70 Best Animal Trivia Questions with Answers | Funny Facts

70 Best Animal Trivia Questions with Answers | Funny Facts

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Trivia night? And, you have animal lovers in attendance?

Worry not.

We have some of the best, well-balanced animal trivia questions for animal lovers, young kids, and any other person out there.

So, if you are looking for general knowledge questions about animals or more specific ones, this article is for you.

Let’s get started!

Good questions about animals

1. Egg Laying Mammals

Trivia Question: Which mammal is capable of laying eggs?

Answer: The Spiny anteater and the platypus

2. Easy Animal Trivia Question I

Trivia Question: How are animals classified as mammals?

Answer: Mammary glands

Animals with mammary glands that produce milk for their young ones are mammals.

3. Longest Average Lifespan

Trivia Question: Which animal has the longest lifespan?

Answer: Bowhead whales

The longest living animals are found at the sea. It is confirmed that bowhead whales has an average life span of around 211 years.

4. Longest Gestation Period

Trivia Question: Which animal has the longest gestation period?

Answer: African elephants

African elephants pregnancies last one and half years (650 days).

5. Animal that Cannot Jump

Trivia Question: Which is the only animal that cannot jump?

Answer: An elephant

6. Animal with Highest Blood Pressure

Trivia Question: Which animal has the highest blood pressure?

Answer: The giraffe

The very high blood pressure in giraffes is necessary for enough blood to reach the brain given their very long neck.

7. Animals Hibernation

Trivia Question: How do polar animals preserve themselves from starving when conditions are not right for them to move freely and look for food?

Answer: Through hibernation.

They go into deep sleep lasting months waiting for conditions to improve before springing back to action.

8. Camels Evolution

Trivia Question: Which South American native animal is an evolution of a camel?

Answer: The Alpaca

Alpacas are descendants of Bactrian camels.

9. A Cheetah or a Leopard

Trivia Question: How does one differentiate between a Cheetah from a Leopard?  

Answer: Patterns on their coats and eyes.

At a glance, cheetahs look like they have teary eyes running to the mouth whereas leopards don’t.

Leopards have rose-like pattern on their coat while cheetahs have solid rounded or oval spots.

10. The Fastest Animal in the World

Trivia Question: What is the fastest animal on the planet?

Answer: Cheetahs

Cheetahs go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour speed in 3 seconds!

11. Fastest Flying Bird

Trivia Question: How fast does the fastest bird fly?

Answer: Peregrine falcons

Peregrine falcons go from 0 to 300 kilometers per hour speed in less than 3 seconds making them the fastest bird in the sky.

12. The Big Cats

Trivia Question: What animals are grouped as big cats?

Answer: Lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards and cheetahs

13. Big Cats Prey

Trivia Question: Which animals don’t fall prey to the big cats?

Answer: Elephants and rhinos

Elephants and rhinos are the only animals that don’t fall prey to the big cats. They have a thick skin that a lion’s canine cannot penetrate, larger neck that is difficult to suffocate and strength to easily outmaneuver a pack of lions.

14. Non Flying Birds

Trivia Question: What are the examples of birds that cannot fly?

Answer: Penguins, ostrich and kiwis

15. Most Beautiful Birds

Trivia Question: What is the most beautiful bird on earth?

Answer: It depends with you

Parrots, doves and peafowls are among the most beautiful domesticated birds in the world.

16. Most Beautiful Insect

Trivia Question: What is the most beautiful insect in the world?

Answer: A lady bird and a butterfly

A butterfly’s beauty changes rapidly as they undergo metamorphosis leaving lady birds as the most beautiful insects in the world.

17. Simple Animal Trivia Question II

Trivia Question: How do you differentiate a mouse form a rat?

Answer: The simplest difference is that rats live in people’s homes while mice are largely wild.

Here is a one to one difference between a rat and a mouse.

18. Animals Biodiversity

Trivia Question: Which continent has the highest biodiversity of animals in the wild?

Answer: Africa

19. Man’s Best Friend

Trivia Question: Which animal is considered as man’s best friend?

Answer: A dog

20. First Domestic Animal

Trivia Question: Which is the first animal to be domesticated?

Answer: A goat

Goats were the first animals to be domesticated while dogs were the first animals to be tamed.

21. Animal Trivia Question for Kids

Trivia Question: What group of animals lay on their back when they sleep?

Answer: Human beings and Chimpanzees

22. Parenting in Animals

Trivia Question: Which animal has the shortest gestation period?

Answer: A hamster

A hamster takes 16 days from conception to giving birth.

23. Birds that Fly Backwards

Trivia Question: Name the only bird that can fly backward?

Answer: The hummingbird

They also have the ability to fly upside down.

24. The US National Symbol

Trivia Question: Which animal is the national symbol of the US?

Answer: The bald eagle

25. National Symbol of China

Trivia Question: Which animal is the national symbol of China?

Answer: The giant panda

26. Animals Defence Mechanism

Trivia Question: Which animal blows up when threatened to scare away the enemy?

Answer: The puffer fish

27. Endangered Animal Species

Trivia Question: Which the latest animal to have been saved from the verge of extinction by technology?

Answer: The northern white rhino

Native to East Africa, this species of rhino was on the verge of extinction when the only living male (named Sudan) died before having babies.

28. Snake Venom

Trivia Question: Python is the most poisonous snake: True or False?

