100 Hard Trivia Questions: How Many Will You Get Right?

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Are you looking for your next challenge? Then, look no further.

We have curated a list of hard trivia questions for you to challenge yourself and see how much you know about the world and its surroundings.

The questions are balanced with a general knowledge orientation and cover topics ranging from geography, space, science, animals, history, and the ancient world.

So, if you know the exact location of Pangea, where Casablanca is and the names of all the six wives of Henry VIII, perhaps these hard trivia questions are not HARD enough for you. You might consider the easy trivia questions instead! (smile!)

Let’s get started.

Hard Trivia Questions

1. How many planets are there in our galaxy?

2. What is the name of our galaxy?

3. What is the smallest country in the world today?

4. Which planet(s) are entirely made of gaseous material?

5. What is the only metal to exists in a liquid state?

6. What is the most abundant gas in our atmosphere?

7. What nationality was the legendary scientist Isaac Newton?

8. What is the de facto capital of the world – Geneva, New York, or London?

9. Who holds the record for the highest IQ ever recorded?

10. Which country has no capital city?

11. Karl Lagerfeld was signed up as a director of which French fashion house?

12. Who is the greatest fashion icon of all time?  

13. Who are the members of the 1990s music group Destiny Child?

14. Who are the Fab Four?

15. Name the six wives of King Henry VIII?

16. Which chessboard piece cannot move in a straight line?

17. How many pool table balls are colored yellow?

18. What is the last book in the New Testament?

19. What is the title of the first book by JK Rowling?

20. Which is the hottest planet in our solar system?

21. What is the center of the nuclei of an atom composed of?

22. How many books in the bible were written by women?

23. Name all the five oceans in the world today?

24. Which part of the human body grows throughout one’s life?

25. What is the most expensive paint in the world today – Mona Lisa or Salvator Mundi?

26. What is the most romantic country in the world – Italy or France?

27. Which country is Asuncion its capital city?

28. Who was the goddess of love in ancient Greece – Venus or Aphrodite?

29. What is the shortest Shakespearean play?

30. Which English city was once known by the name Durolipons?

31. What is Europe’s oldest capital city?

32. Who has the highest Instagram followers as of 2020?

33. Who is the US’s youngest president?

34. Who is the shortest-serving US president?

35. Is Africa the most populous continent in the world?

36. What is the loudest animal in the world?

37. Name the laziest animal in the world?

38. Who invented the thermometer?

39. Which country has the bible drawn on its flag – Vatican City?

40. Who was the fastest person on earth before Usain Bolt came into the limelight?

41. Which modern day king was worshiped as a god, thousands of miles away from his kingdom?

42. Which country has the tallest people in the world on average – Sweden?

43. Who is the first person to go to space – Neil Armstrong?

44. What is the most popular beverage in the world today – coffee?

45. Which colors do colorblind persons have difficulty seeing?

46. What name is given to teeth that shed off in children aged 10?

47. Which country confirmed the death of Hitler – the US or Britain?

48. Which region of the world has the highest birth rate?

49. Who is the richest man to have ever lived in modern-day history?

50. Which city is considered the central point for all continents?

51. Which town or city has the longest name?

52. Who invented champagne?

53. What is the richest country in terms of natural resources in the world – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or the UAE?

54. Who is the first person to see Mt. Kilimanjaro?

55. What is the oldest University and center of higher learning in the world?

56. Who was the head of the royal family in the UK before Queen Elizabeth?

57. How many days are there in a leap year – 364, 365, or 366?

58. What is a shooting star?

59. What is the real color of the sun?

60. Which Ed Sheeran’s song became popular after Kygo’s remix?

61. Which country has its name as Deutschland – Denmark, Netherlands, or Germany?

62. Mercedes is one of the owners of the brand Mercedes-Benz. True or false?

63. Which country has been called Abyssinia throughout its history including in the bible?

64. Which country is often confused with Switzerland?

65. Which Olympic sport incorporates beauty and dance as part of the criteria to determine its winner?

66. Which German author gave birth to both capitalism and communism as we know today?

67. In which country do we find the tallest building in the world?

68. Which historical event made polka dot dresses famous worldwide in 1968?

69. Which European country has changed its name the most especially during and after the World Wars?

70. Who are the Titans according to Greek mythology?

71. Who are the Nephilim in Christian books and stories?

72. Pope Adrian IV is the only English pope since the papacy started. True or false?

73. Which country has the most geothermal power relative to its landmass size?

74. Which event sparked the onset of the first world war?

75. What is the name of the Netherlands ’ parliament?

76. What is the main reason early European settlers came to America?

77. What is the best selling smartphone brand today? iPhone or Samsung or Huawei?

78. The pizza was first used as a delicacy for royal families in Italia. True or false?

79. What is the name of the Chinese concept of designing architecture and living spaces in harmony with the surrounding environment for the benefits of those living in it?

80. What name is given to the psychological state where one cries or feels sad, anxious, with some level of agitation or aggression after getting intimate?

81. What is the name of the dot in ! ? j i?

82. How many letters is the German alphabet?

 83. Is zero a number or do numbers start from 1 which carries a value?

84. What is the largest currency note in terms of size to have ever been printed?

85. What is the highest valued single bill in existence today?

86. What is the biggest bill to have ever been printed in US history?

87. In the book, “Animals Farm”, what is the name of the pig leader?

88. What does the “i” in the iPhone, iOS, iMAC, iPad stand for?

89. Finland was previous a colony of which country?

90. Which tiny Asian country colonized most of Asia in the past?

91. Where did Richard Nixon deliver “I am not a crook” speech?

92. What does the letter Q stand for in the LGBTQ?

93. Which state has its motto as “Live Free or Die”, on their license plates?

94. Zebras are native to which continent?

95. Lions are native to which continent?

96. Name any other galaxy you know apart from our own Milky Way?

97. What name is given to words that can be spelled the same way forward and backward?

98. How many pennies does a snake have?

99. How many vaginas do Kangaroos have?

100. What is a light-year?

101. Do you like these hard trivia questions?

There you have our complete list of hard trivia questions. I hope you found them challenging enough.

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