90 Best Sports Trivia Questions and Answers

Sports Trivia Questions
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When is the last time you challenged your knowledge of sports with sports trivia questions?

How much do you know about the sporting world? I guess you know a lot. But, probably about your country, region, a specific sport or country you are interested in.

How much do you know about the marathon? What about soccer? This is the best time to put your general knowledge of sports to test with our challenging sports trivia questions.

In this article, we have sampled a few unique sports trivia questions just for you. The questions cover a wider area in the sporting world for you to polish your knowledge of sports and get to know how much you understand about the sporting world.

The Sport of the World

Trivia question: What is the most famous sport worldwide?

Answer: Football/Soccer

Soccer or football has over 4 billion fans worldwide followed by cricket at a distant second.

Highest Paying Sport Globally

Trivia question: What is the highest paying sport globally?

Answer: Basketball

The average salary for a basketball player is $8 million. But a single highest paying sport is soccer, but salaries vary a lot.

Highest-paid Sportsperson

Trivia question: Who is the highest-paid sportsperson in the world right now?

Answer: Roger Federer

According to Forbes, Roger Federer is the highest-paid sportsperson followed by Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Why China Doesn’t Play the World Cup

Trivia question: Why was China banned from participating in the World Cup?

Answer: China was never banned

Contrary to the popular belief that China was banned by FIFA from playing the World Cup, the country’s national team was never actually banned.

China like the US and India have found it hard to qualify for the sport in their region and that is the reason you rarely see them on the world stage.

Rugby Touch Down

Trivia question: How many points does a rugby touchdown have?

Answer: Five points

There is also an opportunity to convert the touchdown where a team gets a chance to earn an extra 2 points.

Baseball Team Trivia

Trivia question: How many players make a standard baseball team?

Answer: Nine players

Hard Sports Trivia Questions

Trivia question: How many players make a female soccer team?

Answer: 11 players

Like the male soccer team, female teams have 10 players in the field and a goalkeeper.

The Olympics

Trivia question: Olympics take place every four years: True or False?

Answer: True.

Football Touch Down

Trivia question: How many points does a touchdown carry in American Football?

Answer: Six points.

The scoring team is also given a chance to convert where they earn an extra 2 points.

Rumble in the Jungle

Trivia question: Who was Mohammed Ali’s opponent at the time when he cemented his title as the Ultimate King of Boxing in Kinshasa?

Answer: George Foreman.

Marathon Championships

Trivia question: Which two African countries have won 80% of all world Marathon competitions?

Answer: Kenya and Ethiopia

These two countries bordering each other have dominated marathons since the 1960s.

Current Sports Trivia

Trivia question: Only states in the US have not sent a team to the NCAA. Which state is it?

Answer: Alaska

NFL Super Bowl

Trivia question: What is the only NFL team to have neither hosted a Super Bowl nor play one?

Answer: Cleveland

Summer Olympics

Trivia question: Which country has participated in the Summer Olympics the most without winning a single gold medal?

Answer: The Principality of Monaco and Malaysia

NBA Records

Trivia question: Who was the youngest NBA player to have ever reached 10,000 points?

Answer: LeBron James

LeBron James was 23 years old when he crossed the 10,000 points milestone back in the year 2003.

The First World Cup

Trivia question: Brazil is the country that won the first World Cup: True or False?

Answer: False

Uruguay won the very first World Cup and not Brazil. Brazil has however won the most World Cup titles followed by Germany and Italy.

Olympic Gold Medal

Trivia question: Which country has never won a single Olympic Gold Medal?

Answer: 65 countries

According to WorldAtlas data, sixty-five countries have never won a gold medal in any Olympics games to this day

Undefeated in the Super Bowl

Trivia question: Which is the first team to have gone through the whole season undefeated, including in the Super Bowl?

Answer: Dolphins

The Dolphins were the first team to go undefeated for the whole season including the Super Bowl back in 1972.

Funny Sports Trivia

Trivia question: Which is the only country to have ever played every World Cup since it started?

Answer: Brazil

Brazil’s national team has played all the World Cup since the time it started to this day.

Tennis Grand Slam

Trivia question: Who has won the most Tennis Grand Slam as of 2020?

Answer: Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

They both tie at 20 Grand Slam titles each followed by Novak Djokovic.

The Basketball Ball

Trivia question: Basketball was played using soccer ball until 1929: True or False?

Answer: True

Until 1929, Basketball and soccer were played using the same type of ball.

The Fastest in the World

Trivia question: Who is the fastest man in the world right now?

Answer: Hussein Bolt

Hussein Bolt’s top speed is 45km/hr, the fastest man the planet has ever produced.

Marathon World Record

Trivia question: Who holds the world record for running 26.2 miles under 2 hours?

