A die-hard fan of the TV show Friends? We’ve got you.

Here are the best and unique Friends trivia questions for you to ask and have fun; refreshing memories and re-living “the moments” with your friends.

It has been 15 years since the last episode of this groundbreaking show aired but it still holds its special place in our hearts today as it did back in the day.

If you are looking forward to testing yourselves on how much you still remember about this TV show, then these unique Friends trivia questions are for you.

Summary of Friends

Trivia Question: What is the show Friends all about?

Answer: Friends is a TV series about a group of six friends who go through daily life experiences together; love, jobs, relationships, heartbreak, name it. It is set in Manhattan, New York.

Where Friends was Filmed

Trivia Question: In which city is Friends set in?

Answer: Manhattan, New York.

Seasons in Friends

Trivia Question: How many seasons premiered for the show?

Answer: 10 seasons.

Friends premiered for 10 seasons before it came to an end.

Total Episodes in Friends

Trivia Question: How many total episodes are there in Friends?

Answer: 236 episodes.

Friends was aired live for ten seasons with 236 episodes.

Who is Phoebe

Trivia Question: Who is Phoebe in the movie Friends?

Answer: Phoebe is a talented twin to Ursula, a multi-lingual, and a wife to Mike Hannigan.

Musical Instrument Phoebe Plays

Trivia Question: How many musical instruments does Phoebe play?

Answer: A guitar.

A guitar is Phoebe’s instrument. She plays it often with tunes different from the conventional ones we know. She calls it acoustic folksy stuff.

Phoebe’s Songs

Trivia Question: Which of Phoebe’s songs was turned into a video?

Answer: Smelly Cat.

In the episode “The One Where Eddie Moves In”, Phoebe decides to record a video of her song, Smelly Cat.

Phoebe Buffay’s Job

Trivia Question: What job does Phoebe do?

Answer: Massage therapist.

Phoebe is a massage therapist. She also worked as a telemarketer and a musician secretary.

What Phoebe Steals from Ross

Trivia Question: What does Phoebe steal from Ross?

Answer: A comic book.

It is revealed that at one time, Phoebe mugged Ross, robbing him of a comic book: Science Boy. The book was created by Ross when they were teenagers.

Hard Friends Trivia Questions and Answers

Trivia Question: Which country does Phoebe come from?

Answer: The United States of America.

Phoebe was homeless and orphaned. She lived in New York all her life and never had a chance to go to school. She however learned French on her own with a group of friends.

Phoebe’s Twin Sister

Trivia Question: Who is Phoebe’s twin sister?

Answer: Ursula Buffay.

Ursula Buffay is Phoebe’s twin sister. She first appeared in the episode “The One with Two Parts”. They two don’t get along well. Phoebe accuses Ursula of being self-absorbed and self-centered; an exact opposite of her.

Phoebe’s Siblings

Trivia Question: How many siblings does Phoebe have?

Answer: One twin sister.

Phoebe has a twin sister called Ursula. Her mother’s name was Phoebe Abbott and her father was Frank Buffay.

Phoebe and Joey

Trivia Question: What foreign language does Phoebe try to teach Joey?

Answer: French.

Phoebe teaches Joey French for an upcoming audition. She learned the language on her own with the help of friends in the streets.

Joey’s Wife

Trivia Question: Who does Joey marry?

Answer: Joey was in a committed relationship with Alex Garrett. He is the only one in the TV series, Friends who ends up not marrying.

Monica Geller’s Job

Trivia Question: What does Monica Geller do for a living?

Answer: A chef.

Monica is a chef at Iridium. She also worked as a waitress at Moondance Diner and as a head chef at Javu.

Monica’s Apartment

Trivia Question: What hangs at the back of the door in Monica’s apartment?

Answer: A golden frame.

The frame was originally a mirror that one of the crew broke at the beginning of the show.

Monica Geller’s High School Friends

Trivia Question: Which of the characters was Monica’s high school friend?

Answer: Will Colbert, Ross, and Rachel

They both went to the same high school. Rachel was Monica’s best friend in high school and remains so throughout the TV series.

Rachel Runs Away from the Wedding

Trivia Question: Rachael runs away from the wedding at the beginning of the series. Who was she marrying?

Answer: Barry.

Rachel runs away during the wedding at the beginning of the series. She did so because she never loved Barry. She says that she would love a gravy goat more than Barry.

