia Question: What percentage of Americans are religious?

Answer: 75 percent.

Seventy-five percent of Americans identify with one religion or the other with 25 percent of the population not practicing any religion.

Australian Animals

Trivia Question: How many vaginas do Kangaroos have?

Answer: Three vaginas.

A kangaroo-like most marsupials have three vaginas.

Expensive Places to Rent an Apartment

Trivia Question: What is the most expensive place to rent an apartment in the world?

Answer: Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is the most expensive place to rent an apartment in the world. An average one-bedroom apartment start at $3,000.

Places to Rent an Apartment in the US

Trivia Question: What is the most expensive place to rent an apartment in the US?

Answer: San Francisco, CA.

An average one-bedroom apartment goes for $2,900.

City with the Highest Number of Billionaires

Trivia Question: Which American city has the highest number of billionaires?

Answer: New York City.

New York City has the highest number of billionaires compared to any other city in the US and around the world according to Forbes. The city has 92 billionaires living in it, followed by Hong Kong with 71 billionaires and Moscow with 70 billionaires.

Symbols of Love

Trivia Question: Cupid has evolved to be a symbol of?

Answer: Cupid is a symbol of love.

Cupid is mostly used as a symbol of love. It is a common symbol during Valentine’s Day.

Relationships and Love Life

Trivia Question: Who are Cupid’s parents?

Answer: According to the legend, Cupid is the son of the god Mercury and goddess Venus.

Cupid’s Pierced Heart

Trivia Question: Why does cupid have a pierced heart?

Answer: A pierced heart in Cupid represents the merging of male and female as one. Or, the vulnerability of the heart to the pangs of love.

Romantic Trivia Questions for Adults

Trivia Question: Who does Cupid end up loving?

Answer: Psyche.

According to Greek mythology, Cupid, the son of the god Mercury and goddess Venus fell in love with Psyche. Psyche was a very beautiful mortal and Venus was jealous of it.

Shakespeare Plays

Trivia Question: How many Shakespeare plays are there?

Answer: 37 plays.

William Shakespeare published 37 plays between 1590 and 1613. They include famous works like Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet.

Shortest Shakespeare’s Play

Trivia Question: What is the shortest Shakespeare’s play?

Answer: The Comedy of Errors.

The Comedy of Errors is the shortest Shakespeare’s play. It has 14,369 words.

Most Famous Work by William Shakespeare

Trivia Question: What is the most famous work by William Shakespeare?

Answer: Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Hamlet.

These three are the most famous work by this English playwright, poet, and actor.

Widely Accepted Family Planning Methods

Trivia Question: What is the widely accepted family planning method in use in the world today?

Answer: According to the United Nations report, female sterilization is the most common family planning method across the world. It is closely followed by the use of contraceptives.

Roses of Mixed Colors

Trivia Question: What does it mean when you receive roses of mixed colors?

Answer: Flowers of different colors carry different messages. When combined, the different ratios in which they are mixed stresses one message over others.

Bouquet of Lilies

Trivia Question: What does it mean when you receive a bouquet of lilies?

Answer: Different lilies’ colors carry different meanings. But generally, lilies stand for purity, freshness, and rebirth.

Black Roses

Trivia Question: What does it imply when you send your loved one black roses?

Answer: A new beginning.

Sending your loved one black roses means the death of the past. It also marks a new beginning.

Aries Personality

Trivia Question: Which Zodiac sign persona falls in love easily?

Answer: Aries.

The first of the Zodiac is also the fastest in everything including falling in love easily. Patience is their biggest weakness.

Soulmate for a Gemini

Trivia Question: Who is the potential soulmate for a Gemini person?

Answer: Leo.

Leo is a perfect soulmate for a Gemini person. They appreciate, support, motivate and inspire each other for a more fulfilling life.

Wedding Cost in the US

Trivia Question: What is the average wedding cost in the US?

Answer: $33,900.

The average cost for a wedding in the US stands at $33,900 as of 2020. This is the estimated average cost according to WeddingWire’s Newlywed Report findings.

Disposable Sanitary Pads

Trivia Question: Who invented disposable sanitary pads?

Answer: Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner.

Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner, an African American invented and patented the disposable sanitary pads in 1956.

Celibacy Culture

Trivia Question: In which year were catholic priests barred from marrying and having families?

Answer: 1139 AD.

It was in the year 1139 that the church decided in favor of celibacy for priests. The decision was reaffirmed in 1563 at the Council of Trent.

Meaning of G in G-Spot

Trivia Question: What does the G stand for in the G-spot?

Answer: Gräfenberg spot.

The term G-Spot stands for Gräfenberg spot. It is an area inside the vagina, just below the belly button in women that is very sensitive when stimulated.

The Blue Whale

Trivia Question: Which animal has the largest penis?

Answer: A Blue Whale.

A mature blue whale has a 10 feet long penis.

There you have the easy trivia questions for adults. I hope you had fun.

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