Answer: False

Most python species are don’t have venom. The most venomous snakes are the mambas and vipers.

29. Mourning Doves

Trivia Question: How many eggs does a dove lay?

Answer: Two eggs

Their two eggs male and female dove.

30. Monogamous Animals

Trivia Question: Which animal have only one sexual partner throughout their lifetime?

Answer: Gibbons, bald eagles, barn owls and beavers

In case of their partner dying, these animals will remain single for the rest of their lives.

31. The Largest Bird

Trivia Question: What is the largest living bird today?

Answer: The ostrich

An average ostrich weight as much as three female adult human beings.

32. The Dinosaurs

Trivia Question: Were dinosaurs real or just a work of fiction?

Answer: Dinosaurs were real

Dinosaurs excavated bones and remains are found in museums across the world.

33. Wooly Mammoth

Trivia Question: From which country were the bones of the wooly mammoth discovered?

Answer: Siberian Russia

34. Are Bats Birds?

Trivia Question: Is a bat a bird or a mammal?

Answer: A mammal

In as much as they fly like birds, bats have fur on their skin, give birth and have mammary glands that produce milk like other mammals.

35. Immortal Animals

Trivia Question: Which animal never dies?

Answer: The immortal jellyfish

36. Newborn Kangaroos

Trivia Question: What is the size of a newborn Kangaroo?

Answer: A newborn kangaroo can be as big as a bee!

They spend much of their time in their mother’s pouch until they are big enough to survive outside.

37. Grow Until Death

Trivia Question: Which animal keeps growing until its death?

Answer: Lizards, snakes and amphibians

38. Birds that Fly but Cannot Walk

Trivia Question: Which bird cannot walk but only fly’s?

Answer: The Loons and Grebes

Loons and grebes cannot walk. Their legs are positioned at the rear and are adapted to swimming under water.

39. Animals that Give Birth Through the Mouth

Trivia Question: Which animal gives birth through the mouth?

Answer: Tilapia and angelfish

Tilapia hides their fertilized eggs in their mouth until they hatch.

40. Animals that Die After Giving Birth

Trivia Question: Which animals die at childbirth?

Answer: Octopuses, squids, salmon and vitellinus frog

As for the vitellinus frog, the mother lays an eggs and swallows them. The eggs hatch, grow into tadpoles and froglets before bursting their mother open, freeing themselves into the world.

41. Sexual Cannibalism

Trivia Question: What animals eat their males during mating?

Answer: Insects

42. Animals that Die After Sex

Trivia Question: Which animals mate to death?

Answer: Tasman antechinus

The male antechinus mates for very long hours and hopes from one partner to the next until they die from stress and exhaustion. Once their sexual drive is activated, they mate nonstop till death.

43. Tricky Animal Trivia Questions III

Trivia Question: Which animal takes care of their young ones the longest?

Answer: The orangutans

Orangutans tale care of their children for up to 8 years or more.

44. The Kangaroo’s Tail

Trivia Question: What is the purpose of a kangaroo tail?

Answer: They are used for standing like legs.

45. Big Cats with Long Tails

Trivia Question: What is the reason for the big cats’ long tails?

Answer: The long tails are important for agility and stability during complex manoeuvres.

46. Dogs that Never Bark

Trivia Question: Name the only breed of dogs that don’t bark?

Answer: The basenji dog

Basenji dogs don’t bark. Instead, they produce a yodelling-like voice.

47. Mammals Gestation Period

Trivia Question: Which animal has a gestation period of exactly 100 days?

Answer: Lions

48. Color Camouflage

Trivia Question: How does a chameleon know what color to change to?

Answer: Their skin contains pigmented crystals that sense the environment and temperature. Together with the mood, a chameleon changes its color accordingly.

49. Insects Life Cycle

Trivia Question: What do caterpillars change to when they mature?

Answer: Butterflies

50. Friendly Sea Animals

Trivia Question: What is the friendliest sea animal in the world?

Answer: Dolphins

Dolphins are the friendliest sea animas and also the most playful as well.

51. Hard Animal Trivia Question IV

Trivia Question: What is the largest animal alive today?

Answer: The blue whale

One Blue whale weigh as much as 40 adult male elephants.

52. The Oldest Animal

Trivia Question: Which animal lives the longest?

Answer: The Greenland shark

Greenland sharks have an average lifespan of 270 years.

53. Shortest Lifespan

Trivia Question: Which animal has the shortest lifespan?

Answer: A mayfly

A mayfly lifespan is 24 hours or less.

54. Largest Land Animal

Trivia Question: What is the largest land animal?

Answer: An African elephant

55. Laughing Animals

Trivia Question: What is the only animal that laughs apart from humans?

Answer: The hyena

56. Eggs Laying Doves

Trivia Question: How many eggs does a dove lay?

Answer: Only two

57. Hatched from an Egg

Trivia Question: What is the name of a young hen that has just been hatched from an egg?

Answer: A chick

58. Parts of Insects Body

Trivia Question: What are the three parts that make up the body of an insect?

Answer: The head, thorax and the abdomen.

59. Animals With no Head

Trivia Question: Which animal has no head but have eyes?

Answer: The scallops

60. Laziest Animal

Trivia Question: Name the laziest group of animals on the planet?

Answer: Sloths

61. Glow in the Dark

Trivia Question: Which insect produces natural light from their bodies when in the dark?

Answer: The firefly

There you have your complete list of animal trivia questions. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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