Joey’s Sister Falls in Love with Chandler

Trivia Question: Which Joey’s sister does Chandler date?

Answer: Mary Angela.

At Joey’s birthday, Chandler was too drunk and he ended up making out with Mary Angela, Joey’s sister. When Joey realized it, he tried to force them into a binding relationship.

Selfish Joey Tribbiani

Trivia Question: Joey is known to be selfish when it comes to?

Answer: Food.

Joey is selfish when it comes to food and money. He goes to an extent of stealing both food and money.

Monica’s First Kiss

Trivia Question: Who kissed Monica for the very first time?

Answer: Rachel.

Rachel had kissed Monica at a party back in college. This was revealed in the episode titled: The One Where The Stripper Cries.

Ross Geller’s Profession

Trivia Question: What is Ross’s profession?

Answer: A paleontologist.

Ross worked as a paleontologist at the New York Museum of Prehistoric History. He was also a professor at New York University.

Richard Burke’s Career

Trivia Question: What job does Richard do?

Answer: Ophthalmologist.

Richard Burke is a handsome 21 years old ophthalmologist.

Joey’s Sisters

Trivia Question: How many sisters does Joey have?

Answer: Seven sisters.

Joey Tribbiani had seven sisters. He was the second child in their family.

A Thumb in a Soda Can

Trivia Question: Which human body part did Phoebe find in a soda can?

Answer: Human thumb.

Lizzy bought Phoebe a can of soda out of her goodness only for her to open and get a human thumb in it.

Monica Geller’s Skills

Trivia Question: What is Monica highly skilled at?

Answer: Monica Geller is a skilled chef.

She is known for her cleanliness, competitiveness, and impulsive nature.

Joey, the Actor

Trivia Question: What is Joey’s profession?

Answer: An actor.

Throughout the series, Joey worked as an actor going from one audition to the other.

Ross’s Marriages

Trivia Question: How many times has Ross been into marriage?

Answer: Three times.

Ross married three times only to divorce every time. Unlike most of the actors, Ross has dated a considerable number of women.

Monica’s Wedding

Trivia Question: Who was the main maid at Monica’s wedding?

Answer: Rachel.

In Season 10 of the series, Rachael decides to be Monica’s maid of honor. Monica too ends up becoming Phoebe’s maid of honor.

People Rachel and Phoebe Kissed

Trivia Question: Who did Rachel not kiss in the show?

Answer: Rachel kissed everyone in the series at one time. It is Rachel and Phoebe who happened to have kissed everyone in the show.

Joey’s Imaginary Friend

Trivia Question: Who is Joey’s imaginary friend when he was young?

Answer: Maurice.

A young Joey has an imaginary friend called Maurice. Maurice was a space cowboy.

Las Vegas Wedding

Trivia Question: Where does Rachael get married to Ross while drunk?

Answer: Las Vegas.

At the end of season 5, Rachel gets married to Ross. At the time, they both were too drunk! They ended up divorcing and hoping if they were married properly, their union would have lasted.

Fashion Star in Friends

Trivia Question: Which fashion superstar stared in the series Friends?

Answer: Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston acted as Rachel Green. She is a fashion icon in the real world and stood out in all episodes of the TV series, Friends.

British Royalty Member in Friends

Trivia Question: Which British royal featured in the series friends?

Answer: Sarah, Duchess of York.

Sarah, the duchess of York featured in sitcom’s TV drama series, Friends.

Thanksgiving Party Games

Trivia Question: What did Friends play during the Thanksgiving party?

Answer: A game of “touch” football.

During a Thanksgiving party in Friends, Monica and Ross played a game of “touch” football. It is during the game that their old sibling’s rivalry surfaced again.

Tricky Friends Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: Who held a belief that her grandpa is Albert Einstein in Friends?

Answer: Phoebe.

Phoebe believed that her grandfather is Albert Einstein.

Trivia Question: What phrase does Janice say most often?

Answer: “Oh. My. God!”

This is the most memorable phrase by Janice on sitcom’s series Friends.

Ross Pet Monkey

Trivia Question: What happened to Ross’s pet monkey?

Answer: The pet monkey died.

Ross went to San Diego to see Marcel, only to be told that he died. But one of the employees told him it wasn’t the truth and there was a cover-up.

Rachel Pet Dog

Trivia Question: What is the name of Rachael’s childhood pet dog?

Answer: Isaboo.

Rachael explains that the name Isaboo is a combination of Isabella and Boo. Boo is the name of her first pet and Isabella is her favorite girl’s name.

Rachel’s Deepest Fear

Trivia Question: What is Rachel’s deepest fear?

Answer: Turtles.

Rachel had a phobia of turtles. Most of her friends laugh at and sometimes ridicule her for it.

Baby Emma First Word

Trivia Question: What is the first word to come out of the baby Emma’s mouth?

Answer: Gleba.

Emma’s first word in the TV series Friends was “gleba”.

Monica’s Pet Peeve

Trivia Question: What is Monica’s pet peeve?

Answer: Animals dressed as humans.

Monica’s biggest pet peeve is animals dressed as human beings.

Chandler Bing in Yemen

Trivia Question: Who decided to relocate to Yemen?

Answer: Chandler Bing.

Chandler settles in Yemen after breaking up with Janice. Janice had never accepted the breakup and Chandler had to lie that his company is transferring him to Yemen.

Ross Fantasy

Trivia Question: What is Ross’s #1 fantasy?

Answer: Sexual fantasy about Leia in captivity.

In the third season, Ross opens up to Rachel about his fantasy. He had a sexual fantasy about Leia in captivity which Rachel thought was a wild fantasy.

The Dentist Story

Trivia Question: Who believed someone dies every time they visit a dentist?

Answer: Phoebe.

Phoebe had a tooth problem but feared going to the dentist. Every time she goes to the dentist, someone dies, unfortunately.

Stuck Inside a Pair of Leather Trousers

Trivia Question: Which character gets stuck inside a pair of leather trousers?

Answer: Ross Geller.

Ross Geller struggles to get his leather pants back on during a date with Elizabeth. He even thought of getting another pair of leather pants.

Fake Favorite Movie

Trivia Question: What is Rachel’s fake favorite movie?

Answer: Weekend at Bernie’s.

Rachel says that her favorite movie is Weekend at Bernie’s. This was a lie as she chooses a movie that fits with her persona. She loved the movie, Dangerous Liaisons more.  

Why Phoebe Hates PBS Network

Trivia Question: What made Phoebe hate the PBS network?

Answer: Phoebe hated the PBS network more than anything else. It reminded her of the tough times after her mother committed suicide.

Kicked out of the Apartment

Trivia Question: Who wanted to kick Monica and Rachael out of their apartment?

Answer: Mr. Treeger, the building superintendent.

Mr. Treeger is the superintendent at the apartment where Monica and Rachel had rented. He wanted to kick them out for illegally subletting the apartment. They had to convince Joey to teach him ball dances as a way to change his mind about them.

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

Trivia Question: Who legally changed her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock?

Answer: Phoebe.

Phoebe wanted to change her name after her marriage to Mike. At the registry, she discovers that she can change her name to anything. She opts to call herself Princess Consuela Banana Hammock to Mike’s displeasure.

Ross and Chandler College Band

Trivia Question: What is the name of the band that Ross and Chandler founded back in college?

Answer: Way, No Way.

Way, No Way is the band Ross and Chandler started in college. It was during this time that they both had a crush on Missy Goldberg.

Hairless Cat

Trivia Question: Rachael had a hairless cat. What is the name of the cat?

Answer: Whiskerson.

Whiskerson is a Sphynx – a rare breed of cat that lacks a coat. It reminded her of her grandma’s cat she used to play with while young.

Stuck with Victoria Secret’s Model

Trivia Question: Who gets stuck with Victoria’s Secret’s model in the ATM?

Answer: Chandler Bing.

While going for Phoebe’s acoustic set concert in Central Perk, Chandler found himself trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre, Victoria’s Secret model.

Phoebe’s Triplets

Trivia Question: Who gives birth to triplets in Friends?

Answer: Phoebe.

Phoebe gave birth to triplets in the early episodes of the TV series, Friends. She was a surrogate for her brother Frank Jr. and his wife Alice.

Shoots the Bird for Chirping Loudly

Trivia Question: What made Phoebe break up with Gary, the cop?

Answer: Gary shoots the bird dead for chirping.

Phoebe was upset by Gary’s action when he shoots a bird for chirping too loudly. She calls for a breakup as a result.

