Football Trivia: 99 of the Best Questions for You

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How much do you know about the NFL?

If you are looking for the best way to test your knowledge of the National Football League, these football trivia questions are what you should be looking for.

You can use them for you trivia night to challenge your boys and girls to see who knows much about the league and its genesis.

So, if you are looking for the tricky football trivia questions, here you go:

Football Trivia Questions

Here are your Football Trivia Questions:

1. What is the standard size of an NFL playing field?

2. In which year were college students allowed into the NFL for the first time?

3. When did the Orange Bowl games start?

4. Which team has the highest FBS wins in the history of the NFL?

5. What is the maximum number of players an NFL team can have?

6. What was the football league initially called before it was changed to NFL?

7. Who are the founding eight teams of the NFL?

8. How many points is an NFL touchdown?

9. Who is the highest-paid player in NFL history?

10. Which player has won the most playoffs in the history of the NFL?

12. What is the first team to win a regular NFL season by 16 – 0?

13. In which year was the AFL merged with the NFL?

14. Which team has gone the longest without a single win?

15. How many teams play in the NFL?

16. Which is the most recent NFL team to change its name?

17. What is the former name for the Chicago Bears?

18. Who are the Dolphins in the NFL?

19. Which defensive player has the highest total?

20. Which NFL franchise has had three touchdowns in less than one minute in the NFL history?

21. How many teams played in the first NFL season back in 1922?

22. Which state has produced the highest number of players featured in the football hall of fame?

23. Who played the first Lambeau Leap?

24. Which school has produced the most players in the football Hall of Fame?

25. Who is the only person to have played and won three consecutive Super Bowls championships?

26. How many yards is a major NFL penalty?

27. How many yards is the clipping penalty?

28. How many yards is the NFL’s chop block penalty?

29. What is a lateral pass in football?

30. Which other country has held the NFL regular season apart from the US?

31. What is the Canadian version of the US’s NFL?

32. What type of helmets were used in the NFL before the introduction of the plastic helmets?

33. What is the average annual salary for an NFL player today?

34. What is the former name of the New York Jets?

35. Who is the first NFL player to rush for 1,000 yards in a single season?

36. Who has the best rookie passer ratings in the NFL’s history today?

37. Which NFL team did the music legend, Marvin Gaye try with in the 1970s?

38. How long is an NFL field?

39. How long does a normal NFL football game?

40. What is the oldest NFL stadium still in use today?

41. Who holds the NFL’s record for the longest interception return?

42. Which former NFL player went on to become a Supreme Court judge?

43. Which has had a perfect season in the history of the NFL?

44. Who is the first African American NFL head coach to win a Super Bowl?

45. Name the only NFL team known to have played both the NFC and the AFC championships?

46. Which NFL’s running back set a 40 points record in a single game?

47. Which NFL team drafted Brett Favre in 1991?

48. Which year did the first female referee an NFL match?

49. Which NFL superstar went on to win the Dancing with Stars competitions?

50. How many states hold the annual NFL’s Pro-Bowl?

51. How many points does a normal field goal carry?

There you have your Football Trivia Questions. I hope you enjoyed.

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