Football Trivia: 99 of the Best Questions for You

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How much do you know about the NFL?

If you are looking for the best way to test your knowledge of the National Football League, these football trivia questions are what you should be looking for.

You can use them for you trivia night to challenge your boys and girls to see who knows much about the league and its genesis.

So, if you are looking for the tricky football trivia questions, here you go:

Trickiest Football Trivia Facts

Here are your Football Trivia Questions:

1. Standard Football Field Size

Trivia Question: What is the standard size of an NFL playing field?

Answer: 360 feet by 160 feet

A standard NFL field is 360 feet long and 160 feet wide.

2. College Football

Trivia Question: What year did colleges start playing football?

Answer: 1869

The first football games on a college level were played first in 1869. It was a match between Rutgers University and the College of New Jersey (known as Princeton today).

3. The Orange Bowl

Trivia Question: When did the Orange Bowl games start?

Answer: January 1935

The first Orange Bowl games of 1935 was s between Bucknell Bison and Miami Hurricanes. Bucknell won 26–0.

4. The Highest FBS Wins

Trivia Question: Which team has the highest FBS wins in the history of the NFL?

Answer: Michigan

Michigan has a total of 964 FBS wins and the highest so far beating Ohio who are at position two with 931.

5. Maximum Players a Football Team

Trivia Question: What is the maximum number of players an NFL team can have?

Answer: 55 players

A team can have up to 55 NFL players, 48 of them who are eligible to play in a single game day.

6. Easy Football Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: What was the football league initially called before it was changed to NFL?

Answer: American Professional Football Association (APFA)

The NFL was founded as American Professional Football Association (APFA) before it was changed to National Football League in 1922.

7. The Early Days of the NFL

Trivia Question: Who are the founding eight teams of the NFL?

Answer: The founding eight are the eight teams that played when the NFL was founded.

They included: Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers

8. Football Touchdown Points

Trivia Question: How many points is an NFL touchdown?

Answer: 6 points

9. Highest-paid NFL Player

Trivia Question: Who is the highest-paid player in NFL history?

Answer: Peyton Williams Manning

Total earnings: $248.7 million

10. Who Won the Most Playoffs?

Trivia Question: Which player has won the most playoffs in the history of the NFL?

Answer: Tom Brady

Tom Brady has won 34 playoff games in his career, which is twice his closest rival.

12. First Team to Win a 16 – 0

Trivia Question: What is the first team to win a regular NFL season by 16 – 0?

Answer: The New England Patriots

The New England Patriots had their 16 – 0 in 2007.

13. AFL – NFL Merger

Trivia Question: In which year was the AFL merged with the NFL?

Answer: June 1966

The merger of AFL and NFL started in 1966 and was complete by the end of 1970.

14. Longest NFL Drought

Trivia Question: Which NFL team has gone the longest without a single win?

Answer: Cincinnati Bengals: 30 years

Cincinnati Bengals have had the longest active playoffs drought in the NFL history. They have never won a game for the last 30 years. They are followed by Detroit Lions with a 29 years drought.

15. Tricky Football Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: How many teams play in the NFL?

Answer: 32 teams

The official NFL website lists 32 teams in its league.

16. Washington Football Team

Trivia Question: Which is the most recent NFL team to change its name?

Answer: Washington Football Team, 2020

Washington Football Team changed its name in 2020 after a backlash and public outcry.

17. The Chicago Bears

Trivia Question: What is the former name for the Chicago Bears?

Answer: Decatur Staleys

Decatur Staleys was the name for Chicago Bears in the 1920s.

18. The Miami Dolphins

Trivia Question: Who are the Dolphins in the NFL?

Answer: The Miami Dolphins

19. Best Defensive Player

Trivia Question: Which defensive player in the NFL has the highest total?

Answer: Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald has won NFL defensive player of the year awards three times.

20. Football Breakthrough

Trivia Question: Which NFL franchise has had three touchdowns in less than one minute in the NFL history?

Answer: The Patriots

The Patriots is the only team in the NFL to have had three touchdowns in less than a minute in the history of the NFL. They did it in 2012 and 2014.

21. The First NFL Season

Trivia Question: How many teams played in the first NFL season back in 1922?

Answer: 18 teams

The NFL fielded 18 teams in the 1922 season.

22. The Football Hall of Fame

Trivia Question: Which state has produced the highest number of players featured in the football hall of fame?

Answer: Texas

The US state of Texas has produced the highest number of football hall of famers.

23. Lambeau Leap

Trivia Question: Who played the first Lambeau Leap?

Answer: LeRoy Butler

24. Players in the Football Hall of Fame

Trivia Question: Which school has produced the most players in the football Hall of Fame?

Answer: Notre Dame

Notre Dame leads in the number of players in the football hall of fame. It has 44 hall of famers.

25. Super Bowls Championships

Trivia Question: Who is the only person to have played and won three consecutive Super Bowls championships?

Answer: Ken Norton, Jr.

Ken Norton, Jr. is the only player to have won three consecutive Super Bowls.

26. Major Penalty

Trivia Question: How many yards is a major NFL penalty?

Answer: 15 yards

27. Clipping Penalty

Trivia Question: How many yards is the clipping penalty?