Monica Stubborn Downstairs Neighbor

Trivia Question: What was the name of Monica’s stubborn neighbor downstairs?

Answer: Heckles.

Heckles always complained of noise and behaved strangely.

Monica’s Children

Trivia Question: Who are Monica and Chandler’s, children?

Answer: Erica Bing and Jack Bing.

Erica and Jack are twins.

Chandler Making out with Janice

Trivia Question: How many times has Chandler been with Janice?

Answer: Three times.

Chandler Bing broke up with Janice three times.

Janice’s Husband

Trivia Question: What was Janice’s husband’s job?

Answer: Mattress salesman.

Gary Litman was Janice’s husband and worked as a Mattress salesman.

Chandler’s Three Nipples

Trivia Question: Who had three nipples?

Answer: Chandler Bing.

The fact that Chandler had three nipples freaked Ginger and destroyed their date.

Monica Dating Burke

Trivia Question: Did Monica date, Dr. Burke?

Answer: Yes.

It was revealed that Monica is dating Dr. Burke during Monica’s father’s birthday.

Stolen Identity

Trivia Question: Who gets their real identity stolen and impersonated in Friends?

Answer: Monica.

Monica’s identity was stolen by a woman she befriended. The woman stole her credit cards too.

An Air Ticket to London

Trivia Question: Towards the end, Rachael buys an air ticket to which destination?

Answer: London.

At the end of the TV drama series, Friends, Rachel is seen at JKF airport buying a ticket to London.

Insomnia Cafe

Trivia Question: What was the show Friends initially called?

Answer: Insomnia Cafe.

The TV drama series, Friends, started as Insomnia Cafe before its title was changed to Friends.

Main Actors in Friends

Trivia Question: What are the real names of the main actors in Friends?

Answer: Rache l Green is Jennifer Aniston; Monica Geller is Courteney Cox; Chandler Bing is Matthew Perry; Phoebe is Lisa Kudrow; Joey Tribbiani is Matt LeBlanc and Ross Geller is David Schwimmer.

Richard’s Young Daughter

Trivia Question: What is the name of Richard’s young daughter?

Answer: Michelle Burke.

Michelle Burke is the youngest daughter of Richard Burke and his wife Barbara Burke.

Wedding Dinner

Trivia Question: Where was the post-wedding dinner for Rachael and Ross?

Answer: London.

Rachel and Ross went to London for their post-wedding dinner.

Ross and Unagi

Trivia Question: Who does Ross teach Unagi?

Answer: Rachel and Phoebe.

Ross decides to teach Rachel and Phoebe Unagi. It is a form of self-defense martial art tactics.

Stuffed Penguin Pet

Trivia Question: Who has a stuffed penguin pet called Hugsy?

Answer: Joey’s.

Joey’s pet is a stuffed penguin as a bedtime pet. He named it Hugsy.

Ross’s First Wife

Trivia Question: Whom does Ross’s first wife leave him for?

Answer: Susan Bunch.

Carol is Ross’s first wife and a mother to his son Ben. She left him for Susan Bunch after she realized that she is a lesbian. Carol and Susan Bunch got married later on.

Kappa Kappa Delta

Trivia Question: Which sorority is Rachael a member of?

Answer: Kappa Kappa Delta.

Rachel was a Kappa Kappa Delta in the TV show Friends.

Going for Honeymoon

Trivia Question: Where does Rachael go for her honeymoon by herself?

Answer: Athens.

Rachel went to Athens on Ross’s honeymoon.

Holiday Chandler Hates

Trivia Question: Which holiday does Chandler hate?

Answer: Thanksgiving.

Chandler hates Turkey day more than any other holiday.

Sending Rosses

Trivia Question: How many roses in total did Ross send to Emily’s friends?

Answer: 72 roses.

Ross sent seventy-two long-stemmed roses to Emily’s friends, one every day.

Rachel’s 18 Pages Letter

Trivia Question: Who wrote Ross an 18 pages letter?

Answer: Rachel.

Rachel sent Ross 18 letters in hope that they can rekindle their love for each other.

Fruits Ross Hates

Trivia Question: What fruit is Ross allergic to?

Answer: Kiwi fruit.

Monica gave Ross kiwi pie only to learn that he is allergic to kiwi fruit.

A Capuchin Monkey

Trivia Question: What pet did Ross own?

Answer: A capuchin monkey.

Ross’s pet was a capuchin monkey. He named the monkey Marcel.

Rachel’s Favorite Flower

Trivia Question: What is Rachel’s favorite flower?

Answer: Lilies.

Monica and Rachel suggested to Chandler that lilies should be the centerpiece because she loved them.

The Moondance Diner

Trivia Question: Where did Monica work as a waitress?

Answer: At Moondance Diner.

Monica’s first job was as a waitress at Moondance Diner.

The New York University

Trivia Question: What university does Ross teach at?

Answer: The New York University.

Ross was a paleontologist at New York University. Initially, he worked at the New York Museum of Prehistoric History.

Friends Trivia Questions About Rachel

Trivia Question: In her resume, Rachel misspelled which word?

Answer: Computer.

Rachel had misspelled computer and had written it as compuper.

First Wedding Gift Monica Opened

Trivia Question: What is the very first wedding gift Monica opened?

The salt shaker was wrapped in a yellow gift box.

Rachael and Ross Relationship

Trivia Question: How does Phoebe describe Rachael and Ross?

Answer: They are like each other’s Lobster.

She called them lobsters because lobsters fall in love and mate for life.

Chandler Falls in Love with Joey’s Girlfriend

Trivia Question: Whose girlfriend does Chandler end up falling in love with?

Answer: Joey.

Chandler kissed Kathy, who was Joey’s girlfriend in season 4.

Chandler’s Day Job

Trivia Question: How does Rachael describe Chandler’s day job?

Answer: Transponster.

Chandler Bing worked as a Statistical Analyst and Data Reconfiguration specialist. His jib description was hard for Rachel to grasp and she opted to call it transponster.

Chandler and Monica Hook Up

Trivia Question: At which event did Chandler hook up with Monica for the first time?

Answer: During Ross’s wedding.

Chandler Bing and Monica Geller hooked up for the first time during Ross’s wedding. It all happened in Season 4 Episode 24 in the TV series, Friends.

Dangerous Liaisons

Trivia Question: What is Rachel’s favorite movie?

Answer: Weekend at Bernie’s.

Rachel said her favorite movie is Dangerous Liaisons which she felt was more appropriate for her at the time. But, she liked Weekend at Bernie’s more than any other movie.

Joey’s Nickname

Trivia Question: What fake name does Joey adopt?

Answer: Ken Adams.

In Season 8, episode 4 in Friends, Rachel was talking about a guy called Ken Adams which Joey Tribbiani claimed was his fake name.

Fun Friends Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: What can Joey do in under 10 seconds?

Answer: Drink a gallon of milk.

In his resume, Joey says he can drink a gallon of milk in under 10 seconds.

Ross Mugging

Trivia Question: Who got mugged when young?

Answer: Ross.

Ross was mugged by Phoebe when he was young.

Santa Clause Costume

Trivia Question: How does Ross dress up to entertain Ben?

Answer: Santa Clause.

Ross dressed as Santa Clause for Ben. This was because Ben liked it a lot during Christmas and Ross wanted to make Ben and Monica happier.

Ross’s First Wife

Trivia Question: Who was Ross’s first wife?

Answer: Carol.

Carol was Ross’s first wife and a mother to his son Ben.

Chandler’s Middle Name

Trivia Question: What is Chandler’s middle name?

Answer: Muriel.

Chandler’s middle name is Muriel while Ross’s middle name was Eustace.

Fire in the Girl’s Apartment

Trivia Question: What sparked the fire in the girl’s apartment?

Answer: Rachel’s hair iron.

Monica’s Towels

Trivia Question: How many categories does Monica separate her towels into?

Answer: 11 categories.

Monica had 11 categories for her towels. They include everyday use, fancy guest, old towels, bathroom, and kitchen.

I’ll Be There for You

Trivia Question: What is the title of the Friends theme song?

Answer: I’ll Be There for You.

I’ll Be There for You is the theme song for NBC sitcom Friends. The song was composed by Rembrandts.

Joey in Monica and Chandler Wedding

Trivia Question: What does Joey wear for Monica-Chandler’s wedding?

Answer: An army uniform.

Joey wore an army uniform to the wedding ceremony between Monica and Chandler.

There you have your complete list of the Friends Trivia Questions.

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