Answer: Eliud Kipchoge

This Kenyan Marathon legend run 42 kilometers (26.2mi) in under 2 hours.

Formula One Championship

Trivia question: Who holds the record for Formula One World Driver Championship wins?

Answer: Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher

Both Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher have won Formula One Championship titles seven times followed by Juan Miguel Fangio with five titles.

Boxing Legends

Trivia question: Who defeated the boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, for the first time?

Answer: Joe Frazier

In the Fight of a Century back in 1971, Joe Frazier defeated Muhammad Ali after the 15th round, for the first time.

The El-clasico

Trivia question: What is El-Clasico in soccer all about?

Answer: It’s a Spanish soccer march between rival Barcelona and Real Madrid; a match that causes a global sensation among football fans.

Bonus Sports Trivia Questions IV

Trivia question: Which sport did Mike Tyson play?

Answer: Boxing

WrestleMania Champions

Trivia question: Who holds the title for the most consecutive WrestleMania wins?

Answer: John Cena

Boxing Career Profile

Trivia question: Which country does Wladimir Klitschko come from?

Answer: Ukraine

Wladimir Klitschko is a Ukrainian professional boxer with several world heavyweight championship titles.

David Beckham’s Profile

Trivia question: Which country’s soccer team did David Beckham play for?

Answer: England.

First NFL Game on Screen

Trivia question: Which NFL game was the first to be aired on live television?

Answer: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Brooklyn Dodgers.

The match between these two bitter rivals was aired for the first time by NBC, back in 1939.

Football Referees

Trivia question: How many referees are there in a football match game?

Answer: Just one.

There is only one authority in the field at any given time.

Random Sports Trivia

Trivia question: Who is the very first player to failed the Olympic doping test?

Answer: Lijenwall Hans-Gunnar, Sweden.

Lijenwall was banned in the 1968 summer Olympics in Mexico for using ethanol, a banned substance.

The Most Expansive Field Sport

Trivia question: Which sport requires the largest ground in terms of the land area?

Answer: Polo

Polo is played in 300 yards by 160 yards field.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup

Trivia question: Which country hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Answer: South Africa, the first country in Africa to host a world cup.

Football’s Best Scorer

Trivia question: Who has scored the highest number of goals in the history of soccer?

Answer: Josef Bican

Josef Bican (1930 – 1957) is an Austrian striker who scored 948 goals in his career, making him the highest scorer in football history.

Modern-day players with a high number of goals include Christiano Ronaldo (785+), Pele (767) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (570).

Source: goal.com

Soccer Heros Profile

Trivia question: What attributes is J. J Okocha known for in the soccer world?

Answer: A dribbling god.

The First Baseball World Series

Trivia question: Who won the very first Baseball World Series back in the 1950s?

Answer: Brooklyn Dodgers.

Brooklyn Dodgers won the 1955 world series beating New York Yankees 2 – nil.

Lionel Messi Career Profile

Trivia question: Which country does Lionel Messi play for?

Answer: Argentina.

Mr. Lionel Messi is an Argentine playing for the Spanish football club Barcelona. He also has Spanish Citizenship.

Christiano Ronaldo Career Profile

Trivia question: In which country was Christiano Ronaldo born?

Answer: Portugal.

The National Sport

Trivia question: What is the US national sport?

Answer: Baseball.

In as much as we all love basketball and football, baseball is still the national sport in the US.

Basketball Heros Profile

Trivia question: In which country was Luol Deng born?

Answer: South Sudan.

The basketball star was born in South Sudan and is still holds South Sudanese citizenship.

Track and Field Sports

Trivia question: Which track and field event is banned in all High Schools in the US except Rhode Island?

Answer: The Hammer.

The Home Run

Trivia question: What sport apart from Baseball is the word “home run” used?

Answer: American and Canadian Football.

The meaning however differs between the two sports.

Baseball Record Holder

Trivia question: Who holds the record for the most stolen baseball bases in a single season?

Answer: Hugh Nicol, 138 stolen bases.

Basketball Fouls

Trivia question: Who holds the record for the most fouls in basketball?

Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The First Marathoner

Trivia question: Who is the very first world marathoner?

Answer: Pheidippides, the Greek.

Basketball Championship Record

Trivia question: Who holds the basketball record for most blocked shots?

Answer: Jarvis Varnado.

Jarvis, a Mississippi state resident blocked a total of 564 shots in his career making him a record holder.

Olympics Medals

Trivia question: Who has ever won the highest number of medals in a single Olympic season?

Answer: Michael Phelps.

He won 8 medals in one Olympic back in 2008.

Most Valuable Player

Trivia question: Who is the best soccer player right now: Ronaldo or Messi?

Answer: You make your choice!

There you have your complete list of sports trivia questions.

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