Answer: 15 yards

The clipping penalty according to the NFL is awarded when an opponent is blocked from behind below waist at the time when he is not a runner.

28. Chop Block Penalty

Trivia Question: How many yards is the NFL’s chop block penalty?

Answer: 10 yards

29. Football Lateral Pass

Trivia Question: What is a lateral pass in football?

Answer: A lateral pass in the American football occurs when a ball in passed to a teammate in a direction parallel to opponents’ goal line.

30. Football Games Outside the US

Trivia Question: Which other country has held the NFL regular season apart from the US?

Answer: Mexico

The 2005 American Bowl was played in Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. It was a game between the San Francisco 49ers vs the Arizona Cardinals. The final score was 14 – 31 respectively.

31. Canadian Football League

Trivia Question: What is the Canadian version of the US’s NFL?

Answer: Canadian Football League (CFL)

Canadian Football League (CFL) is the highest league in the Canadian football. It has 9 teams divided into five teams in the West Division and four teams in the East division.

32. Football Helmets

Trivia Question: What type of helmets were used in the NFL before the introduction of plastic helmets?

Answer: Leather Helmets

33. Football Players Salaries

Trivia Question: What is the average annual salary for an NFL player today?

Answer: $860,000

According to the Chronicle, the average annual salary of an NFL player is $860,000. Some players earn as high as $2 million while rookies get a $435,000 salary.

34. The New York Jets

Trivia Question: What is the former name of the New York Jets?

Answer: New York Titans

The New York Jets were initially called New York Titans until 1963 when it was changed to their current name.

35. The First 1,000 Yards in One Season

Trivia Question: Who is the first NFL player to rush for 1,000 yards in a single season?

Answer: Beattie Feathers

A Chicago Bears’ rookie halfback, Beattie Feathers is believed to be the first to have a 1,000 yards rush in the 1934 NFL season.

36. Best Rookie Passer Ratings

Trivia Question: Who has the best rookie passer ratings in the NFL’s history today?

Answer: Nick Foles

Nick Foles is the only NFL player with a perfect passer rating. He has 7 touchdown throws.

37. Marvin Gaye’s Football Team

Trivia Question: Which NFL team did the music legend, Marvin Gaye try with in the 1970s?

Answer: Detroit Lions

Marvin Gaye tried out with the Detroit Lions back in the 1960s.

38. Football Field Length

Trivia Question: How long is an NFL field?

Answer: 360 feet

A standard NFL field is 160 feet wide by 360 feet long.

39. Football Game Duration

Trivia Question: How long does a normal NFL football game?

Answer: 3 hours

On average, an NFL game lasts up to 3 hours.

40. The Oldest Football Stadium

Trivia Question: What is the oldest NFL stadium still in use today?

Answer: Soldier Field, Chicago

Opened in 1924, Soldier Field is the oldest NFL stadium in the USA. It is home to Chicago Bears.

41. Longest Interception Return Record

Trivia Question: Who holds the NFL’s record for the longest interception return?

Answer: Ed Reed

Ed Reed holds an NFL record for the longest interception return of 108 yards for a touchdown.

42. Football to Supreme Court

Trivia Question: Which former NFL player went on to become a Supreme Court judge?

Answer: Byron Raymond White

Justice Byron Raymond White played for Pittsburgh Steelers and was appointed the United States Deputy Attorney General during J.F Kennedy presidency.

43. The Team with a Perfect Season

Trivia Question: Which team has had a perfect season in the history of the NFL?

Answer: Miami Dolphins

The 1972 Miami Dolphins is the only team to have a perfect season including playoffs and preseason games and the Super Bowl.

44. First African American Head Coach

Trivia Question: Who is the first African American NFL head coach to win a Super Bowl?

Answer: Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy is the first African American coach to win an NFL Super Bowl. He won the XIII Super Bowl under the Steelers.

45. The Seattle Seahawks

Trivia Question: Name the only NFL team known to have played both the NFC and the AFC championships?

Answer: The Seattle Seahawks

Only the Seattle Seahawks have played and have won titles in both the AFC and NFC.

46. Football Running Back Record

Trivia Question: Which NFL’s running back set a 40 points record in a single game?

Answer: Ernie Nevers

Ernie Nevers scored every point in 1929’s game between Chicago Cardinals and the Bears. The game ended 40 – 6 in favor of the Cardinals.

47. Brett Favre

Trivia Question: Which NFL team drafted Brett Favre in 1991?

Answer: Atlanta Falcons

48. Football’s Female Officials

Trivia Question: Which year did the first female referee an NFL match?

Answer: Sarah Thomas, 2015

Sarah Thomas was the first woman to referee a full NFL match in 2015.

49. Football Legends

Trivia Question: Which NFL superstar went on to win the Dancing with Stars competitions?

Answer: Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith played as a running back with NFL’s Cowboys and went on to win Season 3 of Dancing with Stars competition.

50. The Annual NFL’s Pro-Bowl

Trivia Question: How many states hold the annual NFL’s Pro-Bowl?

Answer: One state, Hawaii

It is tradition to hold the annual NFL’s Pro-Bowl in the United state of Hawaii, Aloha stadium.

51. Football Field Goal

Trivia Question: How many points does a normal field goal carry?

Answer: Three points

There you have your Football Trivia Questions. I hope you enjoyed.

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