100+ Easy Trivia Questions for You

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A trivia night? Or perhaps you are holding a games night for friends and family and are looking for easy trivia questions for everyone?

In this list, we have come up with the best easy trivia questions for you. They cover a wide range of topics that are balance for kids as well as adults.

If you are looking for easy yet challenging questions about space, biology, earth’s geography and history, this article has got you.

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Easy Trivia Questions

1. How many planets do we have in our solar system?

Answer: Nine planets

2. In which galaxy is the earth in?

Answer: The milky way

3. Name any other two galaxies you know?  

4. What is the closest planet to earth?

5. Which planet is commonly known as the red planet?

6. What are planets named after?

7. How many moons does Mars have?

8. What name is given to a group of many stars?

9. What is the brightest star on earth?

10. What is the nearest planet to the sun?

11. What is it called when the moon goes around the earth?

12. What is it called when the earth goes around the sun?

13. What is the name given to the phenomenon where the sun, moon, and earth align perfectly?

14. How many days does the moon take to circle the earth?

15. What is a solar eclipse?

16. What is the morning star?  

17. Which planet is referred to as the evening star?

18. Why is our sky blue?

19. Why is the water in the ocean blue and not colorless?

20. What is the largest fish in the ocean?

21. Sharks are large predator fish with no bones in their bodies. True or false?

22. Where do we find the Great Barrier Reef?

23. How many oceans do we have?

24. Where do we find the red sea?

25. How many continents do we have?

26. How many countries do we have in the world today?

27. What is the largest country on earth in terms of surface area?

28. Name the youngest country in the world?

29. What is the longest river in the world?

30. Which is the largest lake in the world?

31. In which country do we find the Okavango delta?

32. In which country do we find the Kilimanjaro?

33. What is the name of the tallest peak of the Himalayas?

34. What is the largest desert in the world?

35. What is the name of the process when the ice melts after winter?

36. What is the largest natural forest in the world?

37. What separates Europe from Asia?

38. How many countries make up the Gulf States?

39. How many kingdoms constitute the United Kingdom?

40. What is a duke or duchess?

41. What is the difference between a duke and a prince?

42. What is Queen Elizabeth’s full name?

43. At what age did Queen Elizabeth become a queen?

44. Where was Queen Elizabeth when the news of his father passing came about?

45. What was the US called before it was changed to the United States of America in 1776?

46. What is the smallest state in the US?

47. What is the largest US state by land size?

48. What is the most expensive city to live in?

49. How many colors make up the rainbow?

50. Which three colors are commonly referred to as primary colors?

51. How many colors does a chameleon have?

52. Some animals change their color to adapt to their surrounding environment. What is this phenomenon called?

53. What is the largest land animal on earth?

54. Name the fastest animal in the world today?

55. Which insect is known to spreads malaria?

56. Which insect produces natural light at night?

57. What is the most beautiful insect in the world?

58. What is the only flying mammal that doesn’t see?

59. How man eyelids does a snake have?

60. Which animal is considered man’s best friend?

61. Which animal is most petted in the world today?

62. What is a baby lion called?

63. What sound do hyenas produce?

64. What name is given to a large group of fish?

65. What is the most playful sea animal?

66. Which family of land mammals are known to be very playful?

67. What size is a baby Kangaroo at birth?

68. What is the most sluggish animal on earth?

69. What is an endangered species?

70. Which animal has a tongue twice the length of its body?

71. Which flower is synonymous with love today?

72. Apart from the roses, what other flowers can we buy for our loved one?

73. What is the name of the day we’ve set aside to celebrate and appreciate those we love?

74. Apart from flowers, what other gifts do people send the most during Valentine’s Day?

75. What is the highest-grossing romance movie of all time?

76. Who was Leonardo DiCaprio’s soulmate in the Titanic?

77. In which Disney animation do we find Elsa the queen of Ariendelle?

78. How many movies are there in the Star Wars series as of 2021?

79. In which TV series do we find the phrase, “Winter is coming”?

80. What is the title of Mariah Carey’s 1990 Christmas debut song?

81. Who sang God is a woman?

82. Who is the stunning female actor in the movie Wonder Woman?

83. Complete this: On Wednesdays we wear?

84. Complete this: Whether a cat is black or white…?

85. Who said the above, quoted words?

86. What is the largest airport in the world today?

87. Apart from the home setting, where else do we use the title father extensively?

88. In which city do we find the highest concentration of high net worth individuals?

89. What is China’s equivalent to Silicon Valley?

90. What does AI in gadgets and technology mean?

91. What does the label LHD in cars and trucks mean?

92. What does it mean when we say the car is autonomous?

93. What is the most valuable luxury car in the world today?

94. Who founded Ferrari?

95. Who founded Lamborghini?

96. What does crème de la crème mean?

97. What does LOL stand for?

98. Which is the first country to use emojis?

99. Which is the first country to accept cryptos as a currency?

100. In which year was Bitcoin founded?

101. Who founded Bitcoin?

102. Name two major cryptocurrencies you know apart from Bitcoin?

103. Why are cryptocurrencies called decentralized currencies?

104. Which month is the Oktoberfest held in Munich, Germany?

105. What is the most popular sport globally?

106. What is the most popular sporting event in the world?

107. Who is the most popular sportsperson in the world?

108. Sushi is a delicacy native to which country?

109. Who was Pizza initially meant for?

110. Who banned Christmas celebrations in 1647 US?

There you have our list of easy trivia questions for you. I hope you had much fun answering